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  1. Most played RSPS?

    Welp, simple as the title states. I personally think SoulPlay is very active with regulars and staff (Whom where once players). I enjoy the occasional Alora on Classical Tier. Which is painstakingly annoying to say the least.
  2. SoulPlay fast fighter

    Make sure your loot radius is far enough and make sure you load the npc again. Sometimes it doesn't work for me as well.
  3. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Okay, so it will only work if you have "Anti-venom" and all the other required items on the same tab/page. Figured it out.
  4. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Does not work. Sharks do not come out of inventory.
  5. request Can we get a dungeoneering bot pls?

    It would be. However the person who creates it would have to be compensated or a VIP only script imo. (IF it ever happens)
  6. soulplay been updated (10/9/19)

    Yes, it has been updated as of yesterday. 10am EST
  7. soulplay been updated (10/9/19)

    Truth, been over a week now.
  8. Your favorite RSPS?(FpK)

    Near Reality used to be the shit man, RiP
  9. request Can we get a dungeoneering bot pls?

    Here is a huge tip for you. You can complete all the floors on COMP-1. Melee only and do each floor in about 4minutes once you get the hang of it. Secondly, once you reach floor 60(Yes I know it takes awhile) and you prestige, FLOOR 60 is ALWAYS unlocked for you to back and do on COMP-6 when you are DUNG(1)--->DUNG(120)....Each time you prestige it stays at floor-60. Just push through it and it will be fine. Hell, you will even have enough TOKENS for 2 chaotic weapons by the time you reach DUNG(120) the first time on p0.
  10. Your favorite RSPS?(FpK)

    Mine would have been ForeverPkers. Was even Forum/Ingame moderator for like 3 years. Many a good times had and late night recordings to punish people. Nowadays since SoulSplit was shutdown and all my colored abby whips erased, I play SoulPlay. Have been for years and brings much joy since all my OSRS accounts and Main were banned for botting...Evennnn after having two of the accounts appealed lmfao...
  11. SoulPlay Soulplay Updated Sept. 08/2019

    Vote EXP for seasonal pass on SoulPlay pushed through another client update. Edit: Been awhile, hope everything is going smoothly.
  12. SoulPlay Soulplay Updated Sept. 08/2019

    Be patient. We all are.
  13. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    Because you agreed to the purchase. When you buy milk and don't drink it before the expiration date comes, do you return said expired milk to store fore credit? No...This is because you purchased the milk under the pretense and well knowing it will be expired by said date. Same goes for this 'VIP Pass', you should well know that multiple servers will update at different times and it will not be a quick update as aforementioned. Sorry you guys live in a realm where you think expidited favors on a Chinese RSPS Botting Forum are the main concerns for the owner who has things to do and is human like you and I. What a shame.
  14. SoulPlay Account - Bart

    I am literally close friends with "Bart :)" (forums) "Bart" (Ingame) and he would never make a post like this. Infact, it's a ploy to get people from SoulPlay to bait their accounts and IP for ban. Cedric and Lessikk even said this in our Discord and Ingame you imbecile. I see you are still very upset over $0.23 of goods not received. Sad and pathetic!
  15. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    Right here is where I laughed out loud in real life. You are a joke kid. Learn to be patient or put your 'skills' to the test and make your own bot like I have done time and time again.