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  2. Which script works ?

    @Neo Can i ask which of your Alora scripts works ? And can we hope to get them fixed ?
  3. alora will not load (cache cleared)

    i have the same problem
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  6. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    I haven't seen a paint this beautiful since Nexus bots. Very good job friend.
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  8. SoulPlay Dridia's Karambwan Fisher v1.0

    Wondering if this script will ever be fixed? was a great way to earn money. Thanks.
  9. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    Like i said this is in your opinion. Regardless of the website, whether the stats were botted or not, it will be sold. If you were stating facts, that'd be a different story. Also considering you can not bot dungeoneering or construction, it'd be worth paying $40 for a 400 hour boost, including every chaotic in the shop, donator perks, etc. Considering someone could easily purchase my account, level up a couple skills, prestige to p3 and resell it for $100 for little to no work. Could easily get $3 or $4 a bill.
  10. Hey guys, I am selling my [PRIVATE SCRIPT] dawntained vote bot. You can let it run 24/7 without issues. I WILL ONLY BE SELLING THIS TO 2 PERSONS. OTHERWISE IT WILL REUIN METHOD. Why am i selling this? Since i am going to study rock climbing in France i won't have any time on my laptop. What the bot does: 1. Get's proxy from proxy file 2. Fills in your username > (you get all votes on 1 account) > YES its possible! 3. Opens runelocus link 4. Fills in the Captcha 5. Randomly select any of the 5 starts 6. Click's ''vote now'' to get your vote. 7. Changes IP adress > repeats this process Extra features: If it takes more then 3 minutes for captcha to load (or any error accurs) the script will reload the page. It won't take over your mouse so you can run this in the background of your own PC aswell. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ONLY 100M > IM LEAVING SOON !! THATS WHY THIS CHEAP PRICE!! In 1 hour it votes 50-60 X with normal internet connection. = 500-600 vote tickets. 500-600 vote tickets = 132K BM PER HOUR !! So if you leave this for 24 hours = 3.168.000 BM PER DAY AFK I WILL HELP SETTING UP WITH PROXY'S (tell you best method) AND CAPTCHA SOLVING! I PREFER TRUSTED MIDDLE MAN. (you pay free) (sythe middle man) Discord: Fabbur#8719 --------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget for proxy's you will need to pay some (free ones are slow but you could use them) Good paid proxy's will be 20$ for a month. (enough ip's to run script on 1 pc for a month) Captcha solver is also like 0.002$ per captcha so its like nothing
  11. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    I mean you're selling it on a botting forum. 99.9% of people won't care that it's donated. and again the stats could be botted. You'd be best selling on a website that has a RSPS market.
  12. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    that's in his opinion, go check out his post history, it's a pretty good joke imo
  13. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    $5 for an account that's an edonar?
  14. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    Sell items and sell the gold for $2/b. acc like $5. accs aren't worth much at all. stats can be botted
  15. Update released for both Alora and Souplay! Soulplay: 1.1 - Added yew trees at seers village, Powerchopping Ivy at falador, Hideable paint. Alora: 1.1 - Now loots all bird nests, Added yew trees at seers village, Hideable paint, Types ::empty when powerchopping (when axe is not in inventory) Enjoy!
  16. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    Script updated
  17. It's a bug in the APi will be fixed with next release
  18. how to become VIP

    Buy it from here; https://xobot.org/community/store/
  19. how to become VIP

    thank you in advance just always curious!
  20. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    Just out of curiosity, How much would a p2 account (skills not maxed yet), with comp cape and about 20b worth of items go for? Please note this account is also an extreme donar.
  21. [SOULPLAY] Prestige 2

  22. dawntained ETA?

    Please l0l ill comeback to java coding ill help !!
  23. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.2 Updated)

    When my scripts joins the zulrah fight it spams the ranging pot and drinks it all, I don't know why.
  24. Working on pSmithing since its outdated

    Join Discord for quick help
  25. Any help ?

  26. Alora NeoKraken

    Can we get Script updated ? or atleast a link to Pastebin ?
  27. Any help ?

    Hey today i turned my tryed turning Xobot client and these happens And it doesnt stop laoding
  28. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    It won't deposit because the other stalls (below 90 I think) the distance ifls greater than the wait for the bank to open. I need to write that bit better, but works good when your 90 or above. The 2 minute bak, can be changed I'm gonna look into JFRAME to set bak time (with randomness). For the smiting, don't know never played SoulPlay just few days ago when I came across this bot. Edit : Asked Neo for some help, added a neat function to it. It'll wait for bank to open for a max of 7 seconds, if however it opened it faster it breaks from it.
  29. Working on pSmithing since its outdated

    Never mind i got it
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