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  1. Dawntained, bots wont relog after dc.

    Title says it all, bots wont relog, you can perfectly fine relog manually though, without issues. Usually rendering is off. Anyone got any ideas to why? Will test out by leaving rendering on and going low cpu.
  2. What I did: Deleted all UID files at C:/Users jagex_cll_oldschool_LIVE.dat jagex_cll etc. was 3x in total. + deleted Dawntained folder in user folder. (probably not needed but I did so just to be safe).
  3. Dawntained qEntranaFisher

    server is so madly rooted around donating lmao
  4. Dawntained qEntranaFisher

    Just lobster it I guess, money is with dark crabs? No?
  5. Dawntained qEntranaChopper

    Worked fine up to willows, didn't test further.
  6. Dawntained NeoKraken

    Disconnects cuck you on instancing. Basically relog = you are in a regular room and not instanced. Support for re entering instanced room would be great. Could be done by "if there are other players in the room { tp out } else do kraken"
  7. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    Wait... wtf, shit works with Rune essence as well?!?! O_o o_O mkay... False alarm. Pak Yak / Tortoise support would be awesome though.
  8. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    Withdraws Rune essence for runes that require pure essence.
  9. SoulPlay Neo GreenDragons

    Works fine. Just killed like 10 dragons.
  10. Some Interesting Music

    :OMEGALUL: radio stuff :3 here u go same vibes of that nature: Also lmao, kevin gates new video, fkin love that dude:
  11. SoulPlay qIronBuyer

    Advise to move buyer to ::mining or ::mine, cant remember, summ obelisk got me banned twice now. r.i.p.
  12. 29 twitch primes for sale.

    29 twitch primes for sale, if u dont know u can get 30days memb ship, this ends on September 19th. Price: 350k each. Discord: Orlando Bloom#2485 x
  13. Xobot 2.8

  14. Selling OSRS 60/60/60 Account.

    Doesn't this literally mean that your acc is not email binded thus less risk for recovery? Lmao