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Found 122 results

  1. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    Start at home with chisel in inventory and chose an gem to cut. It can cut (not supporting Dragonstone and Onyx, since those are not buyable in shop.) Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/KaIjz0BSSeHKooc Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/roVcGsv5R4yiwln
  2. Start at home with chisel in inventory and chose an gem to cut. It can cut (not supporting Dragonstone and Onyx, since those are not buyable in shop.) Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/S62vmdjsGVnu09q Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/3eZEsCPYqxu4dUW
  3. SoulPlay nonDZSkillShop

    Select item to buy from Bob (Skill shop) in the Donator Zone. Will run till out of coins (no need for coins in inventory) Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/0T6LHqlKnwXUu1Q Compiled - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/nR06PIPu45ujEeS
  4. SoulPlay nonMiningShopBuyer

    Start either at home or at the mining place (Neitzinot) - MUST HAVE atleast the amount of the item * 27 in Inventory! Download - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/Nga7zs99kcnSWal Source - https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/2pQn2C9FVdyr4YF Credits @Neo for the combo box at the onStart. @Dridia for his open source Glacor Hunter (used the same structure and conditional sleeping) Changelog 18-06-2018 - Added better GUI (still shit though) - Added custom ID field if there happends to be an new item and it's not in the combo list. Custom ID has priority over combolist.
  5. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    Source : https://pastebin.com/KdELAFSZDownload : https://noncombat.stackstorage.com/s/fANOfixLyR8ijhtStart in Edgeville bank with an Earth Staff equipped.It does automatic Oak Planks and Mahogany Planks until of logs or runes.
  6. SoulPlay TeleportBuilder [OpenSource]

    Hello, So I am looking to make a small open-source thread for SoulPlay Teleports. I currently have made the teleports in Soulplay into a Factory-Like file for build Teleports (probably could just use static methods, but hey). Here is what I currently have done for teleports, If anyone wants to add some feel free, or if you want to just use it for your own go for it. import xobot.script.methods.Packets; public class TeleportBuilder { public TeleportBuilder() { openTeleports(); } public TeleportBuilder openTeleports() { Packets.sendAction(315, 449, 3, 1540, 0, 1); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportHome() { Packets.sendAction(315, 1304, 0, 1195, 2213); return this; } /////////////// DUNGEONS ///////////// public TeleportBuilder openDungeons() { Packets.sendAction(646,3,208,25458); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportVarrockDungeon() { Packets.sendAction(315, 5, 58, 26074); return this; } /////////////// AGILITY /////////////// public TeleportBuilder openAgility() { Packets.sendAction(646,20987904,50,25474,1281); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportGnome() { openAgility(); Packets.sendAction(315,20987904,50,27754,1281); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportBarbarian() { openAgility(); Packets.sendAction(315,0,51,27758,304); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportWilderness() { openAgility(); //TODO return this; } /////////////// WOODCUTTING /////////// public TeleportBuilder openWoodcutting() { Packets.sendAction(646,2,50,25472); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportDraynor() { openWoodcutting(); Packets.sendAction(315, 1, 250, 27454, 2096); return this; } public TeleportBuilder teleportCamelot() { openWoodcutting(); Packets.sendAction(315,2,-26,27458); return this; } /////////////// SLAYER //////////////// public TeleportBuilder openSlayer() { Packets.sendAction(646, 449, 3, 25466, 0); return this; } //8461 - Slayer Master ID public TeleportBuilder teleportTurael() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 449, 3, 26854, 0); return this; } //8464 public TeleportBuilder teleportMazchna() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 196, 26858, 422); return this; } //1597 public TeleportBuilder teleportVannaka() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 205, 26862, 422); return this; } //1598 public TeleportBuilder teleportChaeldar() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 2,195,26866,422); return this; } //7780 public TeleportBuilder teleportSumona() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 577, 162, 26870, 55301); return this; } //8466 public TeleportBuilder teleportDuradel() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 243, 26874, 5246); return this; } //9085 public TeleportBuilder teleportKuradel() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 133, 26878, 1017); return this; } //1188 public TeleportBuilder teleportMorvran() { openSlayer(); Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 255, 26882, 1017); return this; } } To use, you can instantiate TelportBuilder Once Like so: TeleportBuilder teleports = new TeleportBuilder(); And then call a teleport. (Or build it if you want in your own implementation) teleports.teleportCamelot(); Builder Implementation would look like (if they were written this way): teleports.openFishing().teleportGuild(); Feel free to post snippets of Packet actions for others, I will add them in. Thank you - Dragon
  7. Buying Custom SoulPlay Script

    Looking for someone to develop a SoulPlay script for me, message me via Discord for more info (Don't want to give too much info away on here) Discord: Danny#1173
  8. SoulPlay Could not login...

    When i type in my username and password all i get is the message "could not login..."
  9. hi ive been using xobot with vip purchased. now it just says cant login whenever i first open the client. suggestions? i have also redownloaded the client still same problem
  10. too many bots running

    cant get my bots up and runing since my laptop died? can someone reset it for me?
  11. Soulplay items for sale

    Selling nex sets/ rares/ whatever comes to your mind, please ask! Crypto/ paypal payments Cheers!
  12. Soulplay scripts needed

    Going to try to keep this post short and to the point. Just a quick list of some basic scripts that would make the client multitudes better for soulplay. I will also note that I have no coding/scripting experience so if any are too work intensive, please kindly mention in the comments. A basic mining and woodcutting script to keep logs/ores and pick up bird nests and bank. Currently only power miners/choppers work and while mad gainz are always nice, I'd also like to have the materials to use for other scripts such as fletching and smithing scripts. Noticed most mining scripts also just use neitz for mining but ::mining seems far superior aside from no rune rocks and small possibility of handcannoner problems but with auto-retaliate off, they wouldn't be much problem. It seems like most mining scripts are coded for 1 ore and goes to next rock while the mechanics are more like WC where you can click once and mine a few materials before rock "goes away" so lots of unnecessary clicking happens that looks very bot-ish. An AIO script for all agility courses. Currently only the gnome agi script works and even it still gets stuck on the last obstacle after a while. Barb agi seems to only make it 1 lap before getting stuck and wildy agi doesn't work at all. Would very much like to see a hunter bot as it is the most tragically slow skill in the game currently. Even if it just banked all imps caught. These, from a layman's perspective seem like they would be fairly easy to make and they would make the client 10x better. While I realize it would be considerably more complicated and likely a VIP script if it were possible, a dungeoneering script would be massively worth the VIP price. I appreciate all the devs do for the client and hope to see some new and improved scripts soon! Happy botting everyone!
  13. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone that knew about the scripts i was working on but hadn't released. Unfortunately my computer surffered from a power surge during a storm whilst i wasn't home and has fried itself. Scripts that were finished; Frost dragons, Updated flecther, Woodcutter, Donor miner. Scripts that were in progress; zulrah, bandos, nex.
  14. Script Features Uses range potions Uses prayer protection & restore potions Uses rigour if your prayer level is 74 or more Loots the most expensive loots Eats food Banks & repeats Getting started Start the script with range potions, restore potions and sharks in your inventory
  15. SoulPlay TaiBwo

    Cuts the jungle and exchanges the favours when you have 100% for sticks. Can switch between whip/machete (only red topaz machete)
  16. Okay so testing waters, feel free to offer me in pm So this is my main that's around 500 hrs old I still get on this account occasionally to skill/pvm but losing interest in this game, ready to move on Never botted, main account, never traded/bought gold from bots etc. -PTB clan rank -Chaotic rapier, maul, staff - Full Nex set (torva virtus pernix) -Divine, spectral, claws, full arma, zaryte bow -Every elite void piece with all helms/deflector -Full slayer helm (got abyssal heads etc and almost 1k slayer points to color) -stardust count around 10k, no adze yet -almost at 1k slayer points like mentioned -23k pvm kc -over 15k unspent loyalty points (get any title you want besides donator points ones) -bank without Nex sets around 3B IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO PM ME Payment methods -paypal -bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum -suggest payment method Cheers! (: pics added (boxes for anonymity)- https://ibb.co/d0QN3y https://ibb.co/ggv0qd https://ibb.co/fi3mVd https://ibb.co/i9uh3y https://ibb.co/fR5BwJ https://ibb.co/j4vYAd https://ibb.co/ijkN3y https://ibb.co/dbt9iy
  17. SoulPlay best money bot

    So i try find best way to make money but nothing good in my option ... what bots you all used for make money :)?
  18. Packets.sendAction?

    Hey guys, i just have a question about sending actions manually. Is it dangerous to send actions with empty parameters? such as: "Packets.sendAction(679, 0, 0, 4892, 0);" - Used to progress the first dialogue with Morvran. When i progress the dialogue manually my packets look something like (679, 234632, 5, 4892, 0) Do the devs log these events? Could they tell you're manually sending a packet instead of genuinely clicking the client? Currently working on my first script and i decided to tackle a slayer bot. Any help would sure be awesome! haha Thanks!
  19. xbot

    when come update for bot?
  20. Do we have an ETA on when SoulPlay will be back up and running? Also do we have an ETA on Dawntained
  21. How will tomorrow's massive update effect the scripts? If it doesn't affect all, then which ones will take a hit? Thanks
  22. Hi all, For some reason this doesn't work: if (guard != null) { status = "Pickpocketing guard..."; guard.interact("pickpocket"); return 1000; It is interacting but it is doing nothing (as if the option 'pickpocket' didn't exist) Help?
  23. Hey guys, I have these scripts for you as I am not going to be personally using them much! Essentially I have adapted Neo's Theiver, to enable it to work with a mule account (CyanCollector) Drop a like please! How to run: Prerequisites: ::home must be set to Edgeville The script will work as is, but due to the drop location being hard coded, everyone will drop in the same place. Due to this adjust the code of the script to choose your own coordinates in Varrock where to drop the coins, this will need to be done in both scripts prior to compiling. How to get coordinates: Turn on Location in the client Note the 'x' and 'y' coordinates on the top left of the screen Account 1 (The theiver) Start the account in Edgeville. Account 2 (The collector/mule) Start the account anywhere (it will automatically teleport an run to the specified drop location - Varrock with your chosen coordinates) NOTE: I will be updating the script so you can choose a city to start at and also choose a drop location (using coordinates). This will be coming very soon. Theiver Source: https://pastebin.com/6th2He00 Collector/Mule Source: https://pastebin.com/GTTsnce3
  24. Script Features Safe spot Eating/pots Getting started Make sure you have range pots, restore pots & manta rays(or sharks) in bank If you're using the kilin script you need to have a firecape in your bank Start the script near the cave