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Found 5 results

  1. How to purchase VIP?

    I don't see a buy option when clicking VIP in the store. Anybody know how I can purchase it?
  2. VIP scripts

    So I bought the vip and activated it but cant add any vip scripts
  3. Ikov Xobot updated! Crash

    I just bought vip for ikov, but when i type in my xobot username and password and choose ikov it just say's Xobot Updated! and closes, happens every time i start xobot and try using ikov, it works fine for soulplay.
  4. selling spk vip account

    hi im selling a spawnpk vip account donated $500 usd pm me a offer in rs07 gp. screens in request. mm is possible.
  5. Script Features Kills zulrah over and over Uses range pots Uses restore pots Uses ring of recoil Uses prayer Uses prayer altar Uses anti venom pots Picks up items if you die Changes to ring of wealth when zulrah is under 40hp Getting started Make sure you're on normal prayer book Wear some armor Get a ring of wealth and wear it Make sure you have enough arrows (zulrah does not use any arrows) 74 prayer is not a requirement but helps a lot 43+ prayer is required Start the script with lots of Restore potions, ranging potions, sharks and ring of recoils in bank. Gears: Alternative to dbow would be either twisted bow or chaotic/armadyl/rune cross bow with ruby arrows GUI explained Boosting potion (either ranging or mage potion depends on the style you pick. see 9) Defense potion Anti venoms - it's highly recommended you enable them for the least amount of deaths and most efficiency. (It's one dose per run). Taming rope for catching pets (normal taming rope) Double runs - can give zulrah another try without banking (if you have enough supplies) otherwise bank between each run. Use the altar to recharge (only works if you select bank location at Edgeville. See 11) Use prayer potions to recharge your prayer points to max before the runs, in the bank. Pick the food you want to use Choose the style (Range or Magic) Weapon you are using (if you're using range) or the spell you want to cast (if you're using magic) The bank location. - random means it'll pick a random location every time the script goes to bank. 1.2 Update 1.3 Update 1.4 Update 1.41 Update 1.5 Update 1.51 Update (bug fixes) 1.6 Update