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    If it's free it won't be worth botting for anyone, now it's worth botting for VIPs
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    Yes it will use your PC's hardware info.
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    This bot is amazing. It's currently making me crazy gp/hour at a few different monsters. The UI is great. I'd recommend a different sleep/delay feature. The current one works but makes it a bit obvious that you're botting. If you leave fight delay off you attack the next monster the tick after the current one dies, no one pays 100% attention, especially for hours. If you put fight delay on, you never have a >5 second wait in between monsters which starts to look suspicious when someone is watching you for some time. A better solution would be if a random amount of time between 0 and lets say 20 seconds with a bias towards shorter times. Meaning you'd get a 0-3 or 4-7 second sleep more often than a 13-16 or 17-20 one. The loot would only then be picked up and then next monster attacked. Idk how easy this is to do but I reckon it's the most undetectable method. Let me know what you think @Jake
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    Are you sure nowadays? @Noiro
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    Script features Smithes steel platebodies Banking Getting started Start at varrock bank (Skill teleports --> Smithing --> Varrock anvil) with a hammer in inventory or toolbelt Post bugs/errors to thread!
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    No. Server shit always closing down and re-releasing. "V13" Should show the stability of the server.
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    Requirements Required herb level to make potion Make sure ingredients are in main tab of bank Will make potions in the order added pm me / reply if you find any bugs or have a potion you would like me to add Script may not be working on SDN, heres the compiled code, put this into your scripts folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/b16kq7evg9e33jz/dHerblore.rar?dl=0
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    It does not bank
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    Ikov updated, reload.
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    Once I can get back on my computer I'll be looking into the preloads bug
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    Am I stupid or wasn't ikov supposed to become a free server after 1 week, what happened to that?
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    I think Ikov is very worth paying for. You can make your money back fast.
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    Check your firewall/antivirus
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    Also, presets break the UI completely
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    Nice script ! will be testing it soon !
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    how much per 1b?
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    If you're talking about jake fast fighter you can find the answer the script thread GUI know-hows: - All settings (except safespots) should save and load. If not then let me know. - the middle shifter adds all loaded npcs to your list, if you want to just add one then double click it. - Similarly, the clear selection button clears all npcs, if you want to delete one then double click it - To add another entry just click the last row and hit shift. To delete one, just click it and hit delete button
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    Get this quick only VIP :loael:
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    Beast Barrage script . I vouch
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    Just use rsKombat, advanced auto switcher.. And it's free