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  1. alora stuck on 3rd party

    Post in the correct section
  2. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    SoulPlay/Alora/Dawntained clients updated.
  3. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    It'll be updated tomorrow, been busy with stuff.
  4. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    It's cool that you're trying to fix some bugs, but instead of rewriting the loop system you should just stick to the original one (in this situation the node system just makes the script less efficient + its a waste to turn 100 lines of code into 5 classes and some dead code) Maybe you could push the bug fixed to kumalo and he'll update his script based on that if he feels like it, for now I'll keep the original script in SDN Also please include the original code link into your thread if someone is interested in that.
  5. Client Issues

    Open terminal, navigate to the folder the jar is in and type "java -jar xobot.jar"
  6. Client Issues

    Debug it and post error
  7. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    Server? Error? Debug? Post the in help section
  8. Construction Script

    I don't know if it's same xp or not but either way the time takes to create baby dragon vs creating ladder/banking/butler would probably be like 10:1 ratio if not more
  9. xobot closing

    Instead of step 2 you paste the code I just typed the in the post above and place the .bat file in the same folder as the xobot.jar then run it
  10. Join discord if you need help, we have a section for script writers
  11. Construction Script

    It's way faster and costs nothing
  12. xobot closing

  13. SoulPlay Can't log in

    Use your xobot login details not the server
  14. xobot closing

    java -jar xobot.jar Debug it and post the error here
  15. SoulPlay Script doesnt start: panel error

    You're not copying all classes to the folder after compiling