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Found 30 results

  1. Alora Xbot detected

    Alora is able to detect xobot. Was banned within 20 mins of fishing. Was watching the entire time, mod pmed me. I stopped the bot, pmed back. 2-3 mins later banned, i login on a diff account and messaged the mod and i was told that they detected i was logged into a 3rd party program.
  2. Looking to buy Alora Hunter Bot

    If someone is willing to make me an Alora hunter bot (such as a bot for the 3 different chins.) message me on forums here and we can work out a price. Thanks!
  3. I came to this forum and started up on alora; I was tped into a staff room and the staff waited for me to come back from afk to tell me I was being banned for botting. I was using qBarrows (I believe it is called). I botted for MAYBE a total of 9 hours before being perm-banned. I would not bot on Alora, it seems they have their stuff together. If anyone knows of a server that is very unlikely to ban me for botting, I'd greatly appreciate the information. EDIT: This might be worth noting. The staff member I spoke to specifically said "you are not on the traditional Alora client I can see" as if he knew I was not using their jar.
  4. Alora Alora Risky to bot?

    explain why its so risky to bot there atm ? and is there a way to avoid it
  5. Alora Alora's bot detection

    Is it just me or is Alora's bot detection good? I have had 3 accounts banned in the last 24 hours botting. Two were pretty obvious(thieving in Edgeville), but the other one I botted rock crabs, Pest Control, and some slayer.
  6. Alora GoldMiner

    Mines gold at the crafting guild and banks. Thanks to @cyan for a little of his code Source Code: https://pastebin.com/93kd9pLV EDIT: Small Paint Edit.
  7. Hey guys, Does anyone have an account on Alora that has a cannonball mould? I need to borrow one to test a script I am working on! Thanks in advance
  8. Now in the SDN! Simple pure essence miner for Alora (was a request from a user). Mines pure essence then banks at home. Big thanks to @Neo for the code snippets (especially the wizard teleport!) Drop a like please! Source Code: https://pastebin.com/uURZtb1u PS. Any bugs or improvements let me know below
  9. Alora Where to start learning?

    Always been interested in scripting but never thought I'd give it a go at learning if anyone could point me in a few general guides on how to learn the basics of runescape coding that'd be awesome
  10. Alora Alora ban

    Strangely can't seem to get past this one, I've changed UID MAC and IP Address to a socks5 that works, this allows me to get past bans on soul play but not alora, anybody have some advice? I have also attempted to delete the alora cache from my pc but still appearing as banned
  11. Alora NeoKraken

    Script Features Range support only atm Kills kraken over and over Uses range pots Uses prayer/restore pots Supports both (3) and (4) potions Uses prayer (Protection & eagle eye) Getting started Wear some range armor Make sure you have enough arrows/bolts 44+ prayer is required (for eagle eye)
  12. Alora NeoCerberus

    Script Features Melee support only atm Kills cerberusover and over Uses strength/attack potions Supports both (3) and (4) potions Uses prayer (Protection & Piety) Getting started Wear some melee armor 70+ hp is required 70+ prayer is required (for piety)
  13. Here is a fix that worked for my friend and I for the newest XoBot Update 2.6 (Alora) when you are stuck at the blank loading bar. UPDATE: Making sure all JRE & JDK Installations besides Java 8 are installed and using jarfix made it where you do not need to launch using the .bat file or command prompt. It can be found here: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html 1. Create and save a .bat file, in the same folder you have your xobot.jar, that contains the following. NOTE: If you use Notepad.exe, make sure when you save it you change it from "Save as type:" Text Documents to "All files" cd C:/Users/%username% for /f "delims=" %%x in ('dir /s /od /b xobot*.jar') do set recent=%%x java -jar "%recent%" echo %recent% pause 2. Run the .bat, press enter on the command that pops up, and XoBot 2.6 should launch. 3. You should be good! Just launch XoBot with the .bat file when you want to run XoBot. If this doesn't work, you may want to reinstall the latest Java 8 EDIT: You need to use Java 8. If you use Java 9 you will most likely get an error like below EDIT 2: Using jarfix.exe actually fixed this problem for me. I do not have to run using the .bat file now. It can be found at https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  14. Alora NeoPestControl

    Script Feature: Kills portals Joins the boat again when game is over Getting started Start in the boat or near it (on the bridge) with your gear on
  15. Alora NeoPotionDecanter

    Script Features Turns (3) potions into (4) ones Potions Antifire Antipoison Energy potion Magic potion Prayer potion Ranging potion Sanfew serum Saradomin brew Super attack Super defence Super energy Super restore Super strength
  16. Script Features Mines specified ore Banks & repeats More locations will be added in future Ores Iron Coal Mithril Adamant Rune Getting started Start in the falador mine with pickaxes in your inventory or wielded (if you're gonna use anything better than rune wield it)
  17. First of all, thanks to Neo, Alex and all others who made their source public, tons of this is used or stolen from some of their scripts. Much love <3. Also thanks to Neo for releasing the teleport wizard widget which can be found here: Script Features Steals seeds from the master farmer at Draynor Village Banks when inventory is full Getting started Start anywhere, the bot will tele home and then Draynor Village. Future features and Known bugs/issues Dying probably breaks the script as it does not handling teleporting back, yet. Select what seeds to bank, drop or ;;empty the others. More locations, Ardy? Suggestions? Issues? Thoughts? Post in the thread. Script is on the SDN, grab it!
  18. The region id for the staff home/jail where they tp people is 11345, would it be possible to add a warning similar to the staff notification if you are tped to that place? Maybe even pause any running scripts automagically so you (hopefully) have time to respond without acting suspicious?
  19. Client for Alora RSPS

    Hey, i downloaded the XoBot 2.5 client but i can't find the option for the Alora RSPS. Only Soulplay, Pkhonor, Runique and Elkoy. Where is the Alora client?
  20. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    The intent of this script was to branch away from miners that limit users to rock selection via ID. Keep the inventory tab open at all times. Get it on the SDN. Features: - Rock selection - Powermining only Setup: Media:
  21. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    Would it be possible to make a script that works as a item overlay? Like osbuddy and such, if possible with custom options like highlighting certain items and only showing certain items. I know there's a item overlay thing in the client but it only shows item ids and not the actual names.
  22. Alora qRunecrafter (Alora)

    Features Supports all runes Getting started Start by the thieving stalls at home (::thieve) Uploaded to SDN. Post bugs/errors in this thread.
  23. Teleports to a location by talking to the wizard (or using 'previous' if it was your last destination) Updated version to differ better between similar names (e.g slayer tower and varrock slayer tower) public static void teleport(String location) { final NPC wizard = NPCs.getNearest(4397); if(wizard != null) { final WidgetChild prev = Widgets.getWidgetChild(42860954); if(prev != null && prev.getText().toLowerCase().startsWith(location.toLowerCase())) { wizard.interact("prev"); return; }else { if(Widgets.isVisible(654)) { WidgetChild[] options = Widgets.get(654).getChildren(); for(WidgetChild option : options) { final String text = option.getText(); if(text != null && !text.isEmpty() && text.toLowerCase().trim().startsWith(location.toLowerCase())) { Packets.sendAction(0, option.getId(), 8, 0, "", "Ok"); Time.sleep(150); Packets.sendAction(0, 42860643, 28, 0, "", "Close"); } } }else { wizard.interact("talk-to"); Time.sleep(() -> Widgets.isVisible(654), 750); Time.sleep(150); teleport(location); } } } } Usage examples; teleport("karamja"); teleport("rock crabs"); teleport("steel dragons"); teleport("falad");
  24. BEFORE I GET TO THE SCRIPT. I'D LIKE TO GIVE CREDIT TO @pepsip77 FOR RELEASING HIS WILDERNESS AGILITY COURSE BOT OPEN-SOURCED. ALSO SHOUT-OUT TO @Alex FOR HIS FORMATTING THAT I STOLE. THANK YOU. This script was simply converted from the original to operate properly on the server: Alora The script was modified from the original to complete agility courses on the server: Alora Changed made: Version 0.1: Added paint, which includes your Agility XP gained in total while running the script. Added paint, which includes your Agility XP/HR gained while running the script. Added formatting, so the paint will show "Agility XP/HR: 1.3M" instead of "Agility XP/HR: 1300000". Added a string for actions on the specific objects on the course. Removed "sending packets directly", and replaced that command with a nice "obstacle interact" command. (IDK, I think it looks cleaner.) (I know, so much work T_T) kappa Version 0.2: Added a simple, yet effective GUI. (Thanks to @Neo it was ripped from the AIO Miner.) Added the Gnome Agility course to the script. Added the Barbarian Agility course to the script. Cheers to the development team. Making my pointless grind a lot more enjoyable lol. Script link (Version 0.1): Here Script link (Version 0.2): Here Original script topic: Here Alex's Rock Crabs: Here <- If you're trying to get into programming bots for XoBot, I highly suggest you check out the source code for these two scripts! You will learn quite a lot! Upcoming changes: Version 0.3: Add the Seer's Village Agility course. Add the Ardougne Agility course. Version 0.4+: Cast high alchemy while running courses? Drop some suggestions for what you would like to see below! ENJOY! But please, don't be that guy that doesn't baby sit their bot and question why they got banned on this topic. Just check up from time to time, and you'll be golden.
  25. Alora Alora Cooker

    Alora Cooker Features: . Multiple Food Options(Anchovies,Tuna,Lobster,SwordFish,MonkFish,Sharks) . Only Supports Rogues den Add it from the SDN! Please post suggestions and progress pictures!