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Xobot 2.72

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  • Soulplay
    • Fixed crashing problem (at least one of them?)
    • Wall objects & ground decorations ids fixed
    • Ground item stack added
    • Mouse API menu removed 
    • Disable render mode added (Less cpu usage)
    • Disable canvas mode added (Even less cpu usage)
    • Spoiler



  • Alora
    • Bank deposit fixed for mouse API
    • Teleports class fixed for mouse API (Teleports.teleport("falador"); - talks to npc/selects tab/scrolls automatically)
    • Mouse speed is a lot faster now
    • Some missing interactable object models added (e.g altars, gates)
    • Some other stuff


  • Client changes
    • Http connections updated
    • Client FPS changed to 50 (no more slow motion)
    • Max error logs set to 5
    • Other stuff


  • Download 2.72 client here
  • Report a bug here
  • Suggest a suggestion here

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Posted (edited)

Very nice! I'll test it in a few minutes.

Cheers Neo!

Here are the results with render mode and canvas disabled, the top is xobot, the rest are OSRS bots: https://gyazo.com/659bb647cf25dc7fe00f4c09163a2bd1

Seems xobot is only using slightly more cpu than 07 bots, very nice!

I'm thoroughly impressed, I could literally run like 10-15 clients at once :)

Update: Botting for 3 hours without disconnecting at all, going to run all night and see what happens.

Update #2: 5 hours of botting, no issues. Before update it would stop every hour or so. I'm convinced.

Ehh, lots of disconnecting issues atm... I think the 5 hours last night was complete luck. I've restarted my bot at least 5-6 times so far in the past 3 hours because it keeps crashing out/getting stuck. I'll hold off on buying VIP until everything is sorted.

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Im on a mac and every time i launch the client for Alora. It freezes? any fix to that? Just a white small box with the green rectangle loader.

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