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Quick example of how to run scripts locally on Xobot.


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This is a quick step by step tutorial for people who don't already know how to run compiled scripts etc.

Step 1. Rename your Xobot file to "Xobot.jar".

Step 2. Move your Xobot.jar file into your original Xobot Folder which is located in your local documents folder.

This is what it should look like - http://prntscr.com/p0zwbo

Step 3. Now once your Xobot.jar file is in the Original Xobot Folder. Create a new notepad file inside the Xobot folder and add the following contents.

 cd ./
java -jar Xobot.jar -dev -loadlocal 

After adding contents make sure to "Save As" Use your file name as " Run.bat ",   (Save as type: All files)

Should look like this now - http://prntscr.com/p0zx6p

Step 3. Run the Run.bat , Log in as normal & Enjoy being able to load scripts locally :D


If you download any compiled script all you simply have to do is locate the scripts inside your main xobot folder; if the Script is Soulplay drag to the Soulplay script folder etc. Then it should be fine to go.

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