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  1. SoulPlay Alex Stall Thiever

    new teleport updated
  2. SoulPlay Mage bank thiever

    fixed web cutting
  3. SoulPlay Alex Coal To Balls

    script fixed for latest update now mines iron too
  4. SoulPlay Alex Rock Crabs

    updated script teleport
  5. Xobot 2.7

  6. Orlando Blooms Gold Store [M I A]

    Prices a bit high no?
  7. P3 account with Completionist.

    Do you have the veteran rank? how much are you looking for
  8. Alora

    Can't wait
  9. pkhonnor suported?

    PKhonor was removed a while ago unless there was requests for the server I don't think it'll be added again anytime soon
  10. Counting forum game

    Since no one has started one yet.. i'll do let's try counting to 1000 Rules: No double posting (someone else have to post before you do again) You cannot post more than twice a day ...1
  11. Jail help

    Make new account and start botting again don't bother getting unjailed
  12. introduction of sorts

    Welcome to xobot
  13. Buys gems at donator zone, start with cash in inventory Source code: https://pastebin.com/yrL3AG8M
  14. SoulPlay Alex Stall Thiever

    seems to work fine for me?