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  1. Xobot 2.981

    neo i need to speak to you regarding a payment then as i have purchased it and have paypal proof. @Neo
  2. Xobot 2.96

    soulplay down
  3. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Never Buy a mac. Or anyother apple product. EVER
  4. Cant use my IP Vanish IP.

    https://imgur.com/GtkSaMY Here is the error. Please change the filter on the ip value as this is a genuine IPVanish Socks5 Proxy. anyway around this for now?
  5. NeoDungeon (Development)

    dissagree with all above comments. vip is worth every penny, neo if you need any testers to run, i can run many and produce professional Bug Reports, How to replicate, Causes, possible Causes, etc etc
  6. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    used this a whike back, update has improved it, a few bugs, ill post them sometime today
  7. SoulPlay Soulplay Zulrah [Development]

    if you need anyone to test this Let me know i can run for looooong times @SpaceX I Have ran over 25 Bots at a time, using a multi instance manager its easy @scriptss pm me git hub link
  8. Dawntained NeoKraken

    has this been fixed?
  9. Best seed mode dosent work, tested it with individual and it dose nvm i think its when your lvl 1, tested it again at 13 and it worked Good Work, Like it
  10. Dawntained Black Screen Upon Login

    im able to log into xobot but when loading game client it is just a black screen, Iv deleted cache, Run from CMD All the same black screen
  11. Dawntained.

    +++++ deffo reccomend this to be looked at, great server and interesting concept, iv seen over 500 players at peak times ! and never less then 200, i have many AHK scripts for this server ! its great.