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  1. SoulPlay Generate Mac Address

    Tbh I dont know I right click and press it it works lol it generates a new uid mac address nothing still
  2. SoulPlay Generate Mac Address

    when i right click gen mac add, it doesnt actually create one, UID works but not mac is this just me?
  3. What soulplay scripts would you like to see?

    i will pay for a private raids 1 script ( like you have to use full elite void rather than a 300 swap bot lol ) i got bis for all attack types pm me please and ill explain more
  4. [SoulPlay] Selling super donator, prestige 1 account

    kk meet me in soul play , im waiting in Fishing uild also im going smoke so ill be back in about 8 mins from when i post this
  5. [SoulPlay] Selling super donator, prestige 1 account

    https://www.sythe.org/threads/soulplay-accounts-sale/ this is a 2k donation acc this was 1 year ago when people used to play the server, and there is wieght in what the other guy said about dieing server log in and ask any of us playing we all say the same but i just joined hense why i want your acc
  6. [SoulPlay] Selling super donator, prestige 1 account

    how much OSRS your being vague lol, still wanna see the acc btw
  7. [SoulPlay] Selling super donator, prestige 1 account

    Hey i want this account ill paypal you as friend&family so i cant charge back ( for your safety ) i only ask to see the account in game