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Found 203 results

  1. SoulPlay nDzTheiver

    nDzTheiver Soulplay donator zone thieving script How to start: Start at the donator zone (::dz). Requierement: Donator status and an hitpoints level of atleast 20 (script will stop when you're below 20 hitpoints to avoid any death). Note: To avoid guard the script will teleport to ::dz whenever a guard attack you, so you will be taking at least one hit every time a guard spawn. I suggest you to start this script with an inventory filled of food, with of course 1 space for the coins. All foods are supported. If your hp goes below 20 script will eat food if any are found in the inventory, else if no food are found it will teleport to edgeville, logout your character then stop. Note 2: This is the first release and this is basic, don't think this will be widely used but if requested I might update this to randomize stuff a bit, add banking to withdraw food/bank coins and also different selectable option to get rid of the guard.
  2. soulplay donor zone thiever

    a simple script that steals from the fish stall at ::dz would be nice
  3. I am working on my first real script and hope to release in the next week. With this being said I am struggling with how to properly teleport in game. I have looked at a few other scripts for help and most are using packets. I have attempted to do this myself by enabling packets in the XoBot client however cant seem to get it working. Does anyone have a few minutes to possibly help walk me through the proper means to do so?
  4. SoulPlay Not sure what I am doing wrong

    I am getting an error on a few different imports from the xobot API one of which is Packets. It is stating the xobot.script.methods cannot be resolved. Anyone able to help with this?
  5. SoulPlay Out of date

    Soulplay bot is out of date, it does not recognise new staff.
  6. nFireMaker A firemaking script for Soulplay How to start: Start the script at Varrock west bank with an empty inventory Supported location: Varrock
  7. When i first load barrows it gets stuck in the first 27 seconds... Please fix this, thanks.
  8. SoulPlay soulplay.

    so i clicked on settings on soulplay and then clicked on openGL and it auto frooze and i now i cant see anything when i re open client , completlly blank, tryed deleting and repoening , tryed re download, restarted computer, any idears?
  9. SoulPlay nBarbCourse

    nBarbCourse This script will complete the Barbarian Agility Course on Souplay Start: At the teleport location or infront of any course's object. Requirement: Level 35 Agility.
  10. Done In Progress Not Started Features: Taming Rope Support GUI. Paint. Antibot (Replies with a few generic replies and attempts to leave, Logs if staff coming nearby) Choosing SafeSpot via GUI. Paint. Core: Banking. Combat. Pathmaking. SafeSpotting. Looting. Prayer Handling. Framework: New strategy framework (No more loop method thank fck) Looting framework (To make future scripts easier to produce) Banking framework (To make future scripts easier to produce) Current /src (Still need to cleanup unused imports to suppress warnings)
  11. SoulPlay nHerblore

    nHerblore How to use: Start in Edgeville bank Supported pots: Guam potion (unf) Marrentill potion (unf) Tarromin potion (unf) Harralander potion (unf) Ranarr potion (unf) Toadflax potion (unf) Irit potion (unf) Avantoe potion (unf) Kwuarm potion (unf) Snapdragon potion (unf) Cadantine potion (unf) Lantadyme potion (unf) Dwarf weed potion (unf) Torstol potion (unf) Attack potion (3) Antipoison (3) Strength potion (3) Restore potion (3) Energy potion (3) Defence potion (3) Combat potion (3) Prayer potion (3) Super attack (3) Super antipoison (3) Super energy (3) Super strength (3) Super restore (3) Super defence (3) Antifire potion (3) Ranging potion (3) Magic potion (3) Zamorak brew (3) Anti-venom (4) *Antipoison (4) + Zulrah scale* Saradomin brew (3) Recover special (3) Extreme attack (3) Extreme strength (3) Extreme defence (3) Extreme magic (3) Extreme ranging (3) Super prayer (3) Prayer renewal (3)
  12. This script makes cannonballs at the ::DZ Start the script here. ::DZ and run northeast. This should be your inventory. Enjoy. Please post proggies below. They make me happy. Source: https://github.com/IR0N26/DZBalls Precompiled: https://ufile.io/dcw26 Big thanks to Neo for helping me with a few things.
  13. SoulPlay nGemMiner

    nGemMiner This script will mine gem rock at Shilo Village. Requirement: 40 mining & pickaxe equiped or in inventory Get it on the SDN Credit: Neo, used his DzMiner as a base
  14. Script Features Mines (selected) ore Banks & repeats Source code: https://pastebin.com/CNBpjLFd
  15. Decided to make a soulplay zulrah script that works off venom cloud positions rather than set rotations as it should be more robust against any zulrah updates. completed || in development || not started Current progress: Pick best tile to attack from whilst avoiding venom Banking at a random location to avoid repetition Supports both magic and range //TODO: autocasting Antimod (logout when a mod is nearby for 20 or so minutes) Automatically fetch staff names so no need for antimod update //TODO: update field Calculate wealth earned per hour based on current market price //TODO: query GE using reflection Trade rare drops to mule //TODO: 99% working just need to write quick script to accept trades Control bots from a clan chat (Pause, Resume, Stop, Break) Script is going to be free and open source so once it's fully working il drop a link in this thread to github if you wanna help or beta test just drop me a pm
  16. How can i compile this so its usable?

    i am wanting to compile or whatever i need to do in order to use this script https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/tree/master/KSoulWars I want to learn how to do it so i dont have issues in the future.
  17. They Recently made soulwars team assignment by only using the green portal and locked the blue/red gates. can We can an update on the script to use this green portal please as it currently just stands outside the red/blue gate trying to get in but failing as you can only use the green portal.
  18. Can i Purchase VIP with OSRSGP?

    I dont have access to paypal nor will my card/bank link to it. so is there anyway i can purchase vip with OSRSGP or purchase it any other way?
  19. fix zulrah bot script for soulplay paid vip for it and cant use. fix dawntained mostly all scripts don't work,teleports u everywhere. would like to see more dawntained scripts.
  20. Soulsplit Soul Wars

    How can i use multiple accounts in soulwars on the same pc? when i try enter with 2 it says i already have one playing. but i noticed a guy using 4 bots. so how could bypass it so i can have more than 1 bot playing soulwars.
  21. Source code: https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/tree/master/KSoulWars Original code btw: https://github.com/JSVillavu/XobotStuff/tree/master/src PS: If you edit the current source code (most up to date afaik) and are finished using it for private purposes, please reach out and let me update it for everyone else! Features - Copy pasted from Kumalo's code - Team selection - Auto team detection - Two activities (attacking other players, and attacking pyrefiends) - Healing with bandages - Refactored codebase - Bug fixes The GUI team selection represents the team that you ideally would like to join each game. But the script will join the other team if the one you tried is full, or your loyalty lies with the other. It's best to use a ranged weapon. Report any bugs or errors here. Hopefully we can get some more SW games going and then I can update the script more. Updates: - Massive refactor - Added Green portal support - Fixed lobby joining - Refactored how Data gets passed around, removed all warnings - Added barricade anti-stuck support
  22. souplay

    why soulplay wont open its just a black screen
  23. SoulPlay Barbarian Agility

    A Barbarian Agility Script.
  24. Mining Script

    Mining script for Donator Zone, that mines all the ores (tin,copper,iron,coal,mithril,adamantite,runite) and banks them using nearby banker.
  25. SoulPlay Can't log in

    everytime i try to log into xobot client, it says "cannot log in" why is this....????