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  3. Update?

    Yo when are we seeing an update? @Neo @Quintana
  4. runex

    Will there be bot support for runex? its more popular and has a better economy now
  5. Still cant login

    Devs haven't updated. Don't think they ever will.
  6. Still cant login

    ye me to i think this is a fake site
  7. Still cant login

    changed my password and everything
  8. Still cant login

    hi ive been trying to login all week and still cannot does anyone know a fix for this i will pay if i have to but yea do i have to pay 10$ to be able to login or what?
  9. Ikov qFrostDragons

    hi im a vip veteran do you know why i cannot login to any server from client? it just says could not login
  10. ill buy some gold if u can help me get into the client so i can bot soul play
  11. what do u want for it and do u know why i cant login to any private server through the client?
  12. Client wont let you login

    wondering whats going on if this bot even works anymore someone please let me know when i try to login it just says could not log in plz help
  13. Runewild

    Server name: Runewild Website URL: https://www.runewild.com Client URL: https://www.runewild.com/play/ Average amounts of player: 500-800 Additional information: huge server with steady over 500 haven't saw any bots on it
  14. Logging in issues

    Hi, I've been away from the rsps scene for quite a while, come back & tried logging into my old Xobot account, I'm able to access the forums with my account info but unable to actually log into the client side. i tried resetting the password thru forums but never can get a conformation email. any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  15. looking for SpawnPK bot will pay

    im also in search of a spawnpk bot. either ai fighter or as simple as a stall thieving bot that can right click and convert coins into bags aswell as move from edge center to the tile to continue botting. WILLING TO PAY!!!!
  16. Bot

    Can anyone make bot for etherum rsps too ? Server name: Etherum Website URL: https://www.etherumps.com/ Client URL: Average amounts of player: 150 Additional information:
  17. Roatz Pk

    bump, id write scripts as well
  18. selling soul play gp

    How to buy Soulplay money?
  19. selling soul play gp

    pm me in discord: 1anter#6572
  20. Could not login to client

    Is it fixed or is xobot down forever?
  21. Could not login to client

    Ahh any idea when it will be back? Pretty keen on buying vip
  22. Could not login to client

    XoBot not working, they are prepearing a release or something lol.
  23. Could not login to client

    when trying to login to the client it says could not login and yeah im using my xobot credentials. could use some help cheers
  24. VIP Disabled

  25. VIP Disabled

    any updates?
  26. Ikov

    d e a d
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