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Found 7 results

  1. Releasing this as a free script, since it doesn't use instanced rooms (don't ask me to add them...). With minimal tweaks, you could make it withdraw vote tickets and use the instance room. Start it anywhere with Trident of the Seas, and your choice of magic armor. It auto refills the staff when it runs out of charge, with coins either in your inventory, or from your pouch. Uses super restores, so make sure you have a lot of them in your bank. Post bugs if any. I'll try to get it on SDN in the future. compiled : https://ufile.io/z1xksdsh source :
  2. bFiremaker | All popular logs | At skillzone | Dawntained + Ikov Hey Guys, please enjoy this script Features: - Uses logs on the furnace at the skilling zone for firemaking xp (Dawntained), or Yanille (Ikov) - Logs supported: Logs, Oak logs, Willow logs, Maple logs, Yew logs, Magic logs - Click the paint to (un)hide it How to get started: - Start at the skilling zone (Dawntained), or Start at the yanille firemaking teleport spot (Ikov) - Make sure to have logs in your bank or inventory The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: Changelog: 1.0 - Initial Release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  3. Script Features Supports: Gnome Course, Barbarian Course, Wilderness Course Highly optimized from the first version Supported servers: Soulplay, Dawntained Getting started Start at the course Report All bugs to this thread!
  4. bWoodcutter | Powerchopping | Banking | Loots bird nests | Soulplay, Alora & Ikov Hey Guys, I proudly present to you: My woodcutting script! Features: - Powerchopping (Trees, Oak trees, Willow trees, Maple trees, Yew trees, Magic trees, Teak, Mahogany, Redwood, Ivy) - Chopping + banking (Draynor village, Varrock west, Seers village, Woodcutting Guild (Alora), Donator zone (Soulplay)) - Loots birdnests - Alora supports woodcutting guild - Soulplay supports donator zone, magic trees at seers village, and ivy vines at falador - Ikov supports a few different locations too. - Click the paint to (un)hide it How to get started: - Make sure to have an axe equipped, or in your inventory. - When powerchopping, it wil drop everything but the axe. Make sure to not have items you don't want to lose in your inventory. The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: Changelog: Soulplay: 1.0 - Initial Release 1.1 - Added yew trees at seers village, Powerchopping Ivy, Hideable paint Alora: 1.0 - Initial Release 1.1 - Now loots all bird nests, Added yew trees at seers village, Hideable paint, Types ::empty when powerchopping Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  5. bFletcher | AIO | Flax Picker | Makes Bowstrings Hey Guys, I proudly present to you: My AIO Fletching script! Features: Fletching logs into Shortbows / Longbows / Arrowshafts. Stringing bows using bowstrings and unstrung bows. Making headless arrows using feathers and arrow shafts. Making bowstrings using flax with the spinning wheel in seers village. Picking flax in the flax field in seers village. Click paint to (un)hide it. How to get started: (Most popular banks are supported) When fletching logs into Shortbows / Longbows / Arrowshafts, make sure you have a knife in your inventory. When stringing bows make sure you have bowstrings and unstrung bows in your bank / inventory. When making headless arrows make sure you have all your feathers / arrow shafts in your inventory. When making bowstrings make sure you have flax in your bank / inventory. When picking flax make sure youre standing somewhere near seers village. The script: Get it from the SDN! Proggys: None yet. Changelog: (Soulplay) 1.0 - Initial Release. 1.1 - Fixed teleporting. Changelog: (Alora) 1.0 - Initial Release. 1.1 - Converted to mouse API, general improvements. 1.2 - Fixed stringing. 1.3 - Now checks if widgets are there, can click paint to hide it, stops when out of logs. Feedback is welcome!
  6. Core Features: - Fights any combination of Npcs optional fight delay - good for npcs that have a 100% drop rate that you'd want to wait for loot to appear - Loots anything stackable support tries to make room if needed loot radius from player's current position only loots when not interacting - Safespotting support tile based selection - Eat at any hp eats anything that contains 'Eat' option - Prayers Prayer renewals support (also prayer + super restores) If you use renewals make sure you start script above 15 prayer - Potion support support super sets along with range + mage pot - Teleports to prevent death GUI know-hows: - All settings (except safespots) should save and load. If not then let me know. - the middle shifter adds all loaded npcs to your list, if you want to just add one then double click it. - Similarly, the clear selection button clears all npcs, if you want to delete one then double click it - To add another entry just click the last row and hit shift. To delete one, just click it and hit delete button Report any bugs with the script (gui too) on this thread, and be thorough about it please. Get the script on the SDN! Source: https://github.com/JSVillavu/FastFighter Media:
  7. Features: Supports Gnome Agility course Supported servers: Soulplay, Dawntained Post all bugs in the thread.