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  2. Buying SoulPlay GP!

    got 20b cash how much can u give? can u pay in OSRS gold?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I'd be willing to negotiate on price, pm me your discord
  5. I'm back

    hey if you are going to make spawnpk scripts pm me your discord would love to come in contact with you
  6. Well i don't know prices. I think for 40-50m osrs would be fine.
  7. Youll never get that for a P0 acc, especially one that isnt even comped
  8. Buying SoulPlay GP!

    Hello, im selling an account with 12b items. Its maxed P0, all skills 99. Let me know if you are interested.
  9. Last week
  10. Hello, im selling soulplay account. Only serious and TRUSTED merchants. I wont go first unless you are a really big Merchants with lot of vouches. *Super Rank donation: Amount donated $150 *The account is P0 maxed all skills 99. *I attached some screens to the post: *Only payment i accept: 07GP, looking to get 40M-50M osrs. (¡¡¡I WONT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE A BIG MERCHANT WITH VOUCHES, ETC) Im selling the account cuz i quitted this server and im not gonna play any more. If you have any question pm here ill answer quick. Thanks!
  11. SoulPlay Simmys Rug Maker

    Approved Good job
  12. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    Hahah... you literally only waited 30 minutes in between your posts... Look around forums before ever buying something.
  13. Astral runecrafter

    Hi thanks! Will help alot.
  14. ETA IKOV

    Please have a read at this -> , the only reason Ikov hasn't been updated is due to new anti-botting methods implemented. It would be complete suicide to try allow us to normally bot without properly dealing with the new anti-botting features..
  15. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    -> This should help you understand a bit more about why Ikov's downtime.
  16. SoulPlay Simmys Rug Maker

    This script requires 0 supplies, just a Saw & Hammer & Coins (50M+ in the inventory). I used this script for an easy way to get 13-70 construction on an Iron Man account without having to farm planks etc. **Make sure to build a CHAPEL ROOM next to the portal in your poh, you dont actually need 45 construction to build the room it just costs 50k coins)** PasteBin Link: https://pastebin.com/bt6yvVQV Pre Compiled Link: https://gofile.io/?c=Sf3nOu HOW TO COMPILE SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
  17. Astral runecrafter

    This should work fine, i updated it the other day.
  18. Astral runecrafter

    Hi all, Is it possible to make an astral runecrafter for soulplay. Just get essence out bank in edgeville, walk 10 tiles, click on altar and repeat. Because of the smal distance it is fast runecrafting xp. Current bot does not cover this option sadly. Thanks in advance.
  19. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    Can someone add Astral runes plz, its fastest xp
  20. I'm back

    Anything you need ive been making scripts/ botclients for over 6 years. And have lots of experience Also really want to make a private olm Bot for ikov and osrs.
  21. I'm back

    Hey is there anything i can do to help you get ikov up and running i would love to help
  22. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    Dude, Ikov servers have been down the last couple of weeks.
  23. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    Nobody gonna tell me anything great.
  24. plz someone help im trying to use the bot on ikov and it says unpacking but isnt unpacking. i payed and its not working maybe i should refund?
  25. I'm back

    Welcome back
  26. SpawnPk

    Server name: SpawnPkWebsite URL: https://spawnpk.net/landing/Client URL: https://spawnpk.net/assets/SPK.jarAverage amounts of player: 300+ online at almost all times, at off times it drops to 200Additional information: Server has a huge potential, super active and the price of gold is worth quite a bit. Is usually top 10 on Runelocus, and often within top 20. The Server population has been exploding as of lately, and would be a massive success in my opinion.
  27. ETA IKOV

    these guys got out while they could. no help or replies. uninstalled
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