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  1. Xobot 2.99 - Ikov fix

    When i use PIA vpn I am blocked. When i turn it off it lets me through on ikov. I used the spoofer and tmac even. It seems the only way through is to turn off vpn
  2. SoulPlay Kumalo's Karambwaner

    Needs updating please
  3. SoulPlay pFisher

    I'm unable to manipulate the script with my knowledge. Monkfish were part of the season pass, which is why I mentioned those specifically. Was hoping the script author would update the script to match the server. Thank you for your input, I have made a few 99 fishers with the script functioning as you described
  4. SoulPlay pFisher

    it diesnt fish monkfish anymore, goes to location with net and location says u need fishing pole. Soulplay had an update. Not sure what else is broken
  5. SoulPlay Kumalo's Karambwaner

    will not work with recent fishing update
  6. If it's only 23 cents a day why not refund or credit that amount? Why would the consumer absorb the cost of a defective product or service? All of the rsps have small player bases, what is the relationship between that and providing fair customer service?
  7. Xobot 2.982

    Should we message them instead of using forum topics? Tell me, when do we message them and when do we post in topics? Why have topics? Do they not read the posts under the topics they create? We absolutely are purchasing the vip scripts, and the right to use multiple clients. If you are so certain they will reimburse, why is there no reimburse button? It would be automatic, like the purchase, if it were a 100% thing. People would be more likely to play legit by hand if they knew 100% attempts were at least being made to remedy the issue.
  8. SoulPlay VIP qMageBankThiever

    Sounds like that plan will work. Also maybe just have it start with 7-8 sharks instead of 16.you will have a ticket within 3-4 sharks. With only 7-8 the bot will be able to eat 3-4 when attacked, leaving us with just our ticket and item to cut web
  9. Xobot 2.982

    Well stated
  10. Xobot 2.982

    Right on
  11. SoulPlay Simmys Oak Larders

    can you add to sdn please? thank you
  12. Xobot 2.982

    Put the main jar file on desktop. Then make a new folder and put that main file inside. Now follow instructions so only the bat and jar are in the folder
  13. SoulPlay VIP qMageBankThiever

    Yes, you now get the ticket. The same ticket we would get for 100 points. The same ticket valued around 100m at the GE. The ticket however when you press what 3 items you keep upon death, is not listed. Three sharks are kept. So the script needs to bank after 1,2,3, etc tickets.
  14. SoulPlay VIP qMageBankThiever

    You still get the ticket after 100 tokens, the exchange rate is the same. Difference is now it just appears in your bag instead of the safe exchange we had previously. All of these latest updates were designed to heavily favor pkers... Sad
  15. SoulPlay VIP qMageBankThiever

    Bot needs to have option to bank tickets because now you can't build up points beyond 100. You get a ticket now which is valued under a shark so you lose everything if you die