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    It got stuck in some places and the code was a mess. I've updated it to be more human and more robust Seeing as @Kumalo shared his source code I've updated OP with mine.. If anyone wants to work on the script I highly recommend you use the new version
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    He tells you how to set it up if you read it.
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    Soulplay API bug fixes API name change "317" -> "SoulPlay" Alora Models fixed Packets bug fixed Message in messageevent fixed Other API fixes Dawntained - New server added Dawntained will be available for VIP & script writers for now To purchase a VIP membership please head to the store To download the latest version (2.9) click here
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    Made me buy VIP this script, works perfectly thanks.
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    Script Features Uses prayer for all brothers Banks when you run out of super restore potions or inventory is full Throws all runes & potions (wears the bolts) Repeats Getting started Start in the Barrows area with a spade and few super restore potion You need at least 43 Every 150 kills you're guaranteed a barrows item, beyond that it all depends on your luck.
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    SoulPlay/Alora/Dawntained clients updated.
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    It's cool that you're trying to fix some bugs, but instead of rewriting the loop system you should just stick to the original one (in this situation the node system just makes the script less efficient + its a waste to turn 100 lines of code into 5 classes and some dead code) Maybe you could push the bug fixed to kumalo and he'll update his script based on that if he feels like it, for now I'll keep the original script in SDN Also please include the original code link into your thread if someone is interested in that.
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    both alora and soulplay
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    Hi all, today I whipped up a simple executable compiler that accepts a directory that would contain .java files, and server name. It should compile any script entry points, even ones that rely on inner packages (given that the ActiveScript class is in the base directory). It assumes your Xobot folder is in your user document directory, and it also assumes xobot.jar is in your xobot folder. This program is meant for people who don't know how to use javac and/or don't want to download an entire IDE just to compile a couple scripts. Github source: https://github.com/JSVillavu/WindowsCompiler Built JAR link: https://github.com/JSVillavu/WindowsCompiler/blob/master/src/out/artifacts/compiler/WindowsCompiler.jar Example batch file link: https://github.com/JSVillavu/WindowsCompiler/blob/master/src/out/artifacts/compiler/run.bat All you have to do is download the jar, and place it in a folder. Then create a batch file in the same folder and paste the batch contents in (change them if needed). You must provide a JDK of 1.8 or later to use, since only a JDK has the javac tool, and most scripts use java 8 syntax. "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181\bin\java" -jar WindowsCompiler.jar Moving on to the path argument. This is the direct path to the directory that contains the java files you want to compile. Linking a direct file will not work. You must link the directory that contains the files -path "C:\Users\HP xw8400\Intellij\bots\rsps\Xobot\src" The server argument is pretty straightforward. It must be either soulplay, alora, or dawntained. It's used for linking xobot API dependencies, and specifying the output path. -server "soulplay" This is what compiling FastFighter would look like for me: And this is the exact setup that I'm using https://uploadfiles.io/ber1x Post any errors or questions on this thread. Just know that it hasn't been tested much yet. Thanks @Introvert for inspiration to make this and @Introvert + @p3anut for testing
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    disable opengl mode on the normal client then reload xobot
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    Just a simple Herb Script that works, and is not slow. Start Script @ Edge. https://pastebin.com/aSfvJbsE
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    Features - Team selection - Auto team detection - Two activities (attacking other players, and attacking pyrefiends) - Healing with bandages The GUI team selection represents the team that you ideally would like to join each game. But the script will join the other team if the one you tried is full, or your loyalty lies with the other. It's best to use a ranged weapon. Report any bugs or errors here. I haven't used to script in a awhile, but polished it up today and it still seemed to be working well.
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    You're not copying all classes to the folder after compiling
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    This is very much needed, its a massive pain to re enter proxy settings and such every time i restart client
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    I'm excited to teach myself how to script through the docs section and using eclipse. This is the first community that's actually intuitive when it comes to teaching basic scripting. I used to dabble in C+ back in the day at like 14-15 years old. Thank you for this.
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    Sure, will send you a message when it’s done Edit: You can find the compiled version of my script on my github (The zip-file is not needed, it's a quality of life thing): https://github.com/Dridia1/XoBot/tree/master/Compiled/Dridia-s Mahogany Cutter
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    @Skattle https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/tree/master/ScriptFactory
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