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  3. SoulPlay qGlacors

    need rocktail support i can give ID need rocktails for food i can provide ID if needed/ top up health when at bank/ special attack also
  4. Mining Script

    Mining script for Donator Zone, that mines all the ores (tin,copper,iron,coal,mithril,adamantite,runite) and banks them using nearby banker.
  5. Yesterday
  6. SoulPlay Dridia's Script Factory (Development)

    Nope but the GUI is really cute
  7. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    As of now the bot will just stop working at zulrah. Please fix.
  8. Last week
  9. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Can you add magic support? f.e using an umbued heart and trident(the bot will click the heart to boost)
  10. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    I'm using ranging potions atm , this is for alora btw. and it's still not working, can you please fix it? thanks i tried (3) doses aswell as (4) doses When i take everything it needs out it will go and teleport to kraken, but i won't rebank. it will just sit at bank in the loop again.
  11. Construction Script

    Yeah i know, its way faster anyway, godlike exp but expensive as fuck.
  12. Construction Script

    Double Posted Sry. TF
  13. Construction Script

    I don't know if it's same xp or not but either way the time takes to create baby dragon vs creating ladder/banking/butler would probably be like 10:1 ratio if not more
  14. Construction Script

    The one and only, SoulPlay. I dont understand why would anyone play other RSPS. This is simply the best. Iv been using it for prestige 1 and 2 in game, but now i am on Prestige 3 and id love to safe some coins in game. Hell, its a beast script and i love it. But looking for something cheaper. I want to spend my 60K oak planks that have been sitting inside my bank for ages since current Oak Larder script there is, doesnt support Demon Buttler for fast/safe exp. Also should be noted that highest guard that your script can make (Baby Red Dragon) give same amount of exp as oak larders plus you spend 150,000 coins per create. Oak Planks can be obtained chopping logs by yourself, considered much cheaper method. And i am looking for 200M exp on construction someday, maybe.
  15. xobot closing

    Instead of step 2 you paste the code I just typed the in the post above and place the .bat file in the same folder as the xobot.jar then run it
  16. xobot closing

    uumn how can i do it lol
  17. Join discord if you need help, we have a section for script writers
  18. Construction Script

    It's way faster and costs nothing
  19. xobot closing

  20. xobot closing

    @Neo got the client to open now with jarfix , but when i login it freezes the loading and just gets stuck there
  21. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    You are supposed to be using range potions
  22. SoulPlay Can't log in

    Use your xobot login details not the server
  23. xobot closing

    java -jar xobot.jar Debug it and post the error here
  24. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    yeah it's stuck in a loop sadly. im not using range potions and it just withdraws prayers/restores and puts them into the bank again
  25. xobot closing

    Hey , anyidea why my xobot closes straight when i try to open the file ? i Just see a quick pop up of it and it closes straight away , never before done this ?
  26. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    There's a bug using prayer potions, use restore potions and wait for the next update
  27. Construction Script

    which server?
  28. Construction Script

    Making simple / safe / low cost construction script for oak larders / teak dining tables / mahogany dining tables. Option to use Demon Buttler to fetch items from Bank.
  29. SoulPlay Oak Larder

    Script not working. If you fixing it could you just add Demon Buttler fetch oak planks from bank, thats alot faster and safer, coz you just need to stand 1 spot and never leave the building. There's already plank making scripts so script doesnt need to have ability to make planks i think.
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