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  1. Simple private script needed

    Hello, Looking for a easy shop buying script, like 3 actions, 2 buy and third banking. Wanna help me ? pm me. Pay with Paypal. Thanks in advance,
  2. Very simple script needed

  3. Very simple script needed

    pmed u
  4. Very simple script needed

    Hello folks! I need a really easy script. I guess its really easy because its simiair to other bots. Want to pay with paypall. PM me. Guessing its 5 min work. Thanks in advance
  5. Jailed

    Lol, he banned me for ever after trying to get it back. My lose
  6. Jailed

    Thanks for your answer How do I die if they dont hit? and why didnt they just ban me?
  7. Jailed

    Good evening, I'm jailed for like 999999999E10 hours, can I do something or am i just fucked? Thanks in advance!
  8. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    Thanks for fixing! Will there be place for turmoil one day? Anyway, thanks a lot for the script
  9. SoulPlay NeoFireCape & NeoKilinCape

    I just die all the time, maxed account with void
  10. SoulPlay NeoFireCape & NeoKilinCape

    The fire cape script works perfect, only the kiln cape doesnt work for me, some tips?
  11. SoulPlay NeoFireCape & NeoKilinCape

    First of all; Great Job! and alot of thanks. mine spam clicked all the ranging potions i had, no big deal but so you know.
  12. CLOSED

    Dont know if this is a good place to ask but need 110 till 120 dung done; prestige p0. Pm me!
  13. Xobot 2.7

    yeah, my bad! I mean, the game dont fit in the client frame. Like 10% out.
  14. Xobot 2.7

    Good update bro! Just zoomed in alot, anybody know how to fix it?
  15. 1

    "What is to stop you from recovering them?" This is al good question which need to ben answerd