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  1. Update released for both Alora and Souplay! Soulplay: 1.1 - Added yew trees at seers village, Powerchopping Ivy at falador, Hideable paint. Alora: 1.1 - Now loots all bird nests, Added yew trees at seers village, Hideable paint, Types ::empty when powerchopping (when axe is not in inventory) Enjoy!
  2. Very simple script needed

    Pm me and i can see if i can do it.
  3. BadKush RSPS Hunter Bot

    Hello, you can't request a script for a server that's not even supported! You can request a server here; https://xobot.org/community/forum/10-servers/ If the server doesnt have more than ~150 - 200 people online i would not bother posting it.
  4. Counting forum game

  5. Counting forum game

    22 (ur iq)
  6. Please send me the item IDs for the bird nests via PM and i will add them.
  7. Xobot 2.72

    Like a boss
  8. Not sure, i dont support this script anymore. Feel free to modify and release it yourself.
  9. Alora version updated to fully work with the mouse API!
  10. How to create a break profile?

    I doubt that brakes have ever affected banrates.
  11. How do you log to xobot

    Make a .bat file with java -jar xobot.jar and run it.
  12. Alora Xbot detected

    If its that simple for them I wonder why I havent been banned for weeks 🤔
  13. Alora IP Ban help

    You dont have to. Its free.