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    Ikov and soulplay updated.
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    Truth, been over a week now.
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    There is currently an ongoing development for Roat Pkz, I thought i'd keep you updated.
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    Okay thanks i'm in no rush so take your time
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    Steals coins from fish stall @ donator zone. Script on SDN Start at donator zone.
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    Most of the time i had paid for VIP the bot was down and didnt even work. I barely got to use the thing from it being down so much. I feel like Me and other people who had experienced this problem should NOT have to pay for vip AGAIN after we didnt even get to use it. Some nerve to get a bill for the next month when the first month didnt even work 95 percent of the time.. I like this community but the owners of the bot need to compensate to the people who stood by them and not make us pay for a non working bot. My account was still VIP yesterday and yet again the bot was down. Im not asking for a miracle here just VIP time compensated for the time i lost that wasnt my fault. I paid for it.
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    If it's only 23 cents a day why not refund or credit that amount? Why would the consumer absorb the cost of a defective product or service? All of the rsps have small player bases, what is the relationship between that and providing fair customer service?
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    Wait for it to be pushed to the client
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    Uhh didn’t mean to trigger u, but we can play the keyword quotation game I suppose lol I definitely did purchase something, I think you’re mistaking xobot with RSPS websites. Browse around this site for a little while, sure you can throw the word “donating” around in quotes. But there’s a store tab, a purchase tab, a manage orders tab..... you get the point, there’s no “donate” tab in the store section. This separates the two completely. They even refer to people as “customers” in the store tab, and refer to VIP as a “product”. VIP is a purchase of rank, and that rank has listed benefits. Staff has even used the words “Purchase VIP” A personal reimbursement for myself wasn’t the point of my previous post as you assumed. Anywho, I thanked the staff and denoted that I was shedding light on the matter for the betterment of the community, not ranting. You also missed the part where I gave credit where it was due. Criticism doesn’t always have to be from a stance of anger or bitterness. Some people grow from it, some people don’t. This is not a big deal to me, so no need for back and forths. Peace my guy
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    This is a quick step by step tutorial for people who don't already know how to run compiled scripts etc. Step 1. Rename your Xobot file to "Xobot.jar". Step 2. Move your Xobot.jar file into your original Xobot Folder which is located in your local documents folder. This is what it should look like - http://prntscr.com/p0zwbo Step 3. Now once your Xobot.jar file is in the Original Xobot Folder. Create a new notepad file inside the Xobot folder and add the following contents. cd ./ java -jar Xobot.jar -dev -loadlocal pause After adding contents make sure to "Save As" Use your file name as " Run.bat ", (Save as type: All files) Should look like this now - http://prntscr.com/p0zx6p Step 3. Run the Run.bat , Log in as normal & Enjoy being able to load scripts locally ----------------------------------------------------- If you download any compiled script all you simply have to do is locate the scripts inside your main xobot folder; if the Script is Soulplay drag to the Soulplay script folder etc. Then it should be fine to go.
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    The VIP subscription is irrelevant to the fact that certain staff can watch potential bot areas with a motive to ban people manually
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    can confirm this works also if ur jar isn't called "xobot" you just have to change it from Xobot-2.982 to "Xobot" and it'll work.
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    In the same folder as your XoBot jar make a new text document. In the text document, put this: Java -jar xobot.jar pause Then save the file as "run.bat", but make sure to put the file type as "All Files" when you save. Then double-click the run.bat, and you should be able to run it. 
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    Takes to much time to constantly update id say this will always be vip
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    its impossible beacuse when i loggen by xobot client i got pm from admin "hey i see you logged by bot client, you got banned"
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    By changing UID, MAC and IP-adress through the Xobot client
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    7/30 = $0.23 A day. You are literally complaining over a quarter. Have you not thought that this is a RSPS, not OSRS or RS(3). These people have lives, not timers next to their beds to wake them up and serve your needs. These people are keeping the service up out of courtesy not willingness. If you could do >1% of there job(which you cant) then you would understand. Not only is it funny we all use Bots on an RSPS, but you are complaining about it being down nonetheless. LMAO. Don't buy it next time knowing full well by browsing the forums that most the functions are outdated or slowly/poorly optimized. Let alone SoulPlay which has a small playerbase here and on 'Parabot'. Quit bitchin and play the game legit while they get around to it. Or use an outdated version like I have been doing and it has continued to work so forth and so on.