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  1. Is it possible to play on a bigger window?

    No and no (since these both are essentially pointless for botting). If you turn opengl on just login to normal client and turn it off or delete the settings file in your cache (you don't need to redownload cache its just a .txt file)
  2. Frisian Developer Tool

    Looks good, I'd take out the calculator tab and add widgets or something instead
  3. SoulPlay nDzTheiver

    Added to SDN
  4. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    This script won't be fixed anytime soon due to the little time I have, same for the green dragons.
  5. Appeal

    Do you know what this picture means? When you can message someone and they don't receive the message it means the other person blocked you so that's a "proof" for you. Since you'r antti's "friend" tell him if he wants to get unbanned he must refund the items to any accounts of kbpower's choice (even if it's lvl 3 that should not matter to you?). Tell him to make sure to take pictures or a video of the trade and discord chats I'll be closing this thread now until you actually have a proof of a refund. (Claiming that he doesn't want his items back won't help you, giving the items back to his "main" is not an excuse)
  6. @Override public void repaint(Graphics g) { String state = Widgets.isVisible(137) ? "none" : Widgets.isVisible(304) ? "Fletching" : "Enter X"; g.drawString("State: " + state, 30, 30); }
  7. Appeal

    I have a solid proof you either shared your account with antti or you're in fact the same person (which is more likely) let me know if you want me to share it publicly Antti blocked kbpower1 on discord, that was proven a while ago and not the other way around. You seem to fail to read that part? Antti confirmed his discord and said he did not deal with him when the screenshots obviously say otherwise If he can't make another account how did you manage to log in from his PC?
  8. Appeal

    Do you have any proof to back this up?
  9. Can't start Xobot client

    He obviously meant with the cmd open Post error log
  10. Appeal

    He clearly said he did NOT recieve the items, meanwhile you're saying he refunded them now? Meaning he had the items? Or lied about not getting them? All we needed from antti was to confirm it's him that was on discord and he didn't deny it so it was confirmed (he clearly scammed if you even bother reading the chats) Not to mention that he had 38 days to appeal his ban. Moving on to important stuff, mind explaining why you shared your VIP account with a banned user? @Palidino
  11. https://xobot.org/docs/alora/xobot/script/methods/Widgets.html#isVisible-int-
  12. Running Aloras client on a proxy

    This will specify the proxy that will be used by the http protocol handler, it doesn't work for sockets. For OP you could add a proxy to your OS google it