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Regarding Ikov

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There has been quite alot of discussions lately about Ikov, regarding questions to why it has yet to be updated.

We can inform you members that it will still be pushed as of now, due to time consuming analysis of certain anti-bot features that has been encountered in one of their latest update. It is being looked into as we speak, but We're not gonna provide you with an ETA at the moment. We won't make a release until a safe botting environment has been established. 

For missed out botting time as we call it, we will extend each and all of the VIP member with an additional 1 month subscription upon the day of re-releasing Ikov. So if you are buying VIP mainly for Ikov, I suggest you wait until it is released again.

Feel free to PM me suggestions, script fixes or w.e for Soulplay & Alora.

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