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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.anarchyps.org/ That is the server I'm looking for someone to make me a bot for farming, hunter and agility please. there's a random event that pops up every couple of times. for hunter it can be a red chin bot, agility could be seers village and wildy course. and farming could be torstol seeds please help me and pm me asap I'm willing to pay $$$$$$.
  2. ***note, it is very fast to make an account to PM/comment here on Xobot*** UPDATED FOR JULY 31TH, 2019 Selling Alotic RSPS gold for Paypal. Great prices! Bonus rewards for each 60m purchased! Why donate directly when you can buy it more than 3x cheaper here?? Current Flat Rate: $10/500m + bonus donor account Please PM me or leave a comment for Discord and we can set up an order, negotiate terms, amount(s), etc We know how to not get caught on this server. Easily non-detectable and will ensure you will not add a penalty to your account. Rules: We WILL NOT go first We are not responsible if your account is locked or banned Note that there is ALWAYS a risk when real world trading We do not offer refunds once the sale is complete If you are a staff member you MUST NOTIFY us before trading In-Game Trades:
  3. Buying Alora Gold

    Hey, im currently buying alora gold 3m osrs per 100m alora. Check Out My Sythe: https://www.sythe.org/threads/a6d9-vouches/ add my skype:"A6D9Rs" (WATCH OUT FOR IMPOSTER)
  4. Combat bot for Revs

    A Combat bot that would loot and kill Revs and work on multiple rsps.
  5. My botting journey

    Ahoy there Fabian here In this topic i will be sharin some of my proggy's what im doing etc etc. Will be all kind of screenshots/proggy's , from today on i will try to keep you updated everyday. If you like this idea of me sharing content make sure to comment/vote in poll otherwise i might have no motiviation to do so.. Here some proggy screenshots: From 1 hour - 26 hour runtime 1 may = Starting at 0M today #new month account have been running over night, some progress have been made: This progress is only cutting normal logs straight for 12+ hours no breaks. Barrows was also doing good; so i can sell a bit and use the rest for alt accounts: Tai Bwo Wannai script is also running for 20 hours ish. (There is no timer so nothing to screenshot there) Cannon ball script is flawless! i can run in on my VPS without looking at it for days! Thats it for today cya tomorrow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey there lads Won't be posting today since i still have alot of items not sold ....
  6. Banned [Need Help]

    Hi Guys, I was using a a script on SoulPlay and got fell asleep after running it ( had a long day lol ). Usually I check the bot whilst doing stuff for work etc. Now I got banned, my own fault indeed, but; Is there a way to know what kind of ban I got? Is there a way to work around that ban? At the moment I can't log in, it says the account has been disabled, even any other accounts I had were banned. Creating a new one doesn't work, just says account has been disabled. I think I tried spoofing my MAC-adress, cmd ipconfig /all showed me it changed. I think I changed my IP-adress too, using SoftEther VPN Public VPN Relay Servers and HotspotShield. I'm not sure what the exact ban is and if there's a work around for it. I'd love any help if possible. - Testing
  7. AutoIt bot programming

    Hello my fellow botters and programmers, I was chilling on soulplay ready to go to bed, but because of the exp waste of sleeping, I started tinkering around with making a bot in AutoIt. AutoIt for you who don't know is a coding programme which can run your script from the get-go even as you're editing the script. As my bot seem to be working quite well and as I have also programmed some other bots on soulplay rsps, I would love to hear if you guys could increment something in the xobot client where you could potentially add your own script, and maybe even some compatability for autoit would be great. I can only begin to imagine what mastercrafts we can achieve if anyone could write a script for the bot. PS. I use colour coding for my bot and thus far I have not been banned on my main, nor on any side accounts. Regards Tinkerer- B
  8. Working on a SS3 updater

    Hey everyone, two days ago I started writing an updater for SoulSplit 3 for fun. I'm quite comfortable with Java but very new to instrumenting byte code, so it's a huge learning experience for me. Test run on the latest SS3 Client SoulSplit 3 Updater instantiated - 10/22/2017 10:45 Parsed 436 classes Failed to find: Widget > NodeList -> com.soulplayps.client.tg (Extends java.lang.Object) Identified 0/0 fields > Node -> com.soulplayps.client.pg (Extends java.lang.Object) » Id -> com/soulplayps/client/pg.if » Next -> com/soulplayps/client/pg.try » Prev -> com/soulplayps/client/pg.float Identified 3/3 fields > NodeSub -> com.soulplayps.client.ae (Extends com.soulplayps.client.pg) » Next -> com/soulplayps/client/ae.float » Prev -> com/soulplayps/client/ae.try Identified 2/2 fields > WorldController -> com.soulplayps.client.sj (Extends java.lang.Object) Identified 0/0 fields > NPC -> com.soulplayps.client.ah (Extends com.soulplayps.client.td) » Definition -> com/soulplayps/client/ah.float Identified 1/1 fields > GameShell -> com.soulplayps.client.cr (Extends java.applet.Applet) » Graphics -> com/soulplayps/client/cr.native Identified 1/1 fields > Actor -> com.soulplayps.client.td (Extends com.soulplayps.client.vl) » Spoken Text -> com/soulplayps/client/td.default » AnimationID -> com/soulplayps/client/td.void Identified 2/2 fields > Model -> com.soulplayps.client.gi (Extends com.soulplayps.client.vl) Identified 0/0 fields > Ground -> com.soulplayps.client.xn (Extends com.soulplayps.client.pg) Identified 0/0 fields > Animable -> com.soulplayps.client.vl (Extends com.soulplayps.client.ae) » Model Height -> com/soulplayps/client/vl.float Identified 1/1 fields > Player -> com.soulplayps.client.ok (Extends com.soulplayps.client.td) Identified 0/0 fields > Client -> com.soulplayps.client.Client (Extends com.soulplayps.client.cr) » Instance -> com/soulplayps/client/Client.float » LocalPlayer -> com/soulplayps/client/Client.tC » GroundItems -> com/soulplayps/client/Client.IC » PlayerArray -> com/soulplayps/client/Client.BA Identified 4/4 fields Identified 12/13 classes Took 0.36 seconds Testing against a non-obfuscated client (LocoPK): SoulSplit 3 Updater instantiated - 10/22/2017 10:49 Parsed 137 classes Failed to find: Widget > GameShell -> com.locopk.client.rs.RSApplet (Extends java.applet.Applet) » Graphics -> com/locopk/client/rs/RSApplet.graphics Identified 1/1 fields > NPC -> com.locopk.client.rs.NPC (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.Entity) » Definition -> com/locopk/client/rs/NPC.entityDef Identified 1/1 fields > NodeList -> com.locopk.client.rs.NodeList (Extends java.lang.Object) Identified 0/0 fields > WorldController -> com.locopk.client.rs.WorldController (Extends java.lang.Object) Identified 0/0 fields > Ground -> com.locopk.client.rs.Ground (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.Node) Identified 0/0 fields > Actor -> com.locopk.client.rs.Entity (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.Animable) » Spoken Text -> com/locopk/client/rs/Entity.textSpoken » AnimationID -> com/locopk/client/rs/Entity.animId Identified 2/2 fields > Client -> com.locopk.client.rs.Client (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.RSApplet) » Instance -> com/locopk/client/rs/Client.instance » LocalPlayer -> com/locopk/client/rs/Client.myPlayer » GroundItems -> com/locopk/client/rs/Client.groundArray » PlayerArray -> com/locopk/client/rs/Client.playerArray Identified 4/4 fields > NodeSub -> com.locopk.client.rs.NodeSub (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.Node) » Next -> com/locopk/client/rs/NodeSub.nextNodeSub » Prev -> com/locopk/client/rs/NodeSub.prevNodeSub Identified 2/2 fields > Animable -> com.locopk.client.rs.Animable (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.NodeSub) » Model Height -> com/locopk/client/rs/Animable.modelHeight Identified 1/1 fields > Model -> com.locopk.client.rs.Model (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.Animable) Identified 0/0 fields > Node -> com.locopk.client.rs.Node (Extends java.lang.Object) » Id -> com/locopk/client/rs/Node.id » Next -> com/locopk/client/rs/Node.next » Prev -> com/locopk/client/rs/Node.prev Identified 3/3 fields > Player -> com.locopk.client.rs.Player (Extends com.locopk.client.rs.Entity) Identified 0/0 fields Identified 12/13 classes Took 0.21 seconds Keep in mind it still needs a lot of work, and is far from finished. I plan to keep it open source on my github repo. I don't have all the time in the world to work on it, but I do plan on making regular commits (Gave myself a goal of hooking ~5 fields a day). Constructive criticism is welcome.