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Found 22 results

  1. After downloaded. The green circle comes up load's all the way and stays like that Plz help
  2. hi so i just downloaded xobot and when i go to run the xobot logo pops up and it doesnt do anything from there on. Then sometimes if i try to open it says "too many bots are running"
  3. I start Xobot, login, and attempt to run SoulPlay or Alora. Nothing happens after that, no error, no clients show up, the jar appears to just exit. I've tried deleting the cache from both SoulPlay and Alora, and installing JRE 1.8 update 231, and JDK 1.8 update 231, neither work (note, I am running 64-bit Java). What is the solution here?
  4. Devin

    ikov not loading

    Ikov is not loading fully. How do I fix? Pretty upset with this as I paid money to use this. stuck loading at unpacking interfaces 95%
  5. hy guys, my problem is everytime i try to open it and log in click soulplay start and then just a blac screen appears tried on other computers. maybe run over cmd would show me errors? idk how to run it over cmd is there any kind of tutorial? best regards your buddy =)
  6. Hello, I downloaded the client, and it won't run. I have java's latest release (8.0.221). From CMD
  7. Ttorrent


    I made full screen and now my client dosen't loade help please!!!!
  8. Hello, good afternoon, im trying to use the bot client i could download it and now im stuck at this small screen where you enter your XOBOT account details screen, where you choose your server. I enter my account details and press enter an nothing happens, no error message or anything. Can someone please help me? Thank you
  9. Hey guys, was wondering if its possible to make the bot screen bigger? The standard screen size actually cuts off half the inventory and chat view? IF anyone can tell me how to fix that would be amazing.
  10. i am wanting to compile or whatever i need to do in order to use this script https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/tree/master/KSoulWars I want to learn how to do it so i dont have issues in the future.
  11. Client just loads up like this and then Xobot Logo stays on my screen without opening the client. It doesn't allow me to click through it, and I can't even find the program running in the Task Manager to close it! It doesn't go away until I restart the pc. Please help!
  12. Whats the best Moneymaking script thats kinda safe?
  13. I get stuck on starting 3d library everytime i load up the alora client, ive tried clearing the cache. still nothing. Also have JDK 8 and jre.
  14. 175b

    Issues on launch

    Date: 2018/06/04 Operating system: Windows Java: 1.8.0_171 java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://xobot.org/community/validate.php at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream0(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.https.HttpsURLConnectionImpl.getInputStream(Unknown Source) at xobot.iIiIiIIIII.ALLATORIxDEMO(ma:558) at xobot.iIiIiIIIII.ALLATORIxDEMO(ma:422) at xobot.iiIiiIiiiI.run(ma:297) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  15. I get stuck on starting 3d library everytime i load up the alora client, ive tried clearing the cache. still nothing. Also have JDK 8 and jre.
  16. Hey everyone. Yesterday I was trying to make my first script for SoulPlay. Thing is, I don't really know how to gather packets. From the examples I've seen using index=1 seems to work, but sometimes after I restart the client some of the packet actions in the script stop working. I assume that I am gathering the information incorrectly. Here's an example: I am trying to bank at Edgeville in a specific bank using this: Packets.sendAction(502, 1515657153, 65, 47, 26972, 1); Because this is what comes from the client: Thing is, sometimes it works but sometimes it does some action near "Max the traveller" (the NPC at the SW of the well in the map in the picture). It usually works but breaks after I close the client and open it again or log out and back in, or even after doing nothing. Am I gathering the information incorrectly?
  17. Hi Guys, I was using a a script on SoulPlay and got fell asleep after running it ( had a long day lol ). Usually I check the bot whilst doing stuff for work etc. Now I got banned, my own fault indeed, but; Is there a way to know what kind of ban I got? Is there a way to work around that ban? At the moment I can't log in, it says the account has been disabled, even any other accounts I had were banned. Creating a new one doesn't work, just says account has been disabled. I think I tried spoofing my MAC-adress, cmd ipconfig /all showed me it changed. I think I changed my IP-adress too, using SoftEther VPN Public VPN Relay Servers and HotspotShield. I'm not sure what the exact ban is and if there's a work around for it. I'd love any help if possible. - Testing
  18. So i got banned on soul play tried vpn/mac changer didn't work so i decided to download a virtual box and now it does work don't even need vpn for login so I'm pretty sure i got UUID banned but unfortuanly it is a bit laggy with virtual box so anyone know how to fix uuid ban on macbook?
  19. I got banned from soulplay and everytime i try to make new account/log inn it says (Your account has been disabled) anyone know a fix? would be greatly appreciated
  20. Thats right. I am MAC banned on my home PC. I have access to multiple computers so I need to go to storage and get another one and swap my hard drives. In the meantime, is there any way around a MAC ban??
  21. So I have moved on to another script to create cannonballs faster but when I run out of steel and go to the bank, it's stuck in a loop where it keeps opening the bank. Here's my code: public int loop() { if(Inventory.Contains(2353)) { Walking.walkTo(new Tile(3226, 3254)); Packets.sendAction(447, 4, 0, 3214, 2781,1); Time.sleep(100); Packets.sendAction(62, 1119312818, 50, 55, 2781,1); return 1500; } if(Players.getMyPlayer().getAnimation() == 899) { return 1000; } Time.sleep(400); if(Players.getMyPlayer().getAnimation() == 899) { return 1000; } else { Walking.walkTo(new Tile(3224, 3253)); Packets.sendAction(225, 142, 0, 0, 610,1); if(Bank.isOpen()) { if(Inventory.isFull()) { Bank.depositAll(); Time.sleep(150); } Item i = Bank.getItem(2353); if(i != null) { i.interact("withdraw all"); Time.sleep(50); return 500; }else{ return -1; } } } return 1000; }
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