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Community Answers

  1. Its their discord plugin rich presence
  2. Noiro


    Make sure you type correctly username and password they are case sensitive
  3. Noiro

    Help Required

    Yes ikov is working and there no way to completly avoid ban just use common sence and don't bot on an account you don't want to lose You can use proxy and change mac/uid within the xobot client so your bots won't be linked together Ps: Ikov has one of the highest ban rate
  4. Noiro

    ikov - ip

    You can use proxy and spoof mac/uid within xobot client Click Edit -> Network Settings/Change UID
  5. Noiro

    Black screen

    That because you enabled openGL which xobot client doesn't support So login using soulplay original client and disable opengl or delete soulplay cache and reload the client
  6. Thats because Ikov updated their client and xobot hasn't updated their yet
  7. Noiro

    Ikov qPestControl

    Quintana said on discord today that walking should be fixed today
  8. Noiro

    Ikov NeoDungeoneering

    Quintana said on discord today that ikov walking should be fixed today
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