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Found 2 results

  1. VPS Rental service!

    Renting out cheap VPS's! they can be used for a day-1 month each! Prices vary on server power, they can be used to run bots, run private servers, or anything you can imagine add my discord for more info! DC: demonsla3r #5241

    Hey lads, Since alot of you are new to botting and don't want to buy any expensive VPS i offer cheap VPS's. VPS location is Russia, i will provide XoBot installed on the desktop I will also provide Cyberghost 6 premium for FREE. (you need to run it because it is russian VPS) Here is my botting journey! Details: VPS 1: Cores: 2 Ram: 1024 SSD: 25 GB IP: IPv4+6 Traffic: unlimited. Price: $8,50 (you can run 2 bots on this) VPS 2: Cores: 4 Ram: 2048 SSD: 50 GB IP: IPv4+6 Traffic: unlimited. Price: 13,50$ (you can run easy 4 bots on this) VPS 3: Cores: 6 Ram: 4096 SSD: 75gb IP: IPv4+6 Traffic: unlimited. Price: 25,50$ (you can run ALOT of bots on this) Add me on discord if you're interested. Fabbur#8719 Have a nice day