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  1. Post any source you have to be reviewed for tips/fixes. Links need to be either pastebin or github Anyone can reply to any post as long as you know what you're doing Trolling will be punished
  2. SoulPlay qMageBankThiever

    Check SDN
  3. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    What part of "bot infested area that mods check regulary" do you not get?
  4. Xobot wont even open?

    where is the pic? If you can't tell us exactly what it says then you need to post a picture
  5. Cant use my IP Vanish IP.

    Ask them for an IP, I'm not sure this works but you could try getting the IP of the host and using it instead
  6. MAC Spoofer

  7. SoulPlay nHerblore

    Added to SDN, nice script
  8. Xobot wont even open?

    What does cmd say?
  9. Alora Client stuck on Xobot loading page

    What are you on? Post error to see if it's the same
  10. Dawntained NeoKraken

    @TopWok Script updated.
  11. I'm pretty sure you can save your settings and load them later
  12. Alora Client stuck on Xobot loading page

    Alora doesn't work on mac atm
  13. Before we get started, make sure you have an IDE (Intellij, Eclipse, etc) installed. If you need help setting one up check this tutorial out. The first thing you wanna do is get a copy of the skeleton script and edit the details to match your script. We're gonna be changing the script manifest (The manifest is a form of syntactic metadata that contains information about the script - the author name, the script description, etc) Renaming the script name, author & adding description Collecting the needed ids Coding the main loop Formatting the script