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Found 77 results

  1. Alora Alora leak v2

    Alora leak v2 here is a follow up to v1 v2 gives you the weaknesses of Xobot anymore leaks needed pm me ask or leave discord user name
  2. Alora Xobot you have 24 hours

    I am a third party concerned for a friend, not involved with Alora. You guys have ruined a friends name. Xobot you have 24 hours to give up, Unkn0wn's information. I will reward you with $300 BTC, or I will take down your website when the time is up. Check your security because you have a vulnerability. Check my online credentials at Hackforums, "GH0ST". Choose wisely 😊
  3. Alora Alora leak

    Here is leak info on Xobot behind closed doors on Alora. I was supposed to post this last night but had issues registering a new account and I dare to post this on my main account. Much obliged - Thy Haxor. R E G U L A R B O T C H E C K S ! Send me pm if you would like any other info from staff!
  4. Alora Alora ban help

    Last post was archived because I said it was fixed, however it wasn’t. I managed to get on Alora for the first time in about 2 years. I got banned for making a joke about another server (Alora fucking nazi staff perm ip banned lmao) anyways, I downloaded xobot and was using tunnelbear VPN, I changed the MAC and IP (two options it suggests in the how to avoid IP ban video) anyways, it was extremely laggy, so I logged into the regular Alora server, and that completely got rid of the lagg switching from xobot to Alora. About 15 minutes of playtime total and I get a message from this fucktard Mack “Hi bud” “you’re no longer welcome to play Alora” *Banned* What am I doing wrong? Fuck that moron, ima keep playing and he isn’t going to stop me. I was told I’m not spoofing “everything” followed every step in the video suggested to me, using VPN as well as generated MAC and UID or IP, whatever the 2nd option is. What else do I need to do on my end? I have a feeling the only reason he knew was because I made my in game name “Fitnite” and my xobot forum name is “Fitnite” lmao... or maybe I’m actually not hiding something, and I need to be. Any suggestions?
  5. I’m not superbly-educated on the logistics of how IP’s work or what kind of ban is which (IP, Mac, etc.) I have very base knowledge. I changed my MAC address by typing in a new one in windows and it shows it’s changed, and still can’t login, every time I try to login it says account is disabled even if it’s a brand new account. If I use a VPN (Tunnelbear) it will load for a very long time, then say error connecting, which leads me to believe that Alora somehow knows I’m on a VPN, or the client recognizes that I’m using a VPN. Any suggestions on how to avoid this ban? I was banned 2 years ago for something so stupid, I made a joke about another server and being the nazi police they are, I was banned. I will legitimately pay 10m osrs to anybody who can get me logged in to Alora (If that’s allowed here) I absolutely loved Duo Ironman, and would do anything to get back on Alora.
  6. So... After botting for a short period on Alora I noticed that another player happened to be following me. He was there when I was thieving, and also there when I began to fish. This user messaged me asking if I was present at the time, even though he clearly saw my character moving around. I believe that some staff are using other accounts to help detect those using bots. As I just happened to have tabbed in to check my account I was lucky enough to reply to him before getting banned making him think I'm not botting. If it's possible I think Xobot should implement a desktop notification that warns the user of a message. Just like the notification when a staff member is nearby, it warns the user of somebody messaging them. This will probably prevent more bans in the future as I doubt alora actually have a decent bot detection. After i responded to the other player, he instantly logged out. To me I think it's obvious what he was doing, and I hope you guys that bot on your main account are more cautious when using the bot until this notification is added. (If it's added) The name of the user is removed for my reasons, as I imagine they probably lurk these forums. Perhaps this is all coincidental, but I doubt it.
  7. bLunar | Humidify | Spin flax | Alora Hello everyone, good luck with botting! Features: - Uses the lunar spell Humidify - Uses the lunar spell Spin flax - Sexy paint (click to hide it) How to get started: - Have the appropriate magic level for the spell you want to use. - Have all of the appropriate runes in your inventory. (even with a staff) - Have the lunar spell-book open. - Start with empty jugs or flax in your bank or inventory. The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: None yet. Be the first! Changelog: - 1.0 - Initial Release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  8. Alora Alora mouse click

    When using the mouse API on Alora, when calling gameobject#interact or widget#click it moves the mouse to where it needs to be, but does not always perform a click. In the case of widgets, if it wont click the first time, it wont click at its current position. I need to move the mouse first before it will attempt another click, or it will get stuck forever. On gameobjects it does seem to click again when it failed to click the first time.
  9. Alora Is the Alora bot down?

    Hello i am trying out this bot for the first time. When i have selected the server that i wanna use and when i press login the window close and nothing els comes up. i have java 8 and Java JDK installed and i have tested to clear out my alora cache in my C: Drive
  10. Alora Random Event Handling

    Working on my first script more or less just to test my skills. With this being said have most of the basics ironed out but curious how to validate randoms?
  11. Alora Fatty Cooker

    After noticing that there were no working cooking bots on alora I decided to make on of my own. How to use Teleport to fishing guild and go to the bank Run script Choose fish type Huge shout outs to @Jakefor helping me setup my intellij and @IR0Nfor helping me with basic questions and the ingame paint. Source (loop logic && GUI Selector)
  12. Alora HWID banned from alora?

    Is it possible to get unbanned? Thank you!
  13. Alora Alora teleport wizard

    This bug seems only reproducable first time after login. When using Teleport.teleport("Any location here"); it will click the wizard causing an interface to open, then it will try and click on "Previous" on the wizard. It obviously can't with an open interface, resulting in the bot getting stuck permanently. I reckon checking for an open interface and closing it before clicking Previous on the wizard will fix this issue. (Or just immediately clicking previous in the first place) After clicking previous once the bot will actually not make this mistake again.
  14. bEssence | Mines and banks essence | Alora It's time to bot my dudes! Features: - Mines essence - Banks essence - Sexy paint (click it to hide it) How to get started: - Make sure to have a pickaxe equipped, or in your inventory. - Start at home or the essence mine. The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: Changelog: - 1.0 - Initial Release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  15. Alora Banned on dt

    How do I get unbanned on dawntaines
  16. Alora Crafting

  17. If u are stuck on alora at "STARTING 3D LIBRARY" screen on the XOBOT client. This is how u fix it ! U probably have clicked on the "HD" version or "RESIZEABLE MODE". Xobot doesnt support openGL and gets u stuck at this screen. We have to delete the aloracache map in C:\ drive. Go to your C:\ drive in windows, and on the top right corner there is a search balk. type in "alora" or "aloracache" Or type this in your directory path C:\aloracache Delete this folder,and it should be fixed. Now u can start XoBot and play on alora. If it is still a problem, go to your Documents folder and delete the XoBot folder from there and try again. I couldn't find anything on the internet so i found my own solution. Let me know if it did work ! I try my best to help.
  18. After typing credentials on Xobot, loading bar goes to full and Alora doesn't load. Music plays.
  19. Alora The Bot client wont open

    Its on loading screeen wont start what is this bs
  20. Alora - Working cooking script!

    If anyone could make a working cooking script I would love you forever. I have 15k sharks to cook -.-. There is a cooking script available for alora but it doesn't work. Thanks!
  21. Alora Secret Agility

    Recommended use: Start the script at the course you wish to run. Let the camera adjust, as that is the best settings for the script to work. It isn't a hardcoded value, so it will potentially be slightly different for everyone. NOTE: I highly suggest you babysit the script on the first two courses. The last two I had pretty decent proggys on. Features: Course Selector: Supported Courses: Gnome Course Barbarian Course Seers Rooftop Ardy Rooftop Barbarian Course: If you checked the 'Rope only' option, it will only run the rope at the start of the Barbarian course. This is the fastest exp for this course in Alora. The 'Rope only' option is only available if your course is set to Barbarian. Seers Rooftop: If you checked the 'Seers Tele' it will assume that you have seers set as your home city. After it completes the course, instead of running back it will use the home teleport and continue on. The 'Seers Tele' option is only available if your course is set to Barbarian. Afk Feature: To help this be a more of a run and forget kind of script, I implemented an optional AFK feature. You choose the frequency at which you want to randomly AFK, and the amount of time you want to potentially afk for. You will afk for a hard set value + a random number up to whatever you set the slider to. The slider defaults at 150 seconds and tops out at 300 seconds (5 minutes). Limits / Notices: This script was also developed in a short period of time. If you find any major bugs, please report them. Resting is currently unavailable for the script as I coded through the mouse api. Every form of using the rest option to get energy back seems to be through packets. Until the Mouse api is fixed so it will right click correctly on coords, I will not be able to code that feature. It will toggle run on when enough energy has been returned though. Any questions / concerns or general feedback on the script are welcome! Feel free to reply to the thread, or message me on here or discord! I will post back here when this is available on the SDN. Enjoy! ~Secret
  22. Alora Bar smelter 101

    Download from https://uploadfiles.io/py4mc (it's precompiled) Unzip to Documents\XoBot\Scripts\Alora Make sure you are standing somewhere in Edge near the bank, have coal (if applicable) and the ore you want to smelt. Start the script, select your bar, start. Have fun.
  23. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    a script that would make bars out of ores. and maybe even maybe make items out of bars ( would be good to make own darts )
  24. Alora Secret Fighter

    Recommended Use: I would launch the script while sitting in a safe place to safely add loot and select the settings you want for the monsters you will be killing, especially for aggressive monsters. Once all of you have it configured how you would like, go to the monsters you want to kill. Refresh the NPC list, and select the monsters you want to kill and hit start! Features: Saving / Loading Profiles Saving a profile is easy. Start the bot, configure it how you would like and click the Profiles button in the top left and hit Save. Enter the file name and hit Ok. Doing this will save all of the settings entered on the GUI with the exception of the NPC list. Load is in the same Profile drop down as Save. When you hit load, a file selector will pop up to the directory that your profiles are in. Select the one you want and click Open. It will load all of the saved settings from the file into the GUI. Food Support This script supports all of the basic types of food, just select the type you are going to use from the drop down. Be sure to adjust the slider accordingly, so your character will eat when you want them to. Looting Just enter an id into the Item Id text box and click the add loot button. You can remove items from the box by using the buttons below the loot list. The loot list is multi select capable. Clear Selected will clear the items you have selected in the loot list. Clear All will clear the entire list. Herb Sack / Seed Box Support If you wish to use the Herb Sack or Seed Box, just check those options. When space needs to be made to loot, it will check to see if you have any seeds or herbs and will click to deposit those into the appropriate item depending on what you have. Prayer Support - NOTICE: Make sure you set up your quick prayers for each area before starting this script. This will make use of quick prayers as a type of prayer support. If you check the box to use prayer, it will turn on the prayers when you start fighting through the quick prayers orb (Make sure you have them turned on in game). All doses of Prayer / Super Restore potions are supported. The script will drink a dose at a random low % of your total prayer points. Misc Monkey Guards: If you are fighting these, it will assume that you are at the Ape Atoll location with the Gorilla Altar. Instead of using prayer / restore potions it will click the altar instead when prayer is low. Notifications: There is no need to babysit this script! Once it is done running, it will beep 5 times. Watch the tube or some netflix while you kill stuff and loot all of the treasure! Notes All of the lists are multi select. You can select multiple NPCs to add or remove at the same time, as well as any loot you want to remove. Loot Ids: https://pastebin.com/b70XKCmz (Kumalo Posted this in another topic, so thanks!!) Limits / Notices: I developed this script in my free time over the course of about 3 days. While I have some pretty nice runs with no issues, I am sure there are some hidden bugs. Report them as you find them and I will try to get a fix in. Any questions / concerns or general feedback on the script are welcome! Feel free to reply to the thread, or message me on here or discord! The script is available in the SDN! Enjoy! ~Secret
  25. Alora Alora shift dropping bug ?

    ive noticed with the zulrah and kraken script that it sometimes drops all food and prayer potions instead of eating / drinking them so it drops an enitre inventory and then just tp's out it happens randomly am i the only one who this happend to ?