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  1. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    stalls have changed there requirements. also why not just have it suicide and run back to pickup cash on the ground? then continue thieving?
  2. SpawnPk


    support! 1100 players ( i seen today) is impressive.
  4. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    also can we Add rune pouch support?
  5. NoveaPS

    http://prntscr.com/n7mvck 648 players online.
  6. NoveaPS

    i thought so at first too. Typical Soulplay move. was very suprised to see the mass amount of people on and actually moving/selling stuff.
  7. NoveaPS

    Super support. Seen the playerbase stay consistent for over a week now its been 300+
  8. SpawnPk

    Support. seems to be getting bigger!
  9. Battle-Scape

    perhaps the forums is wrong, there is however 120 players on atm. active players unlike soulplay.
  10. Battle-Scape

    Current exchange rate for battlescape is 800k (osrs) for 1m Bs GP
  11. Battle-Scape

    Server name:Battlescape Website URL:https://www.battle-scape.com/forum Client URL:https://www.battle-scape.com/play Average amounts of player:http://prntscr.com/mqsb32 Around 200-600 players (600 on weekends) Additional information: HUGE player surge with pure clans coming back. hence the 671 on this weekend. Expect numbers to increase to 1k if main clans come back too.
  12. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    *fix so it recognizes rune pouch?
  13. Dawntained qGemCutter

    thank you (:
  14. Dawntained qGemCutter

    also gets stuck "trying to make tips"
  15. Dawntained qGemCutter

    only works at edge bank brotha. varrock/camelot for sure do not work.