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  1. Alora NeoCerberus

    Stuck healing at nurse?
  2. iemand verstand van macbans? of miss zelfs erger?

    Edit on the client - network settings
  3. Alora NeoPestControl

    Could you make it kill the NPCs for the 30 dmg requirement? My nooby iron man has issues getting the 35 off portals when they die instantly.
  4. Counting forum game

    she said she was 19.
  5. Alora qRunecrafter (Alora)

    Is that running only say Giant and Large pouches?
  6. Xobot 2.53 beta (Alora)

    Thanks for the updates. It looks like using GameObject.interact("Use") with say a bank chest at Mining Guild does not work. It walks to the chest but does not interact use. Interacting with the Deposit Box works though. Also, it seems like this client messes up the mouse. You can only left click. I have to change the mouse mode in the RS settings to one click mode to get the right click context menu in-game.
  7. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Could you make it where it doesn't require potions in the bank to continue?
  8. Alora qRunecrafter (Alora)

    Good Good
  9. Alora qRunecrafter (Alora)

    Once it levels it becomes stuck?