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    Change UID, MAC and IP-adress. All these incase they have made a hardware ban.
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    Update 19-3-2019 What Area could this be?
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    Open commands prompt and navigate to xobot folder and type: java -jar xobot.jar Or create .bat file in same folder as xobot and type in: java -jar xobot.jar pause Then save it and run it
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    And here we are, opening the client just fine!
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    If they pick up on the top list and get a slight increase on their player base, we'll consider it
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    Its not that hard to make a simple script, I know you want a thieving one for donator zone. You should look at neo theiver which is opent source and read the code and try to determine what does what, you could simply use his script and change a few things like the stall id and if that stall give fish you would need to either drop or bank them and repeat then if you run into problem or question there a section on the forum to post your code for rewiew or ask help also there is the discord chanel
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    Well there many things that can make them suspect you If you have an idiot name like ahsgsjf If you bot many hours the same thing, not much players mine for hours without taking break or slowing down or speeding up at some point, a script will always do the same action at the same delay unless randomized If you're already 99 with like 40m xp that obviously suspect If you talk with players while interacting ingame that suspect how can you type while doing actions If the script doesn't have randomized delay it will always do the same action at the same delay Some script does certain things that it obvious to tell you're using this specific script Also the more users using a single script make it more botlike, why many players doing same stuff at same speed etc And so on.. even if you monitor it constantly you can get banned, it the risk you take using a botclient The best advice I could give you is monitor it, avoid hotspot, don't bot like a retard crazy amount of hours, randomize between script like do fishing a bit then switch to something else, don't use the most popular script cause staff are aware of them most likely and make your own script so you will be the only one using it
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    Doesnt work, what BigCheese said.
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    its okay i got banned on my main account with over 300m and now i quit lmaooooooooo
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    Thanks you for this script @Quintana I have a few suggestions Extreme potion support: Extreme attack (3) ID = 15309, Extreme attack (4) ID = 15308, Extreme strength (3) ID = 15313, Extreme strength (4) ID = 15312 Golden key looting (if not already added) as ironman can get them as a drop: ID = 4273 Golden chest looting (if not already added): ID = 6759 Gold looting (slayer task drops big stack of coins): ID = 995 Support for taming rope and strong taming rope (pet catching): Taming rope ID = 19667, Strong taming rope ID = 19668 Raise selectable food amount: From 1-10 to like 1-20
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    You can always factory restore your PC+ a VPN will basically get you around anything.
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    That's what I thought. Regardless a mouse API will be released for elkoy sometime soon