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    Before we get started, make sure you have an IDE (Intellij, Eclipse, etc) installed. If you need help setting one up check this tutorial out. The first thing you wanna do is get a copy of the skeleton script and edit the details to match your script. We're gonna be changing the script manifest (The manifest is a form of syntactic metadata that contains information about the script - the author name, the script description, etc) Renaming the script name, author & adding description Collecting the needed ids Coding the main loop Formatting the script
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    Updated for soulplay with most of features added that have been requested. Will update for alora soon edit: clear old fighter profiles cause none of them will now work
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    Download it https://xobot.org/community/forum/17-download/, run it, choose server, and login with xobot details
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    Dawntained and alora update. If you're getting an exception when running dawntained see spoiler below.
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    Yah im sure its working fine gonna use it i gave you some feedback on the zulrah bot would be appreciated if you could take the time to work out those issues thanks.
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    Then the account is banned for good. This guide is for client sided bans that prevents you from logging in.
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    https://ufile.io/47klv Until the sdn is updated. I updated it and compiled for you guys.
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    Post any source you have to be reviewed for tips/fixes. Links need to be either pastebin or github Anyone can reply to any post as long as you know what you're doing Trolling will be punished
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    buy bonecrusher , much better m8
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    This script makes cannonballs at the ::DZ Start the script here. ::DZ and run northeast. This should be your inventory. Enjoy. Please post proggies below. They make me happy. Source: https://github.com/IR0N26/DZBaller Precompiled: https://ufile.io/v3jqj Big thanks to Neo for helping me with a few things.
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    Added to SDN, nice script
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    To sum it up, delete dat files -> use proxy/vpn (if needed) -> run the script -> login
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    You need cash in inventory
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    Dawntained bans a lot of your computer info to force you into paying OSRS gold for unban. Unless you are knowledgeable about client reversing then you really won't be able to evade on your own. What you can do is download xobot client and play through that. You'll have to add ban evader script from the SDN, and that run after you have used the client mac and uuid spoofer. If that doesn't work then try changing ip or using a proxy, then repeat the process. If that still doesn't work, you might need to delete the .dat files that dawntained puts on your computer, and then repeat the earlier steps. I can't remember the exact names since I haven't been on in awhile, but I believe they are called jagex_preferences.dat and jagex_oldschool_LIVE.dat (or something similiar... they've been posted on the forum before so you might have to do some digging to find exact names). If that still doesn't work then you've done something incorrectly, because I've never ran into any problems evading on that server via xobot using said steps. Good luck.
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    I think it auto detects food in inventory.
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    Delete your 2 alora cache folders and run it again.
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    updated, looting works now. Also changed the new entry key from enter to shift on the loot table
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    click last row and hit enter gui know-hows on OP + features
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    Good video, next time you make a video you should right click -> view -> show desktop items(hide them)
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    Added to SDN
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    Yeah when you use 24 accounts just for yourself then you ruin it for everyone else. One way to kill a method quickly.
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    Okay it actually works, I will make a user guide for all our users to follow. Could you upload it to the site as I'm not sure if I am allowed to do so?
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    https://pastebin.com/raw/Q3rFPYHV - Teleports to Edge when in combat. - Removed adding gold to pouch (Doesn't work since they added a delay)
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    Run xobot with java 8
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    You'll have to post an error log from cmd because that could mean anything
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    VIP or paid script Bot that buys items in the ge/POS at or below the target price you set. For the VIP script it should give a limit of 10 items and for the paid script it should have a limit of 20 items. Scripts could be 1 running script per xobot account.
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    I'm just trying to make a nice GUI. Ran it overnight without any problems.
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    I will release one this week, when I'll be back home
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    Script Features Mines (selected) ore Banks & repeats Source code: https://pastebin.com/CNBpjLFd
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    Thanks you for this script @Quintana I have a few suggestions Extreme potion support: Extreme attack (3) ID = 15309, Extreme attack (4) ID = 15308, Extreme strength (3) ID = 15313, Extreme strength (4) ID = 15312 Golden key looting (if not already added) as ironman can get them as a drop: ID = 4273 Golden chest looting (if not already added): ID = 6759 Gold looting (slayer task drops big stack of coins): ID = 995 Support for taming rope and strong taming rope (pet catching): Taming rope ID = 19667, Strong taming rope ID = 19668 Raise selectable food amount: From 1-10 to like 1-20
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    Added missing loot ids
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    You only need some anti-venom to get started you only use one dose per run and you'll get many drops of anti-venom (10 pots at once each drop). You can also make them if you have anti-poison. It'll tp out when you run out of prayer pots and prayer points so it's high % zulrah is gonna 2 shot you (you'll either spend all your food trying to survive or just die). If you're having prayer problems, disable double runs and enable charge prayer before fighting (either altar or pots) You can also replace anti-venom with serp helmet
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    Thanks for the update, will test out right away and let you know if and flaws. //EDITING: Still takes sometimes 1 restore when on mage style. You should make option how many it takes would be easyer but then it also bring in some other flaws when foods out.
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    I got it working thanks
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    Looking into it right now. I'll post the updated version when I finish.
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    It's being fixed, should be working again soon
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    Every time I try to run the script it just spams in chat "You can't autocast this" and does nothing but bankstand?
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    seems good now bro thanks @Neo
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    I am in the process of writing down all the different ideas and re-writing the entire system behind this. It was my first major script and I wasn't quite sure how to use the tools available within the API. I know a lot more now and can make it more efficient than it currently is. Once the new GUI is finished, I will start the back end code. I will also add an option for the displaying the GUI or not.
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    Hey! I might be doing something wrong but as soon as the bot buys the chosen item and returns to bank it deposits the money aswell and fails to buy the next time. EDIT: Okay the money should have been in my money pouch. Sorry, my mistake.
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    It's coming in next update