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  1. Ikov dHerblore

    Bot opens the bank and stops, any help?
  2. ikov (Ikov)Smithing bot

    Bot for smithing bars on ikov rsps.
  3. VPS Rental service!

    Renting out cheap VPS's! they can be used for a day-1 month each! Prices vary on server power, they can be used to run bots, run private servers, or anything you can imagine add my discord for more info! DC: demonsla3r #5241
  4. Selling Rs3 Polypore staking account, 99 Magic, Defense, Constitution OSRS acc, 40 Atk, 41 Str, 50 Def, 92 RANGED, 43 Pray, 81 HP, with 40 slay, and other misc stats, taking PayPal, Crypto, Ikov Gold, or OSRS gold add my discord for further information and pics demonsla3r #5241
  5. Selling Ikov Billions (With a B)

    Vouch, really pleased
  6. Selling Ikov Billions (With a B)

    Vouch, went first, very nice and fast
  7. Ikov PDonatorThiever

    anyone banned using this bot?
  8. Ikov Xobot updated! Crash

    nevermind, works now for some reason
  9. Ikov Xobot updated! Crash

    I just bought vip for ikov, but when i type in my xobot username and password and choose ikov it just say's Xobot Updated! and closes, happens every time i start xobot and try using ikov, it works fine for soulplay.