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  1. dungeringin

    Dont know if troll or stupid ill make it for $6969.69
  2. ID'S

  3. Soulplay donor zone miner

    Could make this, but need an account
  4. Sure, i'll fix it this weekend.
  5. Scripting

    Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials: Understanding of the API is mandatory, take an example from open source scripts and read the docs.
  6. bGemCutter | All gems | Best for your level | Dawntained Hey guys, please enjoy this script Features: - Cuts all gems - Picks the best gem for your level (optional) - Clicks away change password interface - Click the paint to (un)hide it How to get started: - Start at any bank - Chisel and gems in inventory The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: Changelog: 1.0 - Initial release. Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
  7. Quick Start Args

    Would be useful
  8. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    Create a thread under bot discussion -> bug reports and paste the error you get in the console. to run xobot with console, have: "java -jar xobot.jar" (without quotes) in a bat file and run it.
  9. Blk555!

    Welcome to the community!
  10. Alright you made a good point. I sent Neo the updated files, it's just waiting until he pushes it before the change is live. thanks. Edit: updated version now live.
  11. I really doubt that makes much of a difference. From the bank you can still see people running back and forward. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. SoulPlay Jatix Shop Buyer

    Not in the SDN?