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  1. forget this post

    forget this post
  2. Compile the source code and add into your xobot scripts folder.
  3. PIN won't work

    Whenever my client disconnects for whatever reason, the bot will get stuck at the bank due to my pin. I have set my pin in the account manager but still doesn't work.
  4. Buy logs script

    Where is Ed wood I don't think that's an npc on soulplay
  5. Have an axe in hand at an area with oak logs, Camelot would be your best choice, and run the script
  6. I haven't copied anybodies source in my private scripts and I'd recommend a better attitude lmao always so mad
  7. Considering I have made multiple private scripts for my friends and I without help and work completely fine, i don't think I will need to learn the basics of java. Thank you though
  8. Scripts

  9. Scripts

    I started off without any experience at all in java, just studying source code of scripts from other users, and learning how to use the xobot api. Try learning from others script code and search up what certain functions mean, then try expanding onto the scripts or making your own simple script like banking a certain item.
  10. SoulPlay [CANCELLED] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    Did you try changing the selected imp to something else?
  11. Help with Location and Teleporting

    Thanks, worked perfectly.
  12. Only reason I try to edit these scripts is because I have no idea how to use java and basically no one on this website except for Neo actually helps me with some simple tips. I'm sorry I have not went to college yet for a cs degree to make java scripts for a private runescape server.
  13. I'm not sure, what is it? Kappa