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  1. Bot limit voting

    My personal opinion is for normal users, they get 1 free bot, and they can only use it for 2 hours before the script auto-stops and they have to re-run it. This will encourage people who are actually interested in using and supporting the bot will upgrade to VIP. I don't believe Free users should be allowed all of what they are getting, Unlimited Bots, Various scripts. I also believe that scripts should be more strict on which are VIP and which are FREE. I think these should be going through staff members to determine the quality/usage and then the staff can decide on whether or not to make it VIP/FREE. I also believe that VIP's only need 4 scripts at a time, unlimited is overkill and ruins it for the whole community.
  2. [Buying] All Soulplay Gold - 2.5$/1b [ACTIVE]

    Just because I am not trusted doesn't mean I have to trust every 1 post user If you don't trust me, then don't trade with me, simple. It's just common sense
  3. Hi everybody I am buying all Soulplay gold 1B = 2.5$ Payment will be through Paypal PM me on the XoBot discord to make a trade (My name is RenchyHD) https://discord.gg/g9CJy9Q Progress 1 Successful Trade - 0 Failed Trades DON'T EXPECT ME TO GO FIRST IF YOU ARE NOT TRUSTED