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  1. Selling OSRS ACC 906 lvl, 51quest points

    Not worth it. Plus Runescape acc's are very easily recovered, all they have to do is report it stolen and Jagex will check IP's for consistency.
  2. Client for Alora RSPS

    Geez Did you try the store? http://xobot.org/community/store/category/1-subscription/
  3. Is Anyone Else Getting These Error Messages?

    Keep an eye on it, to see if you notice a pattern. I havnt been using this in some time so im unsure if everyone is experiencing it or just you.
  4. Is Anyone Else Getting These Error Messages?

    SOUNDS LIKE an error dealing with Packets to the server. (Would be a good idea for the devs to mention which server you are botting and if you've noticed any specific action that triggers these actions. Ex: banking, shopping.. etc)
  5. Alora

    Been waiting for this, will def get VIP to use this!!
  6. Virustotal scan gave 2 AV results of a RAT from xobot!

    EpicBot Stole my RuneScape account and used it for advertising. It was Muted and Banned while the account was in their hands. Im ASSUMING they had a keylogger attached, as they got into everything. Posting Rune-Server adds under my old account for epic bot, So I think most if not all Epic Bot vouches were done with stolen accounts.... Xobot is Safe, dont worry lol
  7. SoulPlay Alex Cannon Balls

    Nah they fixed it a bit ago... now just needs to move the screen more to complete erase the Zzz's animation.. Keep getting Jailed on bot accs. I havnt botted for weeks now.
  8. How much $$ have you made?

    Cannonballs, Barrows, Green Dragons and Thieving are the main ones.
  9. SoulPlay Temporarily Disabled.

    Give them some time..
  10. SoulPlay Temporarily Disabled.

    Not a problem. Thanks for keeping us updated! (Love your sig!)
  11. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    Got spotted today, lost my loot lol. No bans or jail time.
  12. SoulPlay zRocktailFisher

    Yeah np, Like i said i would use it more, if it was a bit more random.
  13. Q for soulplay bans

    PM'd a dude my website lol Edit: Well just logged in and im not Ip Muted anymore.. guess they gave up after a month lol
  14. SoulPlay zRocktailFisher

    Wanted to say something about this script. Works great, although after it banks it runs to the same exact spot in between spots. Real easy to figure out whos using this script from just watching that one single spot.