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    Soulplay & dawntained updated, plus many other API bug fixes. Change uid for dawntained now works properly for all their uids (if you get uid/mac banned go to settings generate random mac address -> click apply then go to menu edit -> change uid) Report bugs below if you encounter any
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    Fixed random questions (x2) and added ones we didn't have. New server name field in Context Updated captcha window Other small changes to improve performance
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    laying low for awhile just to be on the safe side maybe i leak something new later or this weekend
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    it's an enum from pSmithing. you can read more about enums here fields in order: private Tile tile; private int bankId; private boolean bankIsNpc; private int furnanceId; private boolean hasFurnance; private int anvilId; private boolean hasAnvil
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    Alora leak v2 here is a follow up to v1 v2 gives you the weaknesses of Xobot anymore leaks needed pm me ask or leave discord user name
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    I would advise on starting to use paypal,its very easy/fast to use all around the world. And another thing,paypal should let you pay as a guest to.
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    Fixed ikov proxies, random questions & other stuff. Soulplay action/menu interaction and debugs fixed
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    1 of the main bot checkers is demote and banned moe is back so watch out for him
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    i hope they dont get u ur golden
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    Ikov - New server added Ikov will be VIP+ only for the first week, if you wish to try it you can purchase VIP in the store.
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    Here is leak info on Xobot behind closed doors on Alora. I was supposed to post this last night but had issues registering a new account and I dare to post this on my main account. Much obliged - Thy Haxor. R E G U L A R B O T C H E C K S ! Send me pm if you would like any other info from staff!
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    I am a third party concerned for a friend, not involved with Alora. You guys have ruined a friends name. Xobot you have 24 hours to give up, Unkn0wn's information. I will reward you with $300 BTC, or I will take down your website when the time is up. Check your security because you have a vulnerability. Check my online credentials at Hackforums, "GH0ST". Choose wisely 😊
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    ViHunter AIO Made by: Vindey Buying Jars Catch Imps (Only safe area) Progressive (Will catch best Imps depending on your level) Looting Jars As stated earlier, this script isn't flawless, but i'd say it works 97% of the time. I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT SOMETIMES THE "START" BUTTON DOESN'T WORK, JUST CLICK THE CLOSE BUTTON INSTEAD AND IT SHOULD START RUNNING. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE MULTIPLE TABS IN BANK. IF THE ITEM THAT THE SCRIPT IS LOOKING FOR IS IN A DIFFERENT TAB THAN THE ONE THAT IS SELECTED, THE SCRIPT WILL STOP. Info Hunter is currently one of the slowest, if not the slowest skill to get to 99 on SoulPlay. Since I didn't find any Hunter scripts in the SDN i thought I'd do it myself. It still takes a few fairly long to get to 99 compared to other skills but atleast you don't have to do it yourself. There's rarely people in the hunter area but I'd still recommend to babysit the bot though. I have 27h played on an account with 99 Hunter and some like 50 in all combat skills. On top of that a few of those ingame hours have been used to test some of the features out. So I'd say it would take about ~24h. Hope you enjoy it! Now I'll be going through some of the features. Buying Jars Start at Hunter Areas Bank. If you don't have money in your inventory it will get it for you(money pouch isn't suppoerted). Paint shows how much money it has spend and how many jars it has bought. If there's no more money left it'll spam hit "buy" untill you hit stop. Will try and fix that in the future though. But since you will only need a max of ~5000 jars to get to 99 you can just babysit it or come back after like 20 minutes to check up on it. Catch Imps Only support the Hunter Area (Impling area in the Hunter category) so far. Start at Hunter Areas Bank with Butterfly Net equiped. The Imp Combobox will only show the imps that you are able to catch depending on your level. Select the imp you want to catch and you're set to go! Supports all imps that are available on this server. Has very detailed paint too. Since there are 3 Ninja Imps in the Impling Area and only 2 Dragon/Kingly ones, I'd suggest you to use Ninjas to 99 if you want the quickest XP. Once theres no jars left it will stand still in bank till stopped. Progressive Will start catching best Imp depending on your level. So once your Hunter level is 22 it'll start catching Young Imps, and then when it's 28 it'll start catching Gourmet Imps and so on. (note that this will switch to Dragon Imps after hitting level 83 and since Dragons are slower XP than Ninjas I'd suggest to using the Catch Imps and selecting Ninja Imps and continue till 99. Thought Dragons and Kinglys might be more GP but I'm not sure. Paint is the same as for Catch Imps. Loot Jars If bank is not found near player it will teleport to ::Home and use that bank (which is one of the more safer, since its usually pretty crowded so people will rarely start interacting with you). Select what Impling Jars to loot, and it'll start looting them. Once there's no more jars left it'll stop. Things I'll be working on fixing: Stopping bot once out of jars Teleporting to Impling area if the players not there when starting Catch imp/Progressive mode Only show impling jars that the player has (ex: Combobox only shows Dragon jars if player only got Dragon jars) Adding Lava dragons imp area (gives double xp since it's in the wild) If you find any other errors please feel free to comment below or send me a dm with the information. But make sure that you've read all the information i've given you on this post.
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    any idea when ikov is gonna be implemented theres another bot but its shit tbh
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    Might make this later today or tomorrow
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    You dumb af seriously you haven’t posted anything useful
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    hello alora msg me your discord tag im going on roadtrip in 1hr and back on friday evening time EST
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    cant wait for new leak !!
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    Script Features Floor 1/2 Uses prayer if(level > 60) Gets foods from chests Wears default items Source: https://pastebin.com/JeQwy0Jv (our friends @ parabot are struggling to come together with a dung script so this should help out! :D)
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    well it seems like my fellow companions have lost there head over this demoted staff and banned staff brand new topic coming this wkend off all details on Xobot.
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    updated to work after failing. thanks @chuck for contribution
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    Working on a jad / kiln bot. Inferno will be more difficult for obvious reasons.
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    Is there a way to turn off how it picks up mark of grace? cause that right there is a red flag for a bot.. please
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    The moment i purchased the problem was already occured, they atleast could let that know in this topic:P then i just waited to purchase
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    your agility wildy bot for soulplay is broken doesn't work. you run the script it just stays in one spot
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    Should work for ikov once released
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    I think the script would also have to teleport back when it dies so the normal power miners falls short
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    this one fixed btw
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    new version in github. @Neo could you update it in sdn? added dart tips. removed old dungeoneering location. fixed banking. changed smithing option to "all". added bars required count
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    Flawsless! make sure when setting up you make it so there is two inventory slots open for it to not repeat banking. Thanks!
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    open any text editor like notepad type this java -jar xobot.jar pause save to console.bat (or whatever you want as long as in end with .bat) make sure that .bat file is located in the same path/folder as xobot.jar execute the bat file alternate way is to open cmd prompt and type this (you have to enter the correct path) java -jar C:\Users\YourUser\somerandyfolder\xobot.jar
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    thank you! verified this to fix the issue.
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    Delete your BROWSER cache if it's stuck on 2.92
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    Buy VIP version mate, working smoothly.
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    Soulplay has been updated on 5/1, xobot update required.
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    Going to be a HUGE yes. I'm sure we could raise some money for the staff to make it worth their time
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    Use soulplay webmarket for items you cant debug ingame. The id is at the end of the link https://www.soulplayps.com/market/most-traded.php?id=14484
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    Seems like easy fixes, shouldn't take long
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    looks ugly but thanks i guess edit: does it support instanced?
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    @pepsip77, script is broken on soulplay now that wildy course got an update. Do you hav some free time to fix the script?
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    Make sure you are standing at general store in edgeville with money in inventory and not pouch!