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    I'll create a discord and add anyone interested I to it
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    Fixed this: https://gofile.io/?c=P2qVzF Edit: https://prnt.sc/pnqusu Edit2: http://prntscr.com/pnrij8
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    Approved Good job
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    This should work fine, i updated it the other day.
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    There has been quite alot of discussions lately about Ikov, regarding questions to why it has yet to be updated. We can inform you members that it will still be pushed as of now, due to time consuming analysis of certain anti-bot features that has been encountered in one of their latest update. It is being looked into as we speak, but We're not gonna provide you with an ETA at the moment. We won't make a release until a safe botting environment has been established. For missed out botting time as we call it, we will extend each and all of the VIP member with an additional 1 month subscription upon the day of re-releasing Ikov. So if you are buying VIP mainly for Ikov, I suggest you wait until it is released again. Feel free to PM me suggestions, script fixes or w.e for Soulplay & Alora.
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    Currently supports Raw Karambwans, Raw Rocktails [CATHERBY AREA] & Gathering Karambwans Bait. You choose step A or step B for starting the script; STEP A ; START THE SCRIPT AT HOME WITH NOTHING IN INVENTORY! MAKE SURE THE VESSEL FOR KARAMBWANS IS ALREADY LOADED. (DOES NOT SUPPORT AUTO LOADING THE VESSEL) STEP B ; START THE SCRIPT AT THE LOCATION YOU WANT TO FISH AT WITH THE FISHING SETUP ALREADY IN INVENTORY. If you are starting the script at home; please make sure you have the fishing setup placed in the main tab, as it will not search your whole bank for the setup required. Any issues just let me know and ill try my best to resolve them as soon as possible.(IF THE SCRIPT STARTS MESSING UP DURING TELEPORTING, TRY USING STEP B!) PASTEBIN LINK - https://pastebin.com/vryfQKib COMPILED LINK - https://gofile.io/?c=lZfJ85 HOW TO COMPILE SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
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    Just so you both know, as long as you start with either small fishing net at home, or karambwan vessel (loaded) + karambwan bait at home. it will simply run to the area required by its self.
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    This script will currently (Teleport To Fishing Contest, if you are not already there.), (Withdraw Fly Fishing Rod + Feathers in bank. [MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE MAIN BANK TAB]) (It will then fish until inventory is full bank + repeat.). If the spot is currently not there, it will just wait there until it re-spawns. Any issues just let me know and ill try my best to resolve them as soon as possible. NON COMPILED LINK -> https://pastebin.com/GngcHqEL PRE COMPILED LINK -> https://gofile.io/?c=5pCsJY HOW TO RUN SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
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    Features Fishes everything at fishing guild Supports banking and dropping Loots all clues washed up ashore Getting started Start in the fishing guild bank with the required tool for your fish type Uploaded to SDN. Post bugs/errors in this thread.