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  1. Need a script

    Wrong section, and you dont ever log out on soulplay.
  2. Oof Big derp from me, fixed this behavior, should be less buggy now! @Yokohama
  3. Can't start Xobot client

    Okay, now what if you type ur pw and click Login ?
  4. I know. Still, it returns true when it is not visible.
  5. Alora Fatty Cooker

    Gz on release.
  6. That really should not happen, are you sure that happens all the time?
  7. The first issue you described, i will look into that soon. When checking if a widget is there or not, it will always return true. Meaning i can't check if a widget is there to type something in, meaning it just assumes that it is there (as it should be, 90% of the time) and types the message. I will look into the lunar spell but i won't promise you anything because i need to train magic probably and im lazy AF
  8. Hunter/

    What server? What training methods? Most likely too difficult because you need to keep track which trap you put down, and it messes up easily. Atleast i tried making one for Alora and it was a pain in the @ss.
  9. Thanks for the feedback and proggy. Im assuming Neo didnt push the update yet, usually takes a bit since its a manual operation, else i would like to see a crash report from running xobot trough cmd.
  10. Hey, Thanks for letting me know. I hope I fixed it with the update, whenever Neo updates it, it should work again as intended.
  11. SoulPlay nBarbCourse

    Gz on release!
  12. Sorry about the crash thing, should be fixed now! (Pending to be updated) About it getting stuck on the teleport, this is just me calling an API function, meaning this is a bug within the bot itself, not the script. I filed a bug report and hope it will be fixed asap. To fix it for now just close the interface manually once, it should be fine after.
  13. Alora Alora teleport wizard

    This bug seems only reproducable first time after login. When using Teleport.teleport("Any location here"); it will click the wizard causing an interface to open, then it will try and click on "Previous" on the wizard. It obviously can't with an open interface, resulting in the bot getting stuck permanently. I reckon checking for an open interface and closing it before clicking Previous on the wizard will fix this issue. (Or just immediately clicking previous in the first place) After clicking previous once the bot will actually not make this mistake again.
  14. Alora Essence miner

    I just finished this, now we wait on Neo to add it to the SDN.
  15. bEssence | Mines and banks essence | Alora It's time to bot my dudes! Features: - Mines essence - Banks essence - Sexy paint (click it to hide it) How to get started: - Make sure to have a pickaxe equipped, or in your inventory. - Start at home or the essence mine. The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: Changelog: - 1.0 - Initial Release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post