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SoulPlay Vaynex Firecaper

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-Use Range

- Have lots of Manta Rays, Super restore (4), Ranging Potion (4) in Bank.

- 70+ hp, 37+ prayer required

- Start at Tzhaar bank

- Be on Normal Prayer book and Spellbook

- Autoretaliate off.



- Completes entire Cave from Wave 1 - Jad

- Efficient pathing

- Prayer switches automatically and flawlessly on Jad

- Eats Manta rays/uses Super restores/Ranging potions

- Completes mini game and Banks 

- Repeats


Note: I've used this a decent amount on my accounts. On rare occassions the script can break. I'd say my completion percent is around 80-90% so check it now and then



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