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  1. Soulplay has been updated

    250 online on a friday where the botsss ;p
  2. Xobot 2.92

    Most likely wrong username/pass, its case sensitive
  3. Small Screen Problem!

    You can't
  4. dawantained out of date?

    Hook it yourself if you're not happy, this is provided for free so stop complaining
  5. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    No, neo seems to be busy you can try ask quintana
  6. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Make sure you have normal taming rope and not the strong one
  7. Herb Cleaning

    I will send it for sdn when I'll be free this week https://ibb.co/L8g5HkY
  8. SoulPlay qGlacors

    Send me screen of inventory and gui setup u using if u want if i see anything, also if u teleport manually does it work
  9. SoulPlay qGlacors

    I used it yesterday worked well, make sure you are on normal pray book with atleast 37 level pray, don't select more supply then number of slot available should be good
  10. SoulPlay qGlacors

    Make sure everything is in the same bank tab
  11. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Sometime I use this script on soulplay and prayers is working just fine it will drink super restore or prayer pot whatever dose it is when your prayer point are below 15 I know you are on alora but the code is probably the same and on soulplay the id you provide is also super res
  12. Client won't load

    java -jar xobot.jar pause open any text editor and type the above and save it to whatever.bat in the same folder as xobot.jar is and then execute the .bat file
  13. Dragon killer + Bot

    There already frost script for soulplay and if your looking to make money i don't think soulplay is that great
  14. Herb Cleaning

    I got this done however I have no herbs to clean. I will try to farm some this week to test it
  15. Problem compiling dridia's taibwo task script

    That just a bunch of warnings, make sure you start like dridia wrote on his thread You have to equip the machete (regular one)