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  1. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    Oh shit thats true. I totally forgot about this. I will take a look tomorrow, promise.
  2. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    If there are people still wanting to use this, i might re-write this later this week.
  3. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    That is because i haven't updated this since soulplays update.
  4. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    Does this need an update?
  5. Summoning Bot

    Aight will do man, and thank you.
  6. Summoning Bot

    I plan on starting tomorrow.
  7. Crash when a staff is detected

    I don't have any MSI software installed. Only asus software. And not anything that displays framerate other then in the xobot client
  8. Crash when a staff is detected

    Also crashes on ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E gaming.
  9. Summoning Bot

    After next weeks thursday i have some time off. How would you like the layout of the script? The best for each kind of charm, or the best available for your level?
  10. Summoning Bot

    This is for soulplay right? If so, i might be able to give it a try somewhere next week.
  11. PID

    I know lol, client ahows player ids of other players but not your own character's.
  12. PID

    Make the option players in the client also show your own PID. It is usefull for staking.
  13. Xobot 2.52 beta (Alora)

    Add them through the SDN
  14. SoulPlay VIP NeoArmadyl

    Start the script with range potions, restore potions and sharks in your inventory did you do this?
  15. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    Nice mate!