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Selling ⭐⭐⭐ ALOTIC GOLD ⭐⭐⭐ Rates Shown! !

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     ***note, it is very fast to make an account to PM/comment here on Xobot***


Selling Alotic RSPS gold for Paypal. Great prices! Bonus rewards for each 60m purchased!

Why donate directly when you can buy it more than 3x cheaper here??

Current Flat Rate: $10/500m + bonus donor account


Please PM me or leave a comment for Discord and we can set up an order, negotiate terms, amount(s), etc

We know how to not get caught on this server. Easily non-detectable and will ensure you will not add a penalty to your account. 


  1. We WILL NOT go first
  2. We are not responsible if your account is locked or banned
  3. Note that there is ALWAYS a risk when real world trading
  4. We do not offer refunds once the sale is complete
  5. If you are a staff member you MUST NOTIFY us before trading

In-Game Trades:



  • These in-game trades are a rough estimate of what was traded over to show customer purchases
  • Genuine transfers involve more calculated precautions
  • Prices may or may not reflect CURRENT RATES

$15 (bonus cash involved)


$15 (bonus cash + items involved)



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