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  1. proxys

    hey do proxys need to be on port 43594 cuz everywhere i look for em i find like 8080 or 8010, etc
  2. Alora NeoTheiver ~ steal & sell (Alora)

    could you make it so it does not instant teleport when mods teleport you to yo there jail
  3. Eden rsps

    atm theres 95 on 1 hr ago was like 116
  4. Eden rsps

    Server name: EdenWebsite URL: https://eden.ps/Client URL: https://eden.ps/download/Average amounts of player: 100 ishAdditional information: seems like a nice server to start botting on seems alot like alora so the scripts would not need alot of ajustment i think
  5. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    thanks man it works but it has some issues with withdrawing coal it takes more ( iron mithril addy ores ) then coal and then it thinks it can still make bars
  6. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    thanks alot man looking forward is it compiled ? i got some issues trying to compiling scripts myself
  7. Xobot crashes when i press on login (win10)

    try deleting all xobot files and the rsps caches and reinstalling those, that helped for me last time i had that issue
  8. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    a script that would make bars out of ores. and maybe even maybe make items out of bars ( would be good to make own darts )
  9. Question about vip

    store is currently offline
  10. alora agility

    is the link you uploaded still the compiled version ?
  11. Alora Alora shift dropping bug ?

    ive noticed with the zulrah and kraken script that it sometimes drops all food and prayer potions instead of eating / drinking them so it drops an enitre inventory and then just tp's out it happens randomly am i the only one who this happend to ?
  12. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

  13. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    nice script man! anyway you could make it so it wouldent drop the noted ores it mines ( if ur donor )
  14. How do they check if your a bot?

    dayum i tought it was all manual checks, im playing / botting my main on a random uuid / mac
  15. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    it keeps widrawing and banking items somehow even when i choose all the good ones