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  1. SoulPlay Out of date

    Would help if you provided name.. Anyway they could just use alt account to check for bots
  2. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    You can't download this one, you need to add it from the sdn but you will need VIP to add this script https://xobot.org/scripts/
  3. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    Well from what i see on github it should withdraw 26 gem so if you only have a chiesel in inventory that would be 27 of 28 slot used so there a free one?
  4. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Small basement north east of edgeville bank, near the npc that teleport you to abyss for runecrafting The slay master is inside a jail in the basement
  5. SoulPlay AlexDecanter (4) -> (3)

    There an npc on soulplay to decant potions now idk why you want this? Hes located at the basement west of edgeville bank
  6. Barrows gets stuck (soulplay)

    Post on the script thread itself, this section is for bot client bug
  7. Need a script

    Don't know why you would need that for but here you go Also as said above post in the request section instead import xobot.script.ActiveScript; import xobot.script.Manifest; import xobot.script.methods.Game; @Manifest(authors = { "Noiro" }, name = "LoginScript") public class LoginScript extends ActiveScript { @Override public int loop() { if (!Game.isLoggedIn()) { Game.Login("USERNAME", "PASSWORD", true); } return 1000; } }
  8. dawntainted source code for any script

    Yes it will loop whatever positive number you return if you want to break it return -1
  9. xobot soulplay doesnt start

    Run it with cmd and post the error you get
  10. dawntainted source code for any script

    Well its pretty much the same thing a server or another
  11. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Pretty sure its only for alora and soulplay
  12. Alora qFisher (Alora)

    I never used this script so I can't speak about it but some script are easy to tell who is using them
  13. Alora unban I have done what i know

    Well if you can make new account then the accounts you had been banned one by one rip