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  1. Astral runecrafter

    Hi thanks! Will help alot.
  2. Astral runecrafter

    Hi all, Is it possible to make an astral runecrafter for soulplay. Just get essence out bank in edgeville, walk 10 tiles, click on altar and repeat. Because of the smal distance it is fast runecrafting xp. Current bot does not cover this option sadly. Thanks in advance.
  3. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    Can someone add Astral runes plz, its fastest xp
  4. Molten Glass buyer

    anyone plz?
  5. Molten Glass buyer

    Sorry, Soulplay
  6. Molten Glass buyer

    Hi, Some bot which buys molten glass from the sawmill guy in egdville. Would improve quality of life. Think it easy to make. Thanks in advance If someone can explain how i do it ill make it myself, thinks thats more work than making it.
  7. SoulPlay Soulplay Updated Sept. 08/2019

    Thanks for letting me know how to feel
  8. SoulPlay Soulplay Updated Sept. 08/2019

    You sure about the all part haha. See people ranting already.
  9. SoulPlay Soulplay Updated Sept. 08/2019

    I tried your run bat: Java -jar xobot.jar pause but that didnt work, do you now how to do it ourselfs? or do we just have to be patient. Thanks in advance!
  10. Selling extreme donator prestige 2 account

    offer me in pm's.
  11. I want to stop playing, want other people to have fun with this account. If you want middleman no problem. Been around here for 2 years plus Pm me
  12. (Selling SoulPlay Account!)

    Still for sale?
  13. Account is disabled

    is that the networks settings tab?
  14. Account is disabled

    Hi guys, I've really read and tried the antiban part. Maybe it is impossible to get back on track when there is: your account is disabled on soulplay. But: The network settings part works: can change iP, can change Mac. ( its pushing 2 buttons, i know i know) But I dont get change UID part, if i push that options nothing happen or it just works but i wont work on Soulplay. Dont know how to explain it better. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance!
  15. SoulPlay VIP Neozamorak

    Will this be fixed?