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  1. SoulPlay Neo GreenDragons

    Its been like this going on 3-4 months now.. don't expect a update anytime soon.
  2. soulplay updated

    Selling Soulplay gold!
  3. soulplay updated

  4. soulplay updated

    No point to play soulplay without bot.
  5. Black screen?

    thank you has been fixed.
  6. soulplay updated

    how much you looking for?
  7. Black screen?

    The soulplay client works fine, opens and loads background screen. its just the xobot client that black screens wont load background image. Screen picture
  8. Black screen?

    When i login in to the client it just a black screen? this just started today, im using soulplay.
  9. SoulPlay Alex Coal To Balls

    If i have coal and iron in my bank will it grab that and smith cballs?