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  1. Whatcha mean @Quintana
  2. Bots for Alora

    Didnt think splashscape worked on rsps.
  3. Bots for Alora

    Alch bot Jad bot Catching chins bot
  4. AHK for OSRS/Alora

    No skill ;/
  5. I am banned on Ikov but about to bot on Alora. Advise and tips will be thankful.
  6. Ikov qAgility (Ikov)

    What are they used for?
  7. Ikov qAgility (Ikov)

    i play ikov but what are so good about tickets from agility? I never do that shit skill.
  8. What are your given advise/tips on not getting catched out botting on rsps?
  9. Favorite rappers?

    nwa is good, loved the movie.
  10. Favorite rappers?

    Cant like anymore posts @Neo You guys have good taste!
  11. [Buying] Ikov Accounts

    What is your budget?
  12. Buying/Selling/Swapping RSGP

    Aw I missed it hope you host another!
  13. Favorite rappers?

    RIP Tupac and Biggie Smalls
  14. ikov: fishing bot