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    SoulPlay Fixed Skills #getRealLevel() Skills API structure rework MessageListerer rework MessageEvent added ObjectDefinition added #getName() #getActions() GameObject interactions fixed for all objects (should work for any object use #interact() instead of sending packets) NPCs interactions fixed for all npcs (should work for any object use #interact() instead of sending packets) GameObject #interact(int) removed NPC #interact(int) removed WidgetChilds optimized Widgets#get(group, child) fixed Game#Teleport("location") added Other small fixes Alora Fixed Skills #getRealLevel() Skills API structure rework MessageListerer rework MessageEvent added Fixed npc positioning for all npcs Fixed NPC models (some npcs that take 2 spaces were off) Interaction now utilizes the menu packets (if the menu has 2 same actions the bot will click the correct one corresponding to the entity we want to interact with) Some widgets positioning fixed Tabs API fixed Locatable#isOnScreen added Other small fixes Developer mode - (Use "-dev" to enter this mode) Reloading scripts - added - only for local scripts Reloading applet - added - destroys the applet completely and reloads it Packets logging - added Scripts updated Soulplay pFarming pCooker NeoPrayer NeoGreenDragons pFisher Alex Coal To Balls Alex Stall Thiever Alex Cannon Balls Alex Power Miner Alex Rock Crabs Alex Power Chopper qAgility NeoTheiver NeoBarrows NeoSmither WarriorsGuild NeoMiner bWoodcutter NeoRuneCrafter SlotMachine pAgility pSmithing NeoPestControl VIP NeoZulrah NeoDagKiller VIP NeoBarrows NeoBarrelChest NeoArmadyl NeoZamorak pAlchCurse qSlayerskipper qWizardStore bFletcher TaiBwo bWoodcutter VIP qFrostdragons VIP qAgility Kumalo's Fast Fighter Alora NeoThiever qFisher qBarrows VIP NeoZulrah qRunecrafter pAgility NeoFaladorMiner NeoPotionDecanter NeoPestControl NeoCerberus VIP NeoKraken bFletcher qherblore bwoodcutter Scripts added(New) VIP pMahogany (by @pepsip77) PFisher OakLarder qIronBuyer Currently outdated scripts (should be updated shortly) log buyer Alora Cooker ToxicHerb pAgiltiy (Alora) Grid miner (Alora) Kumalo's Fast Fighter (Alora) *rest of the scripts are completely removed from the SDN Special thanks to all of our script writers and script contributors for making this update possible! If you encounter any bugs or need help with them please report them hereIf you have any suggestions for the bot please post them here Download the new version (2.8) by clicking here
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    This update includes soulplay fix and other API and client updates to get the client ready for the next server (dawntained) which will be added in the next update.
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    What I did: Deleted all UID files at C:/Users jagex_cll_oldschool_LIVE.dat jagex_cll etc. was 3x in total. + deleted Dawntained folder in user folder. (probably not needed but I did so just to be safe).
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    Soulplay API bug fixes API name change "317" -> "SoulPlay" Alora Models fixed Packets bug fixed Message in messageevent fixed Other API fixes Dawntained - New server added Dawntained will be available for VIP & script writers for now To purchase a VIP membership please head to the store To download the latest version (2.9) click here
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    I've updated this script. You can find what's new in the script on page 1. -Dridia
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    bPlankRunner| All logs | Using sawmill | Soulplay Hey Guys, please enjoy my new script Features: - Turns logs into planks at the sawmill at home - Logs supported: Logs, Oak logs, Teak logs, Mahogany logs - Click the paint to (un)hide it How to get started: - Make sure to have all your coins in your inventory (not the pouch) The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: None yet. Changelog: 1.0 - Initial Release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
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    Pretty simple and gets the job done. Feel free to improve it in any way. I'll keep this basic one updated if anything breaks. Report any bugs on this thread. Requirements: - 65 fishing Start script at any of the three areas (karam spot, bait spot, intermediate ring tele spot), and have an empty karam vessel + small fishing net in inventory. Source:
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    SoulPlay mahogany chopper Uses pack yak to save trading sticks / improve profits How to use: Make sure you have trading sticks and pack yak pouches in bank Make sure you are wielding an axe
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    Try Players.getMyPlayer().getLocation().equals(homeTile); The equals method is overriden in the api so that the x, y, and plane have to be the same for tiles to be equal to eachother. And you are comparing object references with == btw
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    2.73 (SoulPlay API update) Bank.getAll (fixed) WidgetChild.getColour (fixed) Ground Item stack (added) Destination x & y (fixed) Sendaction (patched for current scripts - should work again)
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    Sure, im not complaining. Just to be inform. U guys make some awesome work
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    Boss, as it turns out, this random chat box pop-up that I had talked about earlier does end up obstructing the bot from carrying out activities. It goes somewhere along the lines of ::vote for blah blah, get 6000bm rewards, bleh bleh. Further, if you don't click on the "Click here to continue", you would be stopped from carrying out any action whatsoever. As it turns out, this problem has been of a frequent nature with woodcutting, more so when compared to fishing. Secondly, if it doesn't take too much precious time of yours, would you be so willing to add ad auto progression feature to the bot? Me and all the other fellow botters of the community, I am sure, would be immensely grateful. And, btw, great work on all of your scripts, they work like a charm! So much so that when one mod, admin and developer was banning me, they were in awe of the fact that the bots are so efficient with everything that they do.
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    Script Features Crafts runes of your choice Runes Air Blood Body Chaos Cosmic Death Earth Fire Law Mind Soul Water Getting started Start at Edgeville with rune essence in your bank *Paint by soulfire Source code: https://pastebin.com/pxeqQfTg
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    Core Features: - Fights any NPC (easy to add via cached NPC scanning) - Loots anything - Eat anything at any hp (20-80) - Easy to use GUI (ignore stackable column for looting, not implemented yet) Things to notice: - Script will loot all charms, and effigies (hard coded) - Script will not teleport when out of food (yet) - Prayer is not yet supported (yet) - There may be bugs, nothing has been fully stress tested as I wrote it in the past two days - Script will stay free Get the script on the SDN! Bug reports, feedback, and constructive criticism is not only welcomed, but encouraged s/o @Jimmie from discord for charm IDs and reporting a combat bug Media:
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    Soulplay Oak Larder Features: . Makes Oak Larders In Your House. . Makes Sure You Have The Required Items In Inventory(Cash,Saw,Hammer) Add it from the SDN! Please post suggestions and progress pictures!
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    fair enough haha i bought from POS !
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    Worked fine up to willows, didn't test further.
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    Script Features (4) and (3) dose Restore potions (4) and (3) dose Attack/Strength potions Food support Prays Piety of your choice Banking Looting (Boots and more..) Getting started Have lots of restore potions, and food in bank (Attack and strength are optional) Wear some meele armour Start either at home or at the dungeon Glacors sometimes do ranged damage, so don't underestimate the use of food for best kills/hr Requires atleast 37 prayer (protect from magic) Credits @Kumalo's teleporter @p3anut for letting me use his account Report All bugs to this thread!
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    Script Features Steals from stalls based on your level Sells the items when your inventory is full Does randoms (implemented in bot) Getting started Start in Edgeville near the thieving stalls Have an empty inventory *Stealing from magic stall
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    Quickly threw together because was to lazy to train it myself Has no paint, no gui, no deathwalking. Start anywhere in wildy course Feel free to upgrade with paint or anything Source: https://pastebin.com/UV0wkqAd
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    approved, nice script
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    Massive work. Thanks for update!
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    Script name: pAlchCurse Script version: 0.2 Script description: Alchs any item/ curses any npc SoulPlay Link to your topic: http://xobot.org/community/topic/222-palchcurse/ Source code: https://github.com/pepsip77/pAlchCurser
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    Script name: pCooker Script version: 0.3 Script description: AIO cooker SoulPlay Link to your topic: http://xobot.org/community/topic/97-aio-pcooker/ Source code: https://github.com/pepsip77/pCooker
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    Script name: pFisher Script version: 0.2 Script description: AIO fisher soulplay Link to your topic: http://xobot.org/community/topic/69-pfisher/ Source code: https://github.com/pepsip77/pFisher
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    Haha, you and @Kumalo are the beasts on this forum! Crack me up almost every time, hehe.
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    Script name: pFarming Script version: 0.4 Script description: AIO farmer SoulPlay Link to your topic: http://xobot.org/community/topic/96-aio-pfarming/ Source code: https://github.com/pepsip77/pFarming
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    Looking to clean the scripts section and the SDN from broken scripts, feel free to report a broken script below. Notes (Most) Scripts should be working after latest update (today) try the script after this post has been made before posting Make sure to include enough info about the broken part of the script State the server or link the thread of the script If the script throws any errors make sure to include a cmd log or a picture of the cmd (java -jar xobot.jar to load xobot via cmd) Any post on this thread that does not include a broken script will be removed
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    Simple script that will mine for gems at the gem mine as well as bank them with an option to craft. Start at the gem mine. If you want to craft make sure you have a chisel in your inventory. The only pickaxe that works right now is Rune, but you can change that yourself if you really don't want to wait until the next update. I tested it without wielding the pickaxe, but it should work fine either way. Open-Source: Github Credits to @pepsip77, Script is basically a rip from his pFarming EDIT: Crafting is currently bugged right now, it will be fixed soon.
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    Inb4 transfer to own account script
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    Script buys wolf bones from Pikkupstix summoning shop then uses directly on edgeville altar for cheap prayer experience. Pretty bare bones script, could use some paint, and maybe an option to choose what prayer level to stop at. Will be on the SDN eventually. import xobot.script.ActiveScript; import xobot.script.Manifest; import xobot.script.methods.*; import xobot.script.methods.tabs.Inventory; import xobot.script.util.Time; import xobot.script.util.Timer; import xobot.script.wrappers.Widget; import xobot.script.wrappers.WidgetChild; import xobot.script.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; import xobot.script.wrappers.interactive.Item; import xobot.script.wrappers.interactive.NPC; /** * Author: Jacob * Date: 9/7/2018. */ @Manifest(authors = { "Kumalo" }, name = "Wolf Boner", version = 1.0D, description = "Cheaply trains prayer") public class Boner extends ActiveScript { private final int PIKKUPSTIX = 6970, BONE = 2859, ALTAR = 409; private final Timer timer = new Timer(); @Override public boolean onStart() { return true; } @Override public int loop() { int boneCount; if ((boneCount = Inventory.getCount(BONE)) > 0) { GameObject altar = GameObjects.getNearest(ALTAR); Item bone = Inventory.getItem(BONE); if (altar != null && bone != null) { bone.interact("use"); Time.sleep(100); altar.interact("use"); if (Time.sleep(() -> Players.getMyPlayer().getAnimation() != -1, 6000)) { //scrapped this idea //Time.sleep(3600 * boneCount); timer.setEndIn(3650 * boneCount); while (Inventory.Contains(BONE) && timer.isRunning()) { Time.sleep(50); } } } else { teleport("edgeville"); Time.sleep(5500); } } else if (Shop.isOpen()) { Shop.buy(BONE, 28); Time.sleep(() -> Inventory.Contains(BONE), 5000); } else { NPC npc = NPCs.getNearest(PIKKUPSTIX); if (npc != null) { npc.interact("trade"); Time.sleep(() -> Shop.isOpen(), 6000); } else { teleport("summoning obelisk"); Time.sleep(5500); } } return 100; } private boolean teleport(String destination) { Widget container = Widgets.get(25411); if (container != null) { WidgetChild[] children = container.getChildren(); for (WidgetChild child : children) { WidgetChild[] grandChildren = child.getChildren(); for (WidgetChild grandChild : grandChildren) { String text = grandChild.getText(); if (text != null && !text.isEmpty() && text.trim().toLowerCase().equals(destination.toLowerCase())) { Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 0, grandChild.getParentId() - 1); return true; } } } } return false; } }
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    approved, nice script
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    Use their ids npcs change ids when they change the prayer above their heads
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    Not forcing anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Now do this for Alora. Those kunts need some punishment.
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    hopefully we get 1 month free vip for downtime haha
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    L0l. U sound like i was ordering them to do asap, if u pay for a service u have the right to ask about it(gently). I wasnt rude to anyone, just asking info. So chill sarcasm boy
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    Hello i've been trying to open up Alora on my vps but it will just stop at the loading bar, here's the error i get when i run it: java.util.NoSuchElementException at java.util.Scanner.throwFor(Unknown Source) at java.util.Scanner.next(Unknown Source) at xobot.IiIiIiIiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(ca:599) at xobot.IiIiIiIiiI.8(ca:327) at xobot.iiIIIiiIii.<init>(aa:71) at xobot.IIIIiiIiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(kc:245) at xobot.iIiIiIIIII.ALLATORIxDEMO(ma:356) at xobot.iIiIiIIIII.ALLATORIxDEMO(ma:528) at xobot.iiIiiIiiiI.run(ma:9) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Can anyone help me?
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    Can you compile it and upload it?
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    Use your xobot's account details not soulplay
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    Yo Neo is there any way to avoid the Dawntained bot?
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    u didnt even read it