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  1. Black screen

    Afterglow#6603 Contact me on discord, ill try help you mate
  2. SoulPlay Universal Prayer

    Added bud, just download via new link or compile yourself via pastebin link
  3. SoulPlay Universal Prayer

    Will Simply use different types of bones on altar at home for fast prayer exp! Currently supports (Regular Bones, Big Bones, Dragon Bones, Frost Dragon Bones, Superior Dragon Bones + Wyvern Bones) Simply start at home with either an empty inventory or bones in your inventory. NON COMPILED - https://pastebin.com/raw/2L9ZfUnP PRE COMPILED - https://gofile.io/?c=Rfaf3s Quick guide how to run local scripts:
  4. Soulplay client crashes entering certain areas

    They do care they are just busy with irl studies/other things at the moment, hence why they update it to so its at least working. I don't think they would ever know these problems before as they dont really play i believe and it will require re-gathering data to find the fix which they don't really have at this moment of time.
  5. Soulplay client crashes entering certain areas

    This error seems to affect the following for me: (LMS , Castle Wars, All Tournaments , Inferno(Will make you lose tok-haar kal)). It seems like once you try to enter via the dialog stage, it will just force relog you each time. No error shows in CMD
  6. Alora Client is detected

    I'm not sure if its the client detected or packets being sent is the detection. I have run some scripts perfectly fine but some scripts which interact using packets etc, i seem to be teleport ed to a staff member in minutes.
  7. SoulPlay Simmys Oak Larders

    I'll take a look why, i'm not sure. I'll fix and push an update after I've finished a different project I'm currently under going.

    Please have a read at this -> , the only reason Ikov hasn't been updated is due to new anti-botting methods implemented. It would be complete suicide to try allow us to normally bot without properly dealing with the new anti-botting features..
  9. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    -> This should help you understand a bit more about why Ikov's downtime.
  10. SoulPlay Simmys Rug Maker

    This script requires 0 supplies, just a Saw & Hammer & Coins (50M+ in the inventory). I used this script for an easy way to get 13-70 construction on an Iron Man account without having to farm planks etc. **Make sure to build a CHAPEL ROOM next to the portal in your poh, you dont actually need 45 construction to build the room it just costs 50k coins)** PasteBin Link: https://pastebin.com/bt6yvVQV Pre Compiled Link: https://gofile.io/?c=Sf3nOu HOW TO COMPILE SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->
  11. Astral runecrafter

    This should work fine, i updated it the other day.
  12. SoulPlay Simmys Universal Fisher

    Just so you both know, as long as you start with either small fishing net at home, or karambwan vessel (loaded) + karambwan bait at home. it will simply run to the area required by its self.
  13. SoulPlay Simmys Wildy Agility

    I'll take a look in a few hours, probably just going to re write it as this was just thrown up quickly on an account with 99 agility so i encountered hardly any issues.
  14. This script will currently (Teleport To Fishing Contest, if you are not already there.), (Withdraw Fly Fishing Rod + Feathers in bank. [MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE MAIN BANK TAB]) (It will then fish until inventory is full bank + repeat.). If the spot is currently not there, it will just wait there until it re-spawns. Any issues just let me know and ill try my best to resolve them as soon as possible. NON COMPILED LINK -> https://pastebin.com/GngcHqEL PRE COMPILED LINK -> https://gofile.io/?c=5pCsJY HOW TO RUN SCRIPTS LOCALLY ->