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  1. SoulPlay Script bugs megathread

    pSmithing by @pepsip77 With Soulplay being updated, you can't use this script at home anymore due to the right click option being changed on the bank. Does still work at ::dz though. Also, when smithing platebody's for example, the script gets confused as it still has 2 or 3 bars left in the invent so won't carry on. It'll just continue to try and make platebody's with the remaining 2/3 bars.
  2. SoulPlay SoulPlay updated tonight

    You don't 'have' to use this bot you know?
  3. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    I have a chisel in my invent, then I start the bot and it takes 2-3 x26 gems out. filling my invent up meaning Im left with no space in my invent for tips
  4. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    is this bugged for anyone else? it fills your invent and doesn't leave one space for the bolts
  5. banned ? uuid help

    Think it's a bug with the bot. Happened to me not too long ago. But when I logged in using SoulPlay I wasn't banned?
  6. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Thanks again! Other than the looting, everything else seems to be working great!
  7. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    I've added a couple of items to the loot pick up box, and it doesn't pick up any of them?
  8. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Nice updated script! But how do I enter more than one item to loot?
  9. Soulplay smithing script

    Hi, Are there any working smithing scripts for SoulPlay? if there are, can somebody link me to one please.
  10. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Thank you, it has been like this since the server has it's massive update.
  11. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    if it's the same problem I keep encountering, it'll spam cancel task without getting you a new task first.
  12. Pm me how much spgp you have, plus how much you're after per b
  13. SoulPlay CyanSlayer

    This sounds like s great idea! Good luck!
  14. NeoDungeon (Development)

    I agree with one of the two statements.
  15. [SoulPlay] P2 E donar account

    $5 for an account that's an edonar?