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  1. Dragon killer + Bot

    You want a personal client? Rofl
  2. Bandos SoulPlay

    Is this even worth making, considering its not instanced and i doubt the money is that great
  3. Frisian Developer Tool

    Looks promising
  4. Yep you can make quite some money with this!
  5. bLunar | Humidify | Spin flax | Alora Hello everyone, good luck with botting! Features: - Uses the lunar spell Humidify - Uses the lunar spell Spin flax - Sexy paint (click to hide it) How to get started: - Have the appropriate magic level for the spell you want to use. - Have all of the appropriate runes in your inventory. (even with a staff) - Have the lunar spell-book open. - Start with empty jugs or flax in your bank or inventory. The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: None yet. Be the first! Changelog: - 1.0 - Initial Release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  6. Alora Alora mouse click

    When using the mouse API on Alora, when calling gameobject#interact or widget#click it moves the mouse to where it needs to be, but does not always perform a click. In the case of widgets, if it wont click the first time, it wont click at its current position. I need to move the mouse first before it will attempt another click, or it will get stuck forever. On gameobjects it does seem to click again when it failed to click the first time.
  7. Soulplay Teleporting Class

    Thanks for the contribution

  9. Need a script

    Wrong section, and you dont ever log out on soulplay.
  10. Oof Big derp from me, fixed this behavior, should be less buggy now! @Yokohama
  11. Can't start Xobot client

    Okay, now what if you type ur pw and click Login ?
  12. I know. Still, it returns true when it is not visible.
  13. Alora Fatty Cooker

    Gz on release.
  14. That really should not happen, are you sure that happens all the time?
  15. The first issue you described, i will look into that soon. When checking if a widget is there or not, it will always return true. Meaning i can't check if a widget is there to type something in, meaning it just assumes that it is there (as it should be, 90% of the time) and types the message. I will look into the lunar spell but i won't promise you anything because i need to train magic probably and im lazy AF