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SoulPlay Vaynex Impling Catcher

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- Start at Hunter area Bank Booth

- Have butterfly net equipped

- 1 Hunting Required (30+ recommended for efficiency)

- Be on Normal Spellbook

- Have coins in money pouch for Jars



- Detects current level and catches Implings

- Banks when inventory is full of loot

- Buys jars from Shop

- Returns to Area to do more hunting

Edited by vaynex

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Hey, i tried your script.

Did you test it by yourself? It doesnt run at good at all.


- When inventory is full with Impling jar it doesnt teleport to location.

- To many requests to server after first catch and stays relogging.

- Doesnt detect if player is in the middle, and wants to go back to gate but doesnt walks to it.

- Doesnt walks to middle and stays in gate.


Use always error output, i can't provide you with errors because the script doesnt output them.


Edited by Reject

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It doesnt hunt Ninja implings, it just stays stood in the middle of the impling field. As well as for some reason it was trying to catch Dragon Implings  without the required level instead of Ninja .

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