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  1. IKOV Launcher Not Loading

    join the discord
  2. Ikov gets stuck in 100% logging

    ikov needs an update
  3. ikov

    it just needs an update
  4. maybe they changed something it just sits there atm tried a couple locations
  5. Ikov bJad | Kills Jad | Ranged / Mage | Ikov

    maybe once its full, the problem is when there is only 1 room left in inventory it puts firecape and tokkul on the ground so it never gonna be full
  6. Ikov bJad | Kills Jad | Ranged / Mage | Ikov

    jeah would be nice
  7. runecrafting bot!

    is this canceled ? if so anyone else working on rc bot ?
  8. How long have you been playing runescape?

    began runescape near the end of 03 and started rsps in the time of silabsoft and mopar not sure wich year
  9. ikov: fishing bot

    a aio fishing script or maybe even a simple powerfisher would be nice if someone can find the time
  10. AHK for OSRS/Alora

    i heard v switcher ratted ppl
  11. Ikov NeoDungeoneering

    redownloaded file restarted client and works fine now thank you sir
  12. Ikov NeoDungeoneering

    do u mean the compiled version ? i re downloaded and still does not equip my p2h it clicks a bit to early on to p2h so it wont equip
  13. worked good for ikov but dident pickup the tome of fire all of the other drops it picked up
  14. Ikov NeoDungeoneering

    thanks man it does not equip p2h