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  1. WONT LET ME UNpack ikov been waiting 25 minutes

    Dude, Ikov servers have been down the last couple of weeks.
  2. Ikov still not working?

    Bruh I bought it for ikov too, but playin legit is fun too haha
  3. Ikov still not working?

    Play SoulPlay or something in the meantime, who cares. It's only $7
  4. Ikov still not working?

    Chill dude looooool
  5. Ikov still not working?

    Take a good look at the following thread and read through the comments, this is recent:
  6. Ikov still not working?

    If you go further into the threads you'll notice that it's been updated numerous times. However, @Neo needs to update it, so give it some time, it shouldn't be much longer. But, the answer is no. It's been up recently.
  7. Help Plz

    Same issue had happen with me, I completely deleted it from my applications and downloads I re-installed it and ran it as an admin. If this for whatever reason doesn't work, respond here and I may have another solution for you.
  8. IKOV Launcher Not Loading

    Whenever he's got time Don't rush the process mate
  9. Ikov Screen Freeze

    Fellas, currently the Ikov server is in need of an update. Staff should be updating it soon, just be patient
  10. IKOV Launcher Not Loading

    Just a little bit hehe
  11. Help Plz

    What operating system are you on? Windows or Mac?
  12. IKOV Launcher Not Loading

    How long does it usually take them to update it?
  13. IKOV Launcher Not Loading

    Hey guys, I purchased the VIP tag and my IKov Launcher isn't loading, it says 100% but it just shows a black screen. Any suggestions?