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  2. I can get you some osrs gp, just let me know how much. Also, i can do paypal. Just pm me ur discord
  3. dawntained random solver

    I think it may well be broken, from what I could tell it doesn’t take the first two backDialogues into account and sometimes it wouldn’t enter the text at all didnt realise the API supporter sleep conditions, thanks 😝 I just copied from another script because I had to rush it otherwise would of re-wrote it 😄
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  6. SoulPlay ToxicHerb

    Script loves to randomly stop and sometime randomly freezes the client... needs improvement and updated... please?
  7. dawntained random solver

    This is already implemented into the client so it'd be pointless to add it to your script (unless it's somehow broken?) - random class takes over script until random is over. For sleeping condition you should check the API (Time.Sleep(Callable condition)) And just a tip it's pointless to create your own interface when java offers java.util.concurrent.Callable (unless you dislike the name? ) Beside that, looks good.
  8. dawntained random solver

    Solves the Npc random for dawntained, Code is a mess and needs tidying up because i had to rush it but feel free to use try { if (Widgets.getBackDialogId() == 4893) { npcName = Widgets.get(4893).getChild(1).getText(); System.out.println("pulled npc name: " + npcName); Packets.sendAction(679,0,250,4899,0); conditionalSleep(new SleepCondition() { @Override public boolean isValid() { return Widgets.getBackDialogId() == 2459; } }, 5000); } if (Widgets.getBackDialogId() == 2459) { Packets.sendAction(315,0,250,2461,0); System.out.println("sleeping until interacting char"); conditionalSleep(new SleepCondition() { @Override public boolean isValid() { return isNpc(npcName); } }, 5000); System.out.println("done sleeping"); } for (NPC n : NPCs.getAll()) { if (n.npc.getDef().getName().equals(npcName)) { conditionalSleep(new SleepCondition() { @Override public boolean isValid() { return n.npc.getMessage() != null; } }, 10000); while (n.npc.getMessage() != null) { if (n.npc.getMessage().toLowerCase().contains(Players.getMyPlayer().getName().toLowerCase())){ System.out.println("contains my name"); String message = n.npc.getMessage(); String [] tokens = message.split ("\""); String text = tokens[1]; System.out.println("Extracted: " + text); KeyBoard.typeWord(text,true); } Time.sleep(1000); } } } System.out.println("done printing messages"); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } } public static boolean conditionalSleep(SleepCondition conn, int timeout) { long start = System.currentTimeMillis(); while (!conn.isValid()) { if (start + timeout < System.currentTimeMillis()) { return false; } Time.sleep(50); } return true; } private static boolean isNpc(String s) { try { for (NPC n : NPCs.getAll()) { if (n.npc.getDef().getName().equals(s)) { return true; } } } catch (Exception ex) { return false; } return false; } /* Shoutout to my OG everel for this */ public interface SleepCondition { /** * Determine if condition is valid * @return <b>true</b> if valid, otherwise <b>false</b>. */ public boolean isValid(); }
  9. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    @Neo doing a great job dude keep up the good work man i appreciate all your doing and all the scripts that are published. any estimated date of dung yet?
  10. Dawntained "developer mode"

    Nice find
  11. im banned in dawntained and seems nothing working, help!

    wow thanks, its worked !
  12. Dawntained "developer mode"

    thanks, Nice to see a familiar face
  13. Selling Soulplay account: Prestige: 3 Chaotic Rapier/Maul Full Void + Deflector 2b+ Bank (Inc Pernix, Bandos) Large potential for Moneymaking Looking for OSRS Gold. Screenshots on request.
  14. Dawntained "developer mode"

    Welcome matey !
  15. Alora cooking script - Simple

    LF Simple script to cook food @ rogues den. Willing to pay, PM Me if your interested.
  16. im banned in dawntained and seems nothing working, help!

    try running it in sandboxie with vpn failing that download virtualbox and a windows container and run it through that
  17. Dawntained "developer mode"

    Snippet enables developer mode in dawntained, Mostly useful for getting npc id's, shop item id's, etc just insert it into your onStart() try { Field meh = Context.client.getClass().getClassLoader().loadClass("dawntained.y").getDeclaredField("f"); meh.setAccessible(true); meh.set(Context.client, true); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } @Cyanic where's ma chicken
  18. Alora Bar smelter 101

    Locking outdated script.
  19. Xobot Soulplay

    Delete your soulplay cache
  20. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    Try it before you bump
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  22. soulplay updated 15/12/2018

    SP is working, try deleting your cache.
  23. I tried this making bow strings, didnt work at all, i have over 10k flax in my bank and stuff.
  24. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

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