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(S) 35b soulplay

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As is implied from the title, I intend on selling 30b soulplay, at the rate of 2$ per bill ( Includes Paypal fees, which is usually 6-8% of the transaction amount *swindlers* ). If you feel  the need to arrange for  a middle-man, I would be more than happy to oblige your request, and we could arrange for one.

**Vouches for Stock #1 30b**

Some monies has been sold to @tiepvout Thanks for the trade!

Business is a booming, sold some to @djf Thanks bud!

Sold some more Gp's to @djf A very pleasant lad, indeed!

Sold some Gp's to @OZZY Thanks!

Rule book:

Just the one and only : Don't go Rambo mode. Adhere to the points of reference that I provide you with on the Pms. If you get wiped out, or banned, then it's to be understood that you had grossly trampled upon the sacred rules of safe botting, and hence, were punished for it.

All in all, follow the advice, and you will remain safe - don't, and well, "Your Account has been disabled".

**Vouches for the Stock #2 25b**

Money has been received by @Gradje Thanks for the business!

Some more dorrar bills have been moved towards @mexican andy Thanks for being patient!

**Vouches for stock #3 35b**

Sold some gold over to @Cripplednips Funny name! :P

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4 hours ago, prashant210 said:

xD ! LMAO replied to the wrong person haha .. Mb dude xD

Told you, you think like an Elephant. xD

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