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SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering


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Script Features

  • Uses prayer for Boss at dungeon 1 and for everything at dungeon 2
  • Buys foods and required items (pickaxe)
  • Wears binded items in dungeon 2 for a faster clear
  • Uses piety (if you have the requirements) for dungeon 3 
  • Repeats

Dungeon levels

  • Dungeon 1
  • Dungeon 2
  • Dungeon 3

Getting started

  1. Start in the dungeon area down the ladder
  2. If you're going to do dungeon 2 make sure don't have two binded items of the same type (e.g two weapons) or it's going to keep looping
  3. You need at least 43


*Gets about 301k XP an hour


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21 minutes ago, sexpert said:

i wanted to ask if you're going to integrate picking up weapons for faster floor 2.

as always thanks.

Pick up some weapons and bind them, it'll wear as soon as the script enters the dungeon


56 minutes ago, josef_ said:

Thank you for this great script, works perfectly. Just wanted to ask, are you were going to add more dungeon levels?

I have dungeon 3 done just needs a bit more testing will do tomorrow and probably add it then :)

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2 minutes ago, sinanx25 said:

dced again

Seems as if the client cant handle the clicking

Close the client turn your modem off for a bit and then try again.im almost sure it's your internet(or the server sometimes happens to me too)

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