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SoulPlay [VIP] Vaynex Saradomin GWD Lite

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Heavily favours the use of range. As it uses range pots + rigour (if unlocked).

- Have lots of Manta Rays,  Super restore (4) and Ranging Potion (4) in Bank.

- 70+ hp, 60+ prayer required

- Start at Edgeville bank booth

- Be on Normal Prayer book and Spellbook

- Autoretaliate off.



- Kills Commander Zilyana

- Eats Manta rays/uses Super restores

- Loots everything and teleports home

- Uses Protect from Melee

- Uses Rigour if available

- Uses Range potions

- Banks

- Repeats


Note: I've not done too much testing with this LITE version, so let any issues you encounter be known on this thread and i'll fix. For the time being, please don't take risk and afk.


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