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Found 4 results

  1. BEST DREAMSCAPE ACCOUNT FOR SALE!! I'm selling my dreamscape account which has over 500 million DS coins in the pouch, and even more in the bank. All of my skills are maxed out. Some of the things I have are: OWNER CAPE (1 hits almost any NPC, worth $400) Dream Mage Armor Set ( best armor in the game, worth $300), Multiple soulflares (worth $50 each), Staff of ice (worth $75), Eternal Khiones Staff (worth around $120), Ak47 Asimov (worth $125), Full Crystal Armor (worth $300) Full Devious Armor (worth $300), Diablo Pet (worth $100), Corporeal Beast Pet (worth $100) Avery Ring (i) (worth around $75), Rings of wealth (i) (worth $35), Slimer Pet ( Now discontinued and worth $100), Knuckles Pet (worth around $20), Pheonix Pet (worth around $20), Turkey Pet (Now discontinued and worth around $500), Full Emperor Armor (worth $100), quantum boots (worth $100) all skilling pets, 3rd prestige, full blizzard virtus (worth around $100), Fortune aura (nontradable Drop rate boost), donator tickets, hulk ring (worth $100), dynamic boxes (worth $5 each, i have around 100 of them), collectors necklaces (worth $30), infernal armor (worth $100) and tons of other expensive, discontinued, and rare items in the bank totaling to over 900 million DS coins in value. I'm asking for much less than all the items are worth, and I'm strongly willing to negotiate price. I'll accept paypal, venmo, and cash app payments. Please message me for more account details and payment methods. Thank you! Sold. Updated 9/17/19
  2. Must pm me on here, i usually do go first when dealing with this. So message me on here or leave ur discord in chat i'll be sure to reply within 12-24 hours. I get on here hourly/daily. Thanks Everyone, and mainly thanks Neo for all the Xobot Support! Keep it up! - http://prntscr.com/lx8od9 My paypal balance i got left to spend & Discord - https://discord.gg/rGWUtXV
  3. At title says I'm buying SoulPlay Gold about 10-20b for 2-3$ per 1b will take low amount and also items. Reply here or pm me, will be paying with BTC / PayPal sellers choice. Ill check back here every day.
  4. Hi everybody I am buying all Soulplay gold 1B = 2.5$ Payment will be through Paypal PM me on the XoBot discord to make a trade (My name is RenchyHD) https://discord.gg/g9CJy9Q Progress 1 Successful Trade - 0 Failed Trades DON'T EXPECT ME TO GO FIRST IF YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED
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