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  1. Thanks. I die everything you said. It still wont work. It does with hotshield though
  2. Hi, If i try to logg in into xoboto by wifi the page + client wont load but if I use my phone as data it will. Do you know how come?
  3. Its the same by me, just a black screen. Worked fine, didnt change anything. Now it is broken, re downloaded, doesnt work. Somebody have some tips to fix it?
  4. Thanks, thanks for all the scripts!
  5. Thanks for making this! I it possible to maybe @ dagganoth bones? thanks in advance
  6. tiepvout

    Castle Wars

    Hi all, Sometimes I'm playing and a cw event turns on. When i try to join the game I automatically get kicked. Is this because I use the Xobot client. I want to play with the sp client but i got banned and now I can only play when i change my uid. Dont know how to do it without the client. So the questions are: * How to change UID without xobot client * How to join cw with the client Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to make an astral runecrafter for soulplay. Just get essence out bank in edgeville, walk 10 tiles, click on altar and repeat. Because of the smal distance it is fast runecrafting xp. Current bot does not cover this option sadly. Thanks in advance.
  8. Can someone add Astral runes plz, its fastest xp
  9. Hi, Some bot which buys molten glass from the sawmill guy in egdville. Would improve quality of life. Think it easy to make. Thanks in advance If someone can explain how i do it ill make it myself, thinks thats more work than making it.
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