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  1. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    Also says the one who play Soulplay. Lmaooooo. Wayyyy easier to manipulate a bypass to login on there then Ikov. I had to pay to use Ikov. Once you pay man then you can talk all the shit you want.I was actually here to support Neo from the beginning, Unlike you...
  2. SoulPlay Account - Bart

    @MrTiddleWink, you obviously have no time on your hands. All you do is go around the fourms talking shit. Get a life man, no one wants to hear your stupid fucking mouth, even if he wasnt legit, the point is your so annoying and are sad with yourself irl so you take it out on these fourms. Sad man. I feel bad for you. You need some friends irl.
  3. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    Also what is the difference if it were OSRS or RS3? botting is against the rules on ALL RS type games. So your preaching to the church that doesnt exist buddy. Jagex doesnt want you botting their game either, but we do it anyways.
  4. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    Take it from someone who has made lots of clients. It is not that hard to repack the cache of the new game into the bot client. Literally 5 minutes of work. If i could i would just update it myself i would... but the bot runs though the account system so its not possible. Like i said im not asking for a miracle here. Im asking for the time i lost back. Thats it. Didn't even bring up the 7 dollars. If i got the time back that i paid for i would gladly pay again for VIP the the month after the time I didnt get to use. Im an experienced coder. I wouldnt just say this if it wasnt true
  5. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    Sorry not everyone knows how to use an outdated version of the client. I tried and tried everything with no success of getting on.
  6. Only got to use VIP like 4 days out of my whole purchase time.

    lmfao complaining about a quarter??? im complaining because i didnt get to use this at all. your an idiot. If it was courtesy i wouldn't have to pay to use it every month. But i do. and the shit doesnt work. How are you gonna defend someone paying for a product and not being able to use it. I wasnt even fucking rude in my message. I spoke the truth.
  7. Most of the time i had paid for VIP the bot was down and didnt even work. I barely got to use the thing from it being down so much. I feel like Me and other people who had experienced this problem should NOT have to pay for vip AGAIN after we didnt even get to use it. Some nerve to get a bill for the next month when the first month didnt even work 95 percent of the time.. I like this community but the owners of the bot need to compensate to the people who stood by them and not make us pay for a non working bot. My account was still VIP yesterday and yet again the bot was down. Im not asking for a miracle here just VIP time compensated for the time i lost that wasnt my fault. I paid for it.
  8. Ikov worked for like 8 or 12 hours lmfao

    Why do we even pay for VIP? Why would I spend money on something that I can’t use? I literally got to use the ikov bot like three times. This is just out of control. There should NOT be a charge if the owner cannot keep the service up-to-date. I’ve never seen service as slow as this in my life
  9. ikov doesnt work

    I cannot believe that this fucking bot worked for 12 hours and now it’s off again. This is a fucking out rage. I waited over a week for this to work and it’s doing it again. I’m at my fucking end with this.
  10. Updated Client for Ikov????

    client used to open before and say it was updated now it wont open any clients at all. so fking frustrated
  11. Updated Client for Ikov????

  12. Updated Client for Ikov????

    all im saying is that vip shouldnt even be a thing if its never going to work lmao. Like id get it if they updated the client on time but they dont. so whats the point of spending money. And theres not even that many options for scripts so its easy to get banned
  13. Updated Client for Ikov????

    me too bud. been so patient. its getting rediculous.
  14. downtaind

    i wish ikov would be updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ffs
  15. Updated Client for Ikov????

    any updates?