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Found 1 result

  1. ***note, it is very fast to make an account to PM/comment here on Xobot*** UPDATED FOR JULY 31TH, 2019 Selling Alotic RSPS gold for Paypal. Great prices! Bonus rewards for each 60m purchased! Why donate directly when you can buy it more than 3x cheaper here?? Current Flat Rate: $10/500m + bonus donor account Please PM me or leave a comment for Discord and we can set up an order, negotiate terms, amount(s), etc We know how to not get caught on this server. Easily non-detectable and will ensure you will not add a penalty to your account. Rules: We WILL NOT go first We are not responsible if your account is locked or banned Note that there is ALWAYS a risk when real world trading We do not offer refunds once the sale is complete If you are a staff member you MUST NOTIFY us before trading In-Game Trades: