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  1. (Selling SoulPlay Account!)

    Still for sale?
  2. Account is disabled

    is that the networks settings tab?
  3. Account is disabled

    Hi guys, I've really read and tried the antiban part. Maybe it is impossible to get back on track when there is: your account is disabled on soulplay. But: The network settings part works: can change iP, can change Mac. ( its pushing 2 buttons, i know i know) But I dont get change UID part, if i push that options nothing happen or it just works but i wont work on Soulplay. Dont know how to explain it better. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance!
  4. SoulPlay VIP Neozamorak

    Will this be fixed?
  5. SoulPlay VIP Neozamorak

    still not working, crashes at chamber, takes everything @ bank, than stops at chamber
  6. •SOULPLAY• Herb Cleaning script

    When i tried it again today, it worked again. Dont know how come, really clicked the clean button. Third try it worked, so for now no worries, otherwise ill report
  7. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    its takes 1 restore, 1 rang, 1 recoil, but the not the sharks out of my bank update 1 kept trying, worked after 15 min update 2, wont work again
  8. •SOULPLAY• Herb Cleaning script

    As far that i know not... farming cleaning herbs is broken, so would ben ice to have and cleain script.
  9. SoulPlay Kumalo's Karambwaner

    It magicaly works
  10. SoulPlay Kumalo's Karambwaner

    Just to let you know, the script broke down. They changed locations
  11. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    And Astrals!
  12. Auto shooting star mining

    Soulplay sir
  13. Auto shooting star mining

    A script, which when a shooting star appears: * Stores everything in bank * Takes pickaxes * Mines the shooting star This is handy if you are afk selling stuff @ market. Thanks in advance
  14. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Does not load pre sets. I tried making a new one, its in the list as an options, but it wont work
  15. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Is it possible to load, items, like you can load monsters in your surroundings, maybe this way it is possible to pick up the ancient emblems from wildy slayer?