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  1. A few questions regarding bot development

    you can, use this button:
  2. A few questions regarding bot development

    Sounds good! It's nice to have motivated people here
  3. A few questions regarding bot development

    Did u forget to include api .jar? you can find them in "Documents\XoBot\APIs". If you're writing script for SoulPlay then you'll need "317.jar"
  4. SoulPlay CyanSlayer

    actually, i'm planing on releasing it
  5. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Long time no see you, guys. Merged pull-req, updated version in github
  6. Counting forum game

  7. Script Pause button

  8. banned from osrs so now im back

    my main got unbanned after 6 years of macro ban
  9. Problem interacting with portal

    all you had to do is listen to me import xobot.script.ActiveScript; import xobot.script.Manifest; import xobot.script.methods.GameObjects; import xobot.script.methods.Packets; import xobot.script.util.Time; import xobot.script.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; @Manifest(authors = { "pepsip77" }, name = "pCyanicShouldListenToPeopleWhosTryingToHelpHim", version = 0.1, description = "") public class pCyanicShouldListenToPeopleWhosTryingToHelpHim extends ActiveScript{ private static final int BARRIER_ID = 9262; @Override public int loop() { GameObject barrier = GameObjects.getNearest(BARRIER_ID); if(barrier != null) { System.out.println("interacting with barrier"); Packets.sendAction(502, barrier.uid, barrier.getX(), barrier.getY(), 42030, 1); Time.sleep(500); }else { System.out.println("barrier is null"); } return 100; } } works like a charm
  10. Problem interacting with portal

    what if you change i.getId() to 42030
  11. SoulPlay [AIO]pSmithing

    what settings are you using? what location?
  12. Can't load local scripts

    yea, sorry, i've messed up
  13. Can't load local scripts

    and how does it look with script in it? are you positive that you're putting .java files not .class files?
  14. Problem interacting with portal

    try something like this GameObject i = GameObjects.getNearest(Data.PORTAL_ID); if(i != null && i.isReachable()) { Packets.sendAction(502, i.uid, i.getX(), i.getY(), i.getId(), 1); }
  15. Can't load local scripts

    show us a snap of how your scripts folder looks like