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    Please have a read at this -> , the only reason Ikov hasn't been updated is due to new anti-botting methods implemented. It would be complete suicide to try allow us to normally bot without properly dealing with the new anti-botting features..
  2. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    -> This should help you understand a bit more about why Ikov's downtime.
  3. SoulPlay Simmys Rug Maker

    This script requires 0 supplies, just a Saw & Hammer & Coins (50M+ in the inventory). I used this script for an easy way to get 13-70 construction on an Iron Man account without having to farm planks etc. **Make sure to build a CHAPEL ROOM next to the portal in your poh, you dont actually need 45 construction to build the room it just costs 50k coins)** PasteBin Link: https://pastebin.com/bt6yvVQV Pre Compiled Link: https://gofile.io/?c=Sf3nOu HOW TO COMPILE SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
  4. Astral runecrafter

    This should work fine, i updated it the other day.
  5. SoulPlay Simmys Universal Fisher

    Just so you both know, as long as you start with either small fishing net at home, or karambwan vessel (loaded) + karambwan bait at home. it will simply run to the area required by its self.
  6. SoulPlay Simmys Wildy Agility

    I'll take a look in a few hours, probably just going to re write it as this was just thrown up quickly on an account with 99 agility so i encountered hardly any issues.
  7. This script will currently (Teleport To Fishing Contest, if you are not already there.), (Withdraw Fly Fishing Rod + Feathers in bank. [MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE MAIN BANK TAB]) (It will then fish until inventory is full bank + repeat.). If the spot is currently not there, it will just wait there until it re-spawns. Any issues just let me know and ill try my best to resolve them as soon as possible. NON COMPILED LINK -> https://pastebin.com/GngcHqEL PRE COMPILED LINK -> https://gofile.io/?c=5pCsJY HOW TO RUN SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
  8. Currently supports Raw Karambwans, Raw Rocktails [CATHERBY AREA] & Gathering Karambwans Bait. You choose step A or step B for starting the script; STEP A ; START THE SCRIPT AT HOME WITH NOTHING IN INVENTORY! MAKE SURE THE VESSEL FOR KARAMBWANS IS ALREADY LOADED. (DOES NOT SUPPORT AUTO LOADING THE VESSEL) STEP B ; START THE SCRIPT AT THE LOCATION YOU WANT TO FISH AT WITH THE FISHING SETUP ALREADY IN INVENTORY. If you are starting the script at home; please make sure you have the fishing setup placed in the main tab, as it will not search your whole bank for the setup required. Any issues just let me know and ill try my best to resolve them as soon as possible.(IF THE SCRIPT STARTS MESSING UP DURING TELEPORTING, TRY USING STEP B!) PASTEBIN LINK - https://pastebin.com/vryfQKib COMPILED LINK - https://gofile.io/?c=lZfJ85 HOW TO COMPILE SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
  9. SoulPlay black screen

    I think your issue is you currently have soulplay in opengl instead of just the regular one. Try disabling opengl on the legit client or deleting cache.
  10. Most played RSPS?

    The most active server currently has to be Ikov always 600+ online, even though 100ish are always afk @ market, still leaves around 500 active players either pking,pvming, raids etc.
  11. SoulPlay Simmys Wildy Agility

    I'll have a look and sort it out when Soulplay has been updated buddy.
  12. soulplay been updated (10/9/19)

    This has been posted already. Just wait for them to release the new client; multiple open threads on the same topic will not speed up anything unfortunatelly.
  13. This is a quick step by step tutorial for people who don't already know how to run compiled scripts etc. Step 1. Rename your Xobot file to "Xobot.jar". Step 2. Move your Xobot.jar file into your original Xobot Folder which is located in your local documents folder. This is what it should look like - http://prntscr.com/p0zwbo Step 3. Now once your Xobot.jar file is in the Original Xobot Folder. Create a new notepad file inside the Xobot folder and add the following contents. cd ./ java -jar Xobot.jar -dev -loadlocal pause After adding contents make sure to "Save As" Use your file name as " Run.bat ", (Save as type: All files) Should look like this now - http://prntscr.com/p0zx6p Step 3. Run the Run.bat , Log in as normal & Enjoy being able to load scripts locally ----------------------------------------------------- If you download any compiled script all you simply have to do is locate the scripts inside your main xobot folder; if the Script is Soulplay drag to the Soulplay script folder etc. Then it should be fine to go.
  14. SoulPlay Simmys Wildy Agility

    Releasing a Wilderness Agility Course Completer, currently doesn't have any fail safes for failing on an object, it will just carry on to the next part of the course (Lose of the bonus exp for a single lap exp) So you will have to babysit every once in a while. (If 80+ Agility should be flawless) Start at Wilderness Course and it should do the rest! Non Compiled Link - https://pastebin.com/Bsy09XCs Pre Compiled Link - https://gofile.io/?c=H9PVnv HOW TO COMPILE SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
  15. SoulPlay Simmys Oak Larders

    It Simply makes Oak Larders & Rebanks via Demon Butler when out of Oak planks. Start the script inside your own player house (BUILDING MODE) with the demon butler next to you at your larder making spot with a saw & hammer already in your inventory. You will need money in pouch to pay the butler. Rest it will do by its self. NON COMPILED LINK -> https://pastebin.com/CTuppMqF PRE COMPILED LINK -> https://gofile.io/?c=VqfTZ6 HOW TO COMPILE LOCAL SCRIPTS ->