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  1. Issues on launch

    You just need to make sure you're able to access the website and it should work. Try resetting your modem
  2. I click open/run

    Delete your java and get java 8
  3. How to run more than one bot?

    You can run up to 2 bots, if you want to run more buy VIP here https://xobot.org/community/store/
  4. Xobot 2.72

    Clear the cache, if that doesn't work run it via terminal and post the error in the correct section. Click the download button at the top
  5. client not working

    Run it via cmd and post the error log here
  6. less cpu

    It won't, I'd recommend using disable render/disable canvas though.
  7. wanting a very easy script for soulplay

  8. Private gwd script

  9. SoulPlay Could not login...

    Use xobot's login details
  10. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    Script updated
  11. It's a bug in the APi will be fixed with next release
  12. Working on pSmithing since its outdated

    Join Discord for quick help
  13. Any help ?

  14. NeoDungeon (Development)

    Some updates Food picking/eating Food replacing (when better food is found) Runecrafting (cosmic & law) Gatestone & group gatestone dropping/teleporting Binded items All floors done (1-60) Frozen Abandoned 1 Furnished Abandoned 2 Occult Warped All puzzles done Coloured recess Fremennik camp Sliding tiles Unhappy ghost All bosses done Astea Frostweb Bulwark Beast Dreadnaut Gluttonous Behemoth Necrolord Sagittare Warmonger Things left: Paint User interface Custom bindings Boss items binding (Primal) (Possibly) multi-dungeon