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  3. Alora Alora Cooker

    Go to start the script and nothing happens ??
  4. You need to make sure you have money in inventory!
  5. Make sure you are standing at general store in edgeville with money in inventory and not pouch!
  6. Yesterday
  7. AHK for OSRS/Alora

    Contact - Xannie#0178 If anyones interested I can do ahk scripts for osrs or alora. Heres some of the scripts i currently made. Insta Gmaul 3m Spec - Gmaul 3.5m 3 Way item Switch 3m 3 Way Item Switch - Pray - Barrage 4m 4 Way item Switch 3m 4 Way Item Switch - Pray - Barrage 4m All item switches to barrage includes switching back to range gear/range pray.
  8. Anyone know why when I open the xobot.jar file my mouse click stops working like I can't click anything until i open task manager and close xobot.jar, it also happens with other rsps it just recently started happening.

    Being sold for OSRS gp, Alora gp, or paypal Acc 1 Notable quests completed: Monkey madness, Animal magnetism, has fairy rings, Account 2: Notable quests: Monkey madness, Has a couple nmz pts aswell, dont remember amount. Pm me with offers on discord (WRITE IN COMMENTS IF UVE SENT A PM ON DISCORD) Livid#3678
  10. Combat bot for Revs

    Haha this is funny. . .
  11. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    @SavageScripts waiting for your amazing script and the script will be vip only right?
  12. Last week
  13. Bandos SoulPlay

    +++ would love this
  14. Xobot 2.92

    where do I delete the cache, having the same problem
  15. Xobot 2.92

    Alora wont work for me
  16. [WTB] soulplay accounts

    Buying all P1+ (or 1800+ total iron) accounts. PayPal only. PM me
  17. I fixed it by running it from cmd with the command java -jar <LOCATION OF THE FILE>
  18. title says it, I could run it before without problem
  19. Bandos SoulPlay

    title says it all
  20. banned on ALORA

    im going to play it
  21. banned on ALORA

    whats the best way
  22. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    no error just stops randomly and also it still goes to red or blue does not go to green portal takes it about 2 mins
  23. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    the script itself stops? is there an error?
  24. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    script will randomly stop during a game pls fix
  25. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    i also agree with this
  26. I am willing to sell my soulplay account since i don't have any time left and i want to focus irl This account has max combat Offer me here or pms. Accepting only 07 nothing else. Still got like some bills (items) left in bank.
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