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Found 180 results

  1. Mining Script

    Mining script for Donator Zone, that mines all the ores (tin,copper,iron,coal,mithril,adamantite,runite) and banks them using nearby banker.
  2. SoulPlay Can't log in

    everytime i try to log into xobot client, it says "cannot log in" why is this....????
  3. gem mine soulplay

    Just a simple gem miner would be nice. tele to gem mine -> mine -> bank when full, repeat. thnx
  4. Hey im trying to create a little panel with a textfield to input variable values... Actually the script doesnt work and i dont why because the error seems hard to understand for me.. Code: public boolean onStart() { t = new Timer(System.currentTimeMillis()); JDialog frame = new JDialog(); frame.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(250,90)); frame.setLocationRelativeTo(null); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JDialog.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE); FlowLayout layout = new FlowLayout(); layout.setHgap(5); layout.setVgap(5); frame.setLayout(layout); JTextField input = new JTextField("0"); input.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(150,30)); input.setFocusable(false); JButton button = new JButton("Start"); button.setFocusable(false); button.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(60,32)); button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) { HERB = Integer.parseInt(input.getText()); frame.dispose(); } }); frame.add(input); frame.add(button); frame.setTitle("HerbCleaner"); frame.pack(); frame.setVisible(true); while(frame.isVisible()) { Time.sleep(500); } return true; } Error:
  5. Simple way of creating scripts This is something I've started to work on my free time. I think this will be useful for people that are not programmers or doesn't want to learn it As of today, it's not connected to actual actions inside of the game. Will come back with more information
  6. Hey! Why am I getting errors marked for certain methods ? Im imported the xobot package, so I dont get it why some methods were not found.. These methods are not found: Skills.getCurrentExp Packets.sendAction http://prntscr.com/l2qlah
  7. Bob Store Aio Gems Features: .Supports (Sapphire,Emerald,Ruby and Diamond) .Two Options To Choose From 1) Cut uncut gems then bank. 2)Cut uncut gems then cut gems then bank. Easy to use GUI Get It From The SDN! Please Post Suggestions If Needed!
  8. What it does: This script catches any type of imp in SoulPlay at the hunter location. It goes to bank, buys new jars, and runs back to the imps. Instructions: - Run the script using Command Prompt so you can see my print outs if any error occurs - Start with coins and Butterfly net - Start within SIX TILES of the imp you want to catch. - If the imp displayed on the paint is incorrect, RESTART script - Once the script has been started, and you the imp is correct, PAUSE it. Now run around the imp area. At this point the script is grabbing the spawn locations of all the imps in the area. When a new imp location is added, in the paint the value for "Imp spots" will go up. Imp spots is the amount of spawn locations for that imp. - Once you have a "Imp spots" value of 3-4, you can resume the script and let it do its magic! Source (1.0): https://github.com/BlakeH555/ImplingHunter Pictures:
  9. SoulPlay Jatix Shop Buyer

    Buys items from jatix shop at ::skill Items: Eye of newt Unicorn horn dust Limpwurt root Red spider's eggs White Berries Goat horn dust Snape grass Dragon scale dust Wine of zamorak Potato cactus JangerBerries Crushed nest Mort myre fungus Source code: https://pastebin.com/MDZNJfE6
  10. SoulPlay Guard Maker

    Start near a guard space in build mode (in the dungeon) Guards: Skeleton Dog Hobgoblin Baby red dragon Source code: https://pastebin.com/W9rVkdjJ
  11. A simple mahogany cutter for Soulplay.It doesn't support pack yak (I've not bothered to get 96 summoning). The script supports all hatchet from Bronze - Dragon. Leave feedback on features and also potential bugs. To do before running the script: 1. Equip or leave a hatchet in your inventory. 2. Make sure you have trading sticks in your bank with that tab open. NOTE: I made this script in 2 hours, I needed something fast to make me some mahogany logs. Script can be found at my Github: https://github.com/Dridia1/XoBot/tree/master/SoulPlay/Woodcutting/Dridia-s Mahogany
  12. SoulPlay Soulplay Hunting

    Can we please get a Hunting bot for soulplay! it's so slow
  13. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    Features - Team selection - Auto team detection - Two activities (attacking other players, and attacking pyrefiends) - Healing with bandages The GUI team selection represents the team that you ideally would like to join each game. But the script will join the other team if the one you tried is full, or your loyalty lies with the other. It's best to use a ranged weapon. Report any bugs or errors here. I haven't used to script in a awhile, but polished it up today and it still seemed to be working well.
  14. SoulPlay Dridia's Tai Bwo Wannai

    Dridia's Tai Bwo Wannaia Dridia's Tai Bwo Wannai script will do the Tai Bwo Wannai minigame. This is done to obtain Trading Sticks that is used to cut Mahogany Trees. Features: -Will do the Tai Bwo Wannai Minigame to obtain Trading Sticks -Withdraw Trading Sticks from Murcaily when at 100% favour -Will bank when low health, eat food and drink super restores. Future Updates: -Weapon switch for faster kills. _________________________________________________________________________________ To do before running: You'll have to have Super Restore (4) id: 3024 in the bank aswell as the food you've specified. (Make sure that the correct bank-tab has been selected) Equip your character with a machete, id: 975. _________________________________________________________________________________ Update log: Version 1.0: Initial release _________________________________________________________________________________ Source: Source: https://github.com/Dridia1/XoBot/tree/master/SoulPlay/Minigames/Dridia-s Tai Bwo Wannai
  15. Shouldnt be that hard to make. However, i'm a bit to unexperienced as a java developer myself to be able to do it. You need level 70 construction and a dungeon to make the guards. You only need gold in your inventory and no materials. Exp/h is pretty great! Anyone up for it?
  16. SoulPlay - Gem Cutter

    Hello, Could someone please make a script that buys gem from Bob at ::skill or where ever else Bob is. After buying the selected Uncut gem it cuts it and then after cutting it , it will cut the gems to make bolt tips with the same inventory ? Maybe have an option where you can enable or disable into Bolt tip cutting. This would insanely useful for training crafting and making bolt tips. Thanks
  17. souplay dunge

    Hy so im thinghin its no way to make souplay dung bot ?
  18. we need a simple hunter bot to catch imps. (gui to select imp) what script should do is- start at Hunter with coins in invent. buy jars from the shop next to the bank catches selected imp from the gui when inventory full deposits everything withdraws cash repeats process. be a huge help with that pain in the arse skill
  19. SoulPlay qMageBankThiever

    Script Features Thieves from guards at mage bank Food support (Sharks only) Banking Getting started Start either at the mage bank or by the guards Keep lots of sharks in bank Turn Auto-Retaliate OFF Report all bugs and improvements to this thread!
  20. bPlankRunner| All logs | Using sawmill | Soulplay Hey Guys, please enjoy my new script Features: - Turns logs into planks at the sawmill at home - Logs supported: Logs, Oak logs, Teak logs, Mahogany logs - Click the paint to (un)hide it How to get started: - Make sure to have all your coins in your inventory (not the pouch) The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: None yet. Changelog: 1.0 - Initial Release 1.1 - Now banks at the general store Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  21. SoulPlay Oak Larder

    Soulplay Oak Larder Features: . Makes Oak Larders In Your House. . Makes Sure You Have The Required Items In Inventory(Cash,Saw,Hammer) . Withdraws oak logs -> Makes oak planks -> Makes oak larders. Add it from the SDN! Please post suggestions and progress pictures!
  22. Pretty simple and gets the job done. Feel free to improve it in any way. I'll keep this basic one updated if anything breaks. Report any bugs on this thread. Requirements: - 65 fishing Start script at any of the three areas (karam spot, bait spot, intermediate ring tele spot), and have an empty karam vessel + small fishing net in inventory. Source:
  23. SoulPlay Soulplay Dung Bot

    Hello, Is there an estimated time of arrival for a new dungeoneering bot? Greetz Rick
  24. no more mage bank thiever script ?
  25. SoulPlay qGlacors

    Script Features (4) and (3) dose Restore potions (4) and (3) dose Attack/Strength potions Food support Prays Piety of your choice Banking Looting (Boots and more..) Getting started Have lots of restore potions, and food in bank (Attack and strength are optional) Wear some meele armour Start either at home or at the dungeon Glacors sometimes do ranged damage, so don't underestimate the use of food for best kills/hr Requires atleast 37 prayer (protect from magic) Credits @Kumalo's teleporter @p3anut for letting me use his account Report All bugs to this thread!