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  1. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    Script updated
  2. It's a bug in the APi will be fixed with next release
  3. Working on pSmithing since its outdated

    Join Discord for quick help
  4. Any help ?

  5. NeoDungeon (Development)

    Some updates Food picking/eating Food replacing (when better food is found) Runecrafting (cosmic & law) Gatestone & group gatestone dropping/teleporting Binded items All floors done (1-60) Frozen Abandoned 1 Furnished Abandoned 2 Occult Warped All puzzles done Coloured recess Fremennik camp Sliding tiles Unhappy ghost All bosses done Astea Frostweb Bulwark Beast Dreadnaut Gluttonous Behemoth Necrolord Sagittare Warmonger Things left: Paint User interface Custom bindings Boss items binding (Primal) (Possibly) multi-dungeon
  6. SoulPlay Bot client not working HELP

    Are you logging in with your soulplay info or xobot?
  7. Dungeonering

    It's like 90% done floors 1 - 60 just 1 boss left to code and adding food/UI/Paint
  8. Client not working

    Remove the server's cache.
  9. Counting forum game

    23 (above your iq)
  10. VIP Miner

    Select the account in the script selector adding your account to the manager is not enough
  11. SoulPlay [AIO]pSmithing

    Script is outdated since their last update, closing. Feel free to edit the script and re-release it with credits as it's open source.
  12. Soulplay scripts needed

    Gnome Barb Wildy
  13. How does soulscape ban?

    They probably saw you at zulrah teleport, and having 3 accounts doing zulrah on same ip at the same time is a given that you're a bot even babysitting wouldn't help you.
  14. Too many bots running

    Wait and try, there's no reason you should be force closing the bot in the first place if it's getting stuck then debug it and post in the bugs section.