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  2. Zenyte OSRS

    Get this quick only VIP :loael:
  3. Buying Soulplay Gold

    Hi nicholsk10, I'm selling gold and can get you fair prices, let me know how much you need. you can pm me at soulplaygold@yahoo.com. Have a great evening !
  4. Yesterday
  5. Need help setting up proxys

    Someone please help. I don't know how to set it up for Alora as I've gotten IP banned from that server.
  6. Sell SP Gold

    BUMP selling GP again
  7. Selling Ikov Billions (With a B)

  8. Ikov PDonatorThiever

    anyone banned using this bot?
  9. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora) - V4 Updated

    Feels like a free script.. Very sloppy with prayers and slow clicks. Maybe I am doing something wrong, so many deaths with half inv. of food. Edit - Takes out supplies and puts it all back in. (Mage) loops it. Edit 2- Not one zulrah kilk, Admin pms me - "Script not working?" Bans my accounts I need vip refund. No script works/no good script. Just got it yesterday
  10. Ikov qFrostDragons

    I first ran the bot with my inventory all set up and ready to go , started at edge bank . The bot went to the correct place and got a decent amount of kills before running out of food (left 2 bones on ground) . Then when it went to bank , it deposited the bones and just froze . But when the bot had food left , it worked great ! So I tried running it a second time , this time with an empty inventory . All the bot did was open the bank and then froze up and ended . Tried starting with empty inventory a few times and got same results . What I am thinking is there is some kind of issue banking . Any ideas on how to fix this because no one else seems to be having this problem ? edit: I had 1000's of sharks & pray pots in bank , 100's of super attack & super strength as well . Also I only added the forgot bones part to further confirm that the bot prioritizes killing dragons over picking up bones . I could see this as a huge problem is the frost dragon area is ever empty or close to it .
  11. Soulplay Soulplay mage bank thieving

    Script sent for SDN upload You won't be able to see the thread until its has been approved
  12. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    please fix so it dont add bolts to quiver aside from that works great
  13. Alora Update

    Is there anyway we can get a update for Alora and theres also another one that needs updating forgot the name of which it is.. Thank you..
  14. Last week
  15. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Sometimes server disconnects... logs in again dirty imp asshole is in inventory and has to be dropped again!
  16. Zenyte OSRS

  17. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Couldn't you just drop it before you start the script?
  18. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Yes that's all it would need to do
  19. Zenyte OSRS

  20. Zenyte

  21. Zenyte OSRS

  22. Zenyte

  23. Zenyte

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone is going to develop support for the new server Zenyte! I would love to see it.
  24. VIP Ikov Zulrah Bot

    Anyone who are familiar with killing Zulrah the correct and most effective way, pm me on discord @EDM @nicholsk10
  25. Soulplay Soulplay mage bank thieving

    Maybe like food as lobster and not run when pked?
  26. Zenyte OSRS

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