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Found 278 results

  1. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    Script Features Steals from stalls based on your level Escapes guard when they attack you Adds all coins to pouch after 1 minute of idling Getting started Start in Edgeville Unless you can repeatedly kill the guard with no food or prayer i recommend not wearing anything as it'll just die and go back to thieving right away Source code (V2,Updated): https://pastebin.com/kEU8XKwS
  2. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    Script Features Uses prayer for all brothers Banks when you run out of super restore potions or inventory is full Throws all runes & potions (wears the bolts) Repeats Getting started Start in the Barrows area with a spade and few super restore potion You need at least 43 Every 150 kills you're guaranteed a barrows item, beyond that it all depends on your luck.
  3. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    Script Features Uses prayer for Boss at dungeon 1 and for everything at dungeon 2 Buys foods and required items (pickaxe) Wears binded items in dungeon 2 for a faster clear Uses piety (if you have the requirements) for dungeon 3 Repeats Dungeon levels Dungeon 1 Dungeon 2 Dungeon 3 Getting started Start in the dungeon area down the ladder If you're going to do dungeon 2 make sure don't have two binded items of the same type (e.g two weapons) or it's going to keep looping You need at least 43 *Gets about 301k XP an hour