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Found 137 results

  1. This is 90% Neos script i just added banking because of the new limit on adding coins to the pouch. Not sure if it's ok that i adapted Neos script and 90% credit goes to him. Getting started: Only works in Edgeville Use the UI to set what amount of gp you want to bank with i.e. every 1m Original script: https://xobot.org/community/topic/12-neotheiver/ Source code: https://pastebin.com/FL18FMBN
  2. Firemaking script

    I haven't seen a firemaking script yet for Soulplay. Is there one in the make or already been made?
  3. SoulPlay qIronBuyer

    Features Buys iron ores from Pikkupstix at the summoning obelisk Getting started Start with an empty inventory near bank at home or by the obelisk https://pastebin.com/n9DiQkKX
  4. Client just loads up like this and then Xobot Logo stays on my screen without opening the client. It doesn't allow me to click through it, and I can't even find the program running in the Task Manager to close it! It doesn't go away until I restart the pc. Please help!
  5. SoulPlay VIP qFrostdragons

    Script Features (4) and (3) dose Restore potions (4) and (3) dose Ranged potions Prays Rigour Locations: Ice Dungeon (More to come..) + Support for certain areas in the Dungeon's room Banking Looting (Visage and more..) Safe traversing near Strykewyrms Getting started Have lots of restore potions and Ranged potions in bank Wear lots of arrows/bolts Start either at home or at the dragons Location Guide Red = West Green = South East Whole room = West + South East Area Recommended Setup Room location depending on what fits you best Credits @Kumalo's teleporter + for allowing me to use his account @xBear's guidance for optimized killing + GUI inspiration Report All bugs to this thread!
  6. SoulPlay xaSmelter

    I noticed that there were no up to date smelting scripts on here. I used NeoSmither as a base and took most of the JFrame component from Dridia's herblore script to quickly smash this together as an all-in-one-ish. Should smelt bars from your choice in the drop down box. Smelts bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune. Start at home bank with an empty inventory and the correct ores/coals in your bank. Source: https://pastebin.com/UU92HDfv
  7. SoulPlay SPGemMiner

    Simple script that will mine for gems at the gem mine as well as bank them with an option to craft. Start at the gem mine. If you want to craft make sure you have a chisel in your inventory. The only pickaxe that works right now is Rune, but you can change that yourself if you really don't want to wait until the next update. I tested it without wielding the pickaxe, but it should work fine either way. Open-Source: Github Credits to @pepsip77, Script is basically a rip from his pFarming EDIT: Crafting is currently bugged right now, it will be fixed soon.
  8. Is there any way a toggle-button could be added to XoBot to support auto-logout when it detects a staff member within the area?
  9. Soulplay Gem Mine Bot (Mine/Craft/Fletch)

    If someone could make a gem mine bot that would be great! Mining gems then when full cutting them and fletching them into bolt tips, it would need a function similar to to the farming bot, it would need to be able to detect what levels you had in Crafting and Fletching and when it filled up it would need an option to bank in case you didn't have high enough fletching to make them into bolt tips, for low levels and Iron Man accounts, (which I assume would be the primary users of this bot)
  10. I'm requesting item ID's for the Clue Scrolls (easy-elite). I looked on itemdb, but there are far too many to tell. If anyone knows that would be great! This is for fast fighter.
  11. What are the most effective and best working scripts atm? Some are just so broken, even VIP ones. I almost want a refund. You can PM me if you don’t feel like exposing the best scripts to everyone! Thanks!
  12. SoulPlay nonFishBuyer

    Buys fishes from Harry at the Fishing Guild until you run out of coins. https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Misc/nonFishBuyer/out/production/nonFishBuyer Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/9waud9c032K0eNa
  13. SoulPlay nonUtility

    I was thinking about that we needed an Utility tool, hopefully this will be useful for you guys. It writes files to the XoBot folder -> nonUtility Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/Jhf9FDrUEBMq5RC GitHub - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/nonUtility
  14. Hey there, So I am going to be slowly developing towards the optimal slayer bot. Bear with me, as I have never attempted to write bot (scripts) before in my 3 years of experience with Java and it's scripting language Groovy. I will be updating this development log as I go along. Below you will find a list of features I intend on adding, in the order I will have listed them below. Feature List Update Logs Please give me feedback on my features list if you come up with something! It's more than welcome!
  15. SoulPlay nonAIOSummoning

    Start with enough Spirit Shards and Pouches in inventory and also with the required Charm. Supports all monsters that are buy-able in the shop. It's not perfect but it works, will probably be updating if I feel like. Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/xfNdoHunmsShkWu Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/ss0KEiezP45Mlen GitHub - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Summoning/nonAIOSummoner
  16. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    Start at home with chisel in inventory and chose an gem to cut. It can cut (not supporting Dragonstone and Onyx, since those are not buyable in shop.) Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/KaIjz0BSSeHKooc Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/roVcGsv5R4yiwln GitHub - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Fletching/nonBoltTips
  17. Start at home with chisel in inventory and chose an gem to cut. It can cut (not supporting Dragonstone and Onyx, since those are not buyable in shop.) Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/S62vmdjsGVnu09q Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/3eZEsCPYqxu4dUW GitHub - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Crafting/nonGemCutter
  18. SoulPlay nonDZSkillShop

    Select item to buy from Bob (Skill shop) in the Donator Zone. Will run till out of coins (no need for coins in inventory) Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/0T6LHqlKnwXUu1Q Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/nR06PIPu45ujEeS Github - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Misc/nonDZSkill
  19. SoulPlay nonMiningShopBuyer

    Start either at home or at the mining place (Neitzinot) - MUST HAVE atleast the amount of the item * 27 in Inventory! Download - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/Nga7zs99kcnSWal Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/2pQn2C9FVdyr4YF Github - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Misc/nonMiningShopBuyer Credits @Neo for the combo box at the onStart. @Dridia for his open source Glacor Hunter (used the same structure and conditional sleeping) Changelog 18-06-2018 - Added better GUI (still shit though) - Added custom ID field if there happends to be an new item and it's not in the combo list. Custom ID has priority over combolist.
  20. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    Source : https://pastebin.com/KdELAFSZDownload : https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/fANOfixLyR8ijht Github - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Magic/nonPlankMakerStart in Edgeville bank with an Earth Staff equipped.It does automatic Oak Planks and Mahogany Planks until of logs or runes.
  21. SoulPlay TeleportBuilder [OpenSource]

    Hello, So I am looking to make a small open-source thread for SoulPlay Teleports. I currently have made the teleports in Soulplay into a Factory-Like file for build Teleports (probably could just use static methods, but hey). Here is what I currently have done for teleports, If anyone wants to add some feel free, or if you want to just use it for your own go for it. import xobot.script.methods.Packets; public class TeleportBuilder { public TeleportBuilder() { openTeleports(); } public TeleportBuilder openTeleports() { Packets.sendAction(315, 449, 3, 1540, 0, 1); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportHome() { Packets.sendAction(315, 1304, 0, 1195, 2213); return this; } /////////////// DUNGEONS ///////////// public TeleportBuilder openDungeons() { Packets.sendAction(646,3,208,25458); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportVarrockDungeon() { Packets.sendAction(315, 5, 58, 26074); return this; } /////////////// AGILITY /////////////// public TeleportBuilder openAgility() { Packets.sendAction(646,20987904,50,25474,1281); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportGnome() { openAgility(); Packets.sendAction(315,20987904,50,27754,1281); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportBarbarian() { openAgility(); Packets.sendAction(315,0,51,27758,304); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportWilderness() { openAgility(); //TODO return this; } /////////////// WOODCUTTING /////////// public TeleportBuilder openWoodcutting() { Packets.sendAction(646,2,50,25472); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportDraynor() { openWoodcutting(); Packets.sendAction(315, 1, 250, 27454, 2096); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportCamelot() { openWoodcutting(); Packets.sendAction(315,2,-26,27458); return this; } /////////////// SLAYER //////////////// public TeleportBuilder openSlayer() { Packets.sendAction(646, 449, 3, 25466, 0); return this; } //8461 - Slayer Master ID public TeleportBuilder teleportTurael() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 449, 3, 26854, 0); return this; } //8464 public TeleportBuilder teleportMazchna() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 196, 26858, 422); return this; } //1597 public TeleportBuilder teleportVannaka() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 205, 26862, 422); return this; } //1598 public TeleportBuilder teleportChaeldar() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 2,195,26866,422); return this; } //7780 public TeleportBuilder teleportSumona() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 577, 162, 26870, 55301); return this; } //8466 public TeleportBuilder teleportDuradel() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 243, 26874, 5246); return this; } //9085 public TeleportBuilder teleportKuradel() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 133, 26878, 1017); return this; } //1188 public TeleportBuilder teleportMorvran() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 255, 26882, 1017); return this; } } To use, you can instantiate TelportBuilder Once Like so: TeleportBuilder teleports = new TeleportBuilder(); And then call a teleport. (Or build it if you want in your own implementation) teleports.teleportCamelot(); Builder Implementation would look like (if they were written this way): teleports.openFishing().teleportGuild(); Feel free to post snippets of Packet actions for others, I will add them in. Thank you - Dragon
  22. Buying Custom SoulPlay Script

    Looking for someone to develop a SoulPlay script for me, message me via Discord for more info (Don't want to give too much info away on here) Discord: Danny#1173
  23. SoulPlay Could not login...

    When i type in my username and password all i get is the message "could not login..."
  24. hi ive been using xobot with vip purchased. now it just says cant login whenever i first open the client. suggestions? i have also redownloaded the client still same problem
  25. too many bots running

    cant get my bots up and runing since my laptop died? can someone reset it for me?