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  1. mining gem rocks + cutting gem

    If you want, could you make a script that does woodcutting? I could test it for you the same way i'm doing it with rolfcopter19.
  2. lol really? rip.
  3. So I found out why the script stops instantly and doesn't cut yews, It's because it's a 9 tile tree and not 4.
  4. mining gem rocks + cutting gem

    Server: Soulplay Location: Shilo Village Requirements Mining: friend says it's level 42 or something.. Crafting: Cutting Ruby is 34. Fletching: maybe 53? I don't know exactly. the requirements would only take 10-15 minutes to get for each of them at max. Edit: There is also chances for other gems. Diamonds/Dragonstone/Onyx are the only worth keeping (diamonds should be cut though)
  5. mining gem rocks + cutting gem

    Gem rock id is 2111, it would mine them and then cut uncut ruby id is (1619) and then into bolts (cut is 1603).
  6. SoulPlay Camelot Log Buyer!

    trying to buy normal logs to make arrow shafts.. you see no point in them?
  7. SoulPlay Camelot Log Buyer!

    Doesn't buy the logs from the shop. Tried to buy normal logs.
  8. SoulPlay Camelot Log Buyer!

    doesn't seem to work anymore.
  9. SoulPlay [Release] BestRuneCrafter

    doesn't start for me. Seems like it's been broken for a while.
  10. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    i'd like to be able to save the setup for the gui.. I hate having to redo it every time you run it for the first time.