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  1. Dungeoneering "VIP" script

    That's why I said this would take minutes to add other food options... and even if it made 4 people subscribe for VIP to use the dungeoneering bot right now that's money that the developer didn't have before. We all know soulplay bullshits updates for months edit: 4 is just a random number just saying an example.
  2. Dungeoneering "VIP" script

    No I do not mean recode the whole script, but it would be nice if you added different food types for VIP users. And kept the free bot the same way it is. this would benefit people who support xobot and would also drive people to buy VIP if they wanted to do dungeoneering. Because at the moment the free dungeoneering bot as everybody knows spam buys the same food. If you have 30 bots spamming the food then that's some simple math. Just take a look st the food shop in dungeoneering right now! This is just my thoughts that a VIP version of the dungeoneering bot would be nice. Wouldn't be to hard to develop and it would drive more VIP users since dung is flooded with the free one.
  3. Any idea why I kant right click?

    JDK OR JRE? Or just download java 8 in general?
  4. Any idea why I kant right click?

    why CAN I not right click on the bot client? It only left clicks even when I right click, but my original soulplay client is fine? Any idea?