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  1. Ikov dHerblore

    Thank you very much for this script!
  2. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Couldn't you just drop it before you start the script?
  3. Cant create anymore ikov accounts?

    My guess is if your using a free vpn someone already used up all the ips on it to make accounts. I might be wrong but maybe try a different vpn?
  4. Ikov has updated error?

    It was a small hot fix. if you are still logged in on an ikov account on xobot, DONT because you won't be able to log back in to bot until they update it. EDIT: Also I don't believe ikov has a bot detection system for xobot, ive been botting 24/7 the past week on 3 accounts and haven't had any sort of punishment on any account
  5. Ikov - herblore bot

    Yes of course, ill make one now and pm you the details shortly.
  6. Ikov - herblore bot

    still looking... willing to donate some ikov gp to whoever is willing to make this script
  7. ikov - client closing as logging in

    Ikov seems to close your client as soon as you try to login into an account. Here's the error log. Hopefully someone can figure this out
  8. Ikov - herblore bot

    Would love to see a herblore bot for ikov. I just need it for for making extremes+ovls but other potions would be cool too.
  9. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    if possible can you add steel titan support with special? really speeds up kills