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  1. (S) 3b Soulplay

    Looking to sell 3b in soulplay for 5 dollars in btc/xmr/oldschool gold
  2. Ikov problems

    Everytime i try to login it says "could not complete login. Please try using a different world"
  3. SoulPlay [VIP] Vaynex Bandos GWD Lite

    i dont have rigour unlocked but it spams it still which probably isnt good
  4. buying Ikov zulrah bot

    @Cyanic 5 dollars is definitely low but how much does a private script go for these days?
  5. buying Ikov zulrah bot

    @lol 5 bucks usd?
  6. buying Ikov zulrah bot

    @lol price?
  7. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Can confirm the script does work now! just doesn't pick up the bones all the time but other than that its flawless
  8. buying Ikov zulrah bot

    Looking to buy a flawless private Zulrah bot
  9. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    Please fix the teleport! it grabs stuff from the bank and fights boss easily but messes up on the teleport.
  10. Ikov qFrostDragons

    i tried both teleports. old and new
  11. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Teleport doesn't work right now with new teleports and old
  12. (s) 1b of ikov cheap!

    Selling 1b of ikov gold please send me a message will sell for cheap paypal/btc